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What to Do If Your iPhone Says “No SIM”

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If your iPhone displays an “invalid SIM card “No Sim Card Inst.” Error” it means you are unable to connect to the Wireless provider’s wireless network. That means that you cannot utilize your wireless data on 5G or 4G, and you’re not able to make or receive calls.

In addition to your iPhone warning you with an error notification, it will be able to tell that your iPhone has a problem regarding its Sim card when the name of the carrier and the symbol of the signal in the middle of the display have disappeared or replaced by messages that read “No SIM” and searching.

Causes of iPhone No SIM Error

There are several reasons that could be behind this iPhone No SIM error. It could be because the iPhone does not recognize your SIM card which is the one utilized for connecting to the networks. The issue could also be due to your SIM card being a bit snagged or a malfunction with the software on your phone.

iPhone SIM Cards: Everything You Need to Know

“No SIM” error can be displayed in a variety of ways “No SIM” error can be displayed in a variety of ways, such as:

  • No SIM
  • No SIM Card Installed
  • Invalid SIM
  • Insert SIM

Whatever the cause or kind of error, the fix is simple all you have to do to do is fix it is a clipboard and a few software settings. Here’s how to fix it in the event that your iPhone displays “No Sim.”

How to Fix the iPhone No SIM Error

If your iPhone is showing an error message that reads “No SIM error or does not have any cellular bars which is a good thing, you can try these steps, following this order to resolve the issue.

  1. Unplug your iPhone SIM card and reset it. Because there is a chance that your No SIM problem is often caused due to the SIM being a little loose The first step is to try to place it back into place and make sure that it’s set. After a couple of minutes (wait until you’ve got to wait for a minimum of an hour) then you should see the “No SIM Card Inst.” error should be gone and your normal bars and the name of your carrier should appear on the top of your iPhone’s screen.
    If not, take out the SIM and determine whether the card or slot is dirty. If so, wash them. Blowing them into the slot is likely to be fine, however, the use of compressed air is always the best choice.
  2. Restart iPhone. If you’re iPhone isn’t recognizing the SIM try the all-purpose solution to many iPhone issues: restart. You’ll be amazed by how many issues can be resolved through restarting.
  3. Turn Airplane Mode On and Off. If you’re still experiencing this SIM error, the next step is turning Airplane Mode on and off. This will reset the iPhone’s connection to cell networks and can resolve the issue.
  4. Update iOS. If the issue persists, make sure you’ve got an update for the iOS operating system running in the iPhone. It is recommended to connect to join a Wi-Fi connection or a computer, and possess enough battery power before doing this. Install any updates that are available and then see if it solves the issue.
  5. Verify that the phone number you use is legitimate. There is also a chance that your company’s account isn’t in good standing. For your phone to join a corporate network, you’ll need an active, valid account with a company phone. If your account was closed, canceled, or has any other issue, you might notice your phone display a SIM error.
  6. Check for new sim cards, research about sim only deals and buy one that fits your needs.
  7. Look for the iPhone Carrier settings update. Another reason behind a SIM not being recognized may be that the phone’s manufacturer has altered the settings of how your phone connects with the network, and you have to update them.
  8. Check to determine if you have a malfunctioning SIM card. If the iPhone still shows that it does not have a SIM or a SIM card, your SIM card might be experiencing a hardware issue. One method to test this is to insert a SIM card from a different phone you know is working perfectly. Make sure you use the correct size –standard microSIM, nanoSIM, or standard phone you are using.
    If the warning about no SIM card installed warning goes away after you insert another SIM the iPhone SIM is damaged. You can purchase a new SIM from Apple or the phone company.
  9. Contact Apple tech support. If these methods don’t fix the issue there’s an issue that isn’t easy to solve. You are able to set up the Apple Store appointment online.


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