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What to do if Amazon Prime Video isn’t working

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Amazon Prime Video does not work anymore. You have tried many times to access Amazon Prime Video, but nothing has worked.

How should you proceed? There are some situations where Amazon Prime Video might need to be fixed. Our team will help you resolve any issues with Amazon Prime Video.

Is Your Amazon Prime Video Account Active?

The most important thing you can do to verify if Amazon Prime Video doesn’t work is to check your account status. If you want access, either the annual or monthly video-only Amazon Prime subscriptions will provide you with it.

Amazon’s your Account page allows you to verify that your account is still active. Next, click on Prime Video Settings to access other features of Prime Video subscription.

Does it meet the minimum requirements for ?

Next you need to confirm that your device has met the minimum requirements. You can contact the manufacturer after going through all the troubleshooting possibilities on this page.

Make sure your operating system meets minimum requirements for desktop computers

  • Windows 7 (or newer)
  • Mac OS 10.7+
  • Linux/UNIX also supported

Standard Definition – video at 900 Kbits/second

  • HD, videos at 3.5Mbits/second

When browsing the web, it is essential to choose the correct browser. To view Amazon Prime Video videos, your web browser should look something like this:

  • Google Chrome, Versions 59 & Newer
  • Mozilla Firefox, version 53 or later
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and later
  • Microsoft Edge for Windows 10
  • Apple Safari version 10 or later on macOS 10.2.1.
  • Opera, version 37 and higher

If Amazon Prime Video meets these minimum settings, these tips can improve Amazon Prime Video streaming.

Could it be a Microsoft Silverlight Problem

Amazon Prime Video will not work if you don’t have enough network speed, a suitable operating system, and a browser.

Sometimes, the media plugin may have problems with streaming video files. This can be fixed by right-clicking on the Silverlight icon in the browser’s video window. Select Application storage and then click Enable app storage. In the Website column, find the entry “http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/”–select this and Delete.

Silverlight technology is old and unlikely to cause any problems.

Amazon Prime for Mobiles: How to Handle It

Do your smartphones have Amazon Prime Video? Prime Video can be downloaded to iOS or Android devices.

The apps will always update automatically, regardless of what option you choose.

How to fix Amazon Prime Video in iOS

If you have issues with Amazon Prime Video and your iPhone, you can delete the app.

Long-press Prime Video’s icon. Wait until the app isn’t installed. Click the X to restart Prime Video.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video On Android

Do you run Amazon Prime Video? You have two options to fix any problems with the app.

  1. Next, navigate to Settings > Notifications> Prime video. Click Clear Data and then click OK.
  2. Uninstall the app and restart your device.

If you do all of these things, Amazon Prime Video will work as expected. It’s not your mobile app.

Amazon Prime Video Fixes for Your TV and Set Top Box

It’s simple to reinstall an application from a mobile device. What if the app has been installed on your TV or set-top box? In that case, you should restart your TV to fix any errors or playback problems.

It is important to turn the device off and then turn it back on. This is different from turning the TV off and turning it on.

Clearing out the data cache will reset Amazon Prime Video’s TV and set-top box apps.

Clear cache or Clear data options will be found in the app.

Fixing problems with Amazon Prime Video Server

Amazon Prime Video occasionally can be affected when there are server problems.

These videos don’t last long, but they can ruin an evening of binging on box sets.

  • Log in to Amazon Prime Video via a new device. If Amazon Prime Video stops working on that device it is most likely Amazon is having an error.
  • You can check if Amazon is offline or has issues using It’s Down Right Now?

Amazon Prime VideoError codes are used to check

Errors will be generated for streaming video from Amazon if other circumstances fail.

Amazon Prime Video’s Insufficient Network Bandwidth Problem

Amazon Prime Video will require a minimum network speed to transmit standard-definition SD video. This speed is often enough to support smaller displays.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to discover that Amazon Prime Video streaming could be affected by connectivity issues.

Common problem: “Insufficient Bandwidth” Amazon may consider your connection to have low bandwidth.

Try them again.

Fix error code 1060 Amazon Prime Video

The “wait circle”, which is the most common cause of error code 1060, is usually preceded. It may appear with the “wait circle”. Also, check that your router is connected to the internet.

How can I fix error code 907 on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon does not disclose any information about this code. Rebooting the router is also an option.

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