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What Is the ‘i’ Icon on Apple Watch?

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You may have noticed the I icon on your Apple Watch. You may see it on your watch, sometimes within the Watch app. If you have been browsing Apple’s support pages, you might also have seen it there. What is the “i” icon? I will tell you today where to find the “i”, what it does, and when to use it.

To get more information, use the ‘i” icon

I or “i” icons will be found in the Watch app for your iPhone. The i icon will appear when you tap on the watch’s name within the app. This icon will give you additional information about your Apple Watch, as well as access to some extra functions like ‘Find My Apple Watch’ or the option to unpair it.

What’s the ‘icon’ on Apple Watch Pairing Screen?

The I icon can also be seen when your Apple Watch is first paired with a new iPhone. This allows you to manually pair your Apple Watch and your iPhone by tapping on it.

  • As shown below, tap on the Pair Apple Watch Manually button on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the I icon to display it on your watch.
  • A name will be displayed for your Apple Watch. This name will also appear on your iPhone. Click on the name. Tap on this name to enter the six-digit code displayed on your Watch. That’s it!

You can then set up your watch using your Apple ID or restore a backup if you have one.

What should you do if you can’t find the ‘i” icon?

It may be possible to pair your Apple Watch with an iPhone if you can’t find the “i” icon. This is a very common problem, according to Apple’s support documentation. To locate the i icon on the Apple Watch, you must unpair it either directly from your Apple Watch or from your iPhone.

This is all you need to know about Apple Watch “i”. Although it doesn’t appear very often, it is useful to know what it represents. I tried to cover every scenario and use case that I could find, but I am not able to help everyone.

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