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What is the Difference Between an Outlook & Hotmail Account?

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Outlook vs. Hotmail – what’s the difference? Microsoft and other companies offer many services that allow you to keep in touch with the outside. These services give you information about the outside world, and allow you to stay in touch with others through emails, messages, and other communication methods. Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter are just a few of the many sources that keep you connected to the outside world. To use these services, you will need to create a unique account with a unique username such as an email id or telephone number. You also need to set a password to keep your account secure and safe. While some of these services can be very useful, people use them every day, others are less useful and are rarely used.

Outlook and Hotmail are the most confusing of all the services. Many people don’t know the difference and think that Outlook is the same as Hotmail.

This article will clarify your confusion about Outlook and Hotmail.

What’s Outlook?

Microsoft has developed the outlook personal information manager. You can use it as part of the Microsoft Office Suite or as a standalone program. Although it is mostly used for email, it also includes a task manager, contact manager, and calendar. It also has a journal, web browser, web browser, and journal. Microsoft also offers mobile apps for almost all mobile platforms, including Android and IOS. Developers have the option to create their own software that integrates with Outlook and Office components. Windows Phone devices can also sync almost all Outlook data with Outlook Mobile.

Among the Outlook features are:

  • AutoComplete for email addresses
  • For Calendar items, color categories
  • Support for Hyperlink in email subject lines
  • Performance improvements
  • Reminder window which consolidates all reminders about appointments and tasks into one view
  • Desktop Alert
  • Smart tags are used when Word is set up as the default email editor
  • Spam filtering via email
  • Search folders
  • Attachment link to cloud resource
  • Vector graphics that scale easily
  • Performance improvements for startups

What’s Hotmail?

Hotmail was established in 1996 by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. In 2013, it was replaced by Outlook.com. It is a web-based suite that includes webmail, contacts, and tasks as well as calendaring and task management services. Since it was purchased by Microsoft in 1997, it is considered the best webmail service and Microsoft launched MSN Hotmail. The company has undergone many renamings. The most recent change was Outlook.com from the Hotmail service. Microsoft released the final version in 2011. Microsoft released the final version of Hotmail and Outlook.com in 2011.

Hotmail and Outlook.com can be run on any operating system. Hotmail and Outlook.com can be accessed from any web browser on any operating system. You can also access your Hotmail and Outlook.com accounts from your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or other device using the Outlook app.

Hotmail and Outlook.com offer the following features:

  • Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome versions up to date
  • You can navigate around the web using your keyboard without the use of a mouse.
  • Search any message from another user
  • Folder-based organization of messages
  • When composing, auto-completion will complete contact addresses
  • Exporting and importing contacts using CSV files
  • Signatures, rich text formatting
  • Spam filtering
  • Virus scanning
  • Multiple addresses supported
  • Different language versions
  • Respect the privacy of users

Difference between Outlook and Hotmail

Outlook is quite different from Hotmail, as you can see. Outlook is Microsoft’s email software, while Hotmail is the latest version of Outlook.com.

Outlook allows you to browse your Hotmail and Outlook.com accounts.

Here are some differences between Outlook/Hotmail based on certain factors:

1.Platform for Running

Outlook is an email that is available for windows and mac OS whereas Hotmail, or Outlook.com, is an online email service that can be accessed from any device using any web browser or Outlook mobile application.


Outlook’s new version is designed cleaner than its predecessors.

Outlook.com and Hotmail have been greatly enhanced over the previous versions. In the next few months, Outlook.com will get a new design and improved performance, security, reliability, and performance. Outlook.com emails end with @outlook.com and @hotmail.com

Although Hotmail has been discontinued as an email service, @hotmail.com email addresses can still be used.


Outlook.com and Hotmail offer many options for organizing your inbox. The folders are used to organize all the emails. These folders can be accessed and manipulated easily. To keep track of your emails, you can drag and drop them into the folders. You can also assign other categories to your messages. These categories are displayed on the sidebar.

Outlook is a Microsoft service that allows you to open and save files, create new emails, view existing files, navigate the files, use different fonts, and write files.


Outlook gives you 1TB of storage right from the beginning. This is a huge amount of storage, and you won’t run out. It’s far more than Hotmail and Outlook.com offer. You can upgrade your storage if you run out.


Outlook and Hotmail share the same security features. They include multi-factor authentication, email encryption, advanced file, and email encryption, Visio rights management, and special admin capabilities to detect sensitive information. You can send links to attachments instead of files of attachments in order to make information transactions more secure.

6.Email Requirement

Outlook requires you to have an email address in order to be able use it. Hotmail and Outlook.com provide you with an email address.

All of the above information suggests that Outlook is an email program, while Outlook.com, formerly known as Hotmail, is an online email service.

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