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What is the Difference Between Cable and Direct TV?

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The biggest decision TV viewers have to make is whether they want satellite or cable as their TV service provider. Satellite TV, particularly the leading provider DirecTV can be a great alternative to cable. Both offer the best service at the most affordable prices. But which one is best depends on many factors.


Rates paid by subscribers will depend on what services are purchased, the features used, and the number of channels. DirecTV offers packages starting at $29.99 per month. However, prices may vary depending upon the cable company in your area. As with most subscription-based services, subscribers will need to link their personal credit card, debit card, or bank account in order to take advantage.


DirecTV offers more channels than cable due to its higher bandwidth, which includes more HD channels and more sports channels.


Both DirecTV and cable offer access to the major broadcast networks. However, cable is more suitable for local channels. DirecTV has its own channel for original programming (Channel 101), as well as optional packages that include the NFL and NASCAR.

Quality of the Picture

Satellite TV has a slightly better picture than cable TV. This is because satellite TV compresses the signal through the network of cables.


Both DirecTV and cable TV providers offer similar services, equipment, and features. However, satellite TV is more susceptible to being damaged by bad weather, storms, and other obstructions. This can cause the signal to be lost or fade temporarily.

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