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What is the best way to transfer files between Android and Linux?

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AirDrop allows you to easily share files across platforms. These services are only available within their ecosystems.

To transfer files from Linux/iOS to Android/iOS, you will need Snapdrop.

Snapdrop works this way. Files can be transferred between Android, iOS and Linux.


Snapdrop: A Guide

Before jumping to using Snapdrop for file transfers, here’s some information.

Snapdrop is essentially an Apple-style web browser.

Snapdrop uses HTML RTC encryption to protect files during transit. Snapdrop claims user files are not stored as Snapdrop does not use any database.


Transfer Files Between Linux, Android, And iOS

Snapdrop must be used with a WebRTC web browser.

Google Chrome will be used to demonstrate file transfer between Android and Linux devices.

Note: You don’t have to use the same browser to transfer files.


Shared files on Linux, Android, or iOS

Before you transfer files from your Linux notebook to an Android/iOS phone, make sure that they are on the same network.

Next, open your web browser and navigate to Snapdrop’s website. Next, open the web browser on your computer and navigate to the a href=”https://snapdrop.net/”>Snapdrop website.

Snapdrop will display both your Android/iOS computers on the same Wi Fi Network. Snapdrop can show multiple devices that have visited Snapdrop.

You can transfer files to one computer such as an Android/iPhone.


  1. Select the device to which you want files to be sent.
  2. Snapdrop opens the file browser on your computer. This allows you to navigate to the directory that you desire.
  3. Choose files to be shared and then click the OK , Open , and Save button.

You can also use the file manager side by side to drag-and-drop files directly onto the device that received them from your file manager.

Next swipe the Android/iOS receiving device to tap the Save button.

Snapdrop saves and automatically downloads incoming files if they are not already done manually.


All files that are received are saved to your filesystem . You can access them either using the Files App (on iPhone), or your default manager (on Android span>).

File Transfer from Android/iOS To Linux

It is also possible to reverse the file transfer between Linux computers and Android/iOS devices

To visit Snapchat Drop, make sure both devices are connected to the same network.

Snapdrop should allow you to see files on both devices. These steps will guide you through how to send files via Snapdrop from your Linux notebook.

On Android

  1. Snapdrop allows you to locate your Linux machine.
  2. Click the files you wish to share, then hit choose or OK.


  1. Snapdrop will display your Linux name. Click the Browse button to open the file program.
  2. Go to the location you want to share files. Click to open.
  3. Click Photo Library to share photos. Select the photos that you wish to share.


Switch from Windows to Linux. Ask if you wish to save downloaded files.

It is possible to request that files be saved before downloading. This will allow files to be downloaded automatically to your computer


Snapdrop Opportunity You May Be Interested in Exploring

Snapdrop has minimal functionality and appearance. However, it does provide some additional options that can be used to improve usability and user experience.

The following settings and options can be edited

1. Send a message

Snapdrop users can send messages using this feature, just like their name.

Click on the name of another Snapdrop Linux user to send a message. Then, click on the Send button and enter your message.


Hold the device until you see Email. Enter your text, then hit the Send key.

2. Allow Notifications

Snapdrop lets you set up on-site notifications. Snapdrop lets you receive an email notification when someone contacts you, or files are shared.

3. Don’t turn on the dark mode

To toggle between dark and light modes, click the Moon symbol at the top right corner.

Snapdrop can also be saved as an app

Snapdrop allows you to save the website to the home screen of your phone as an app. This makes it easy to access the website quickly with one click.

Use your Android phone to open the webpage. Click the Phone icon at the top-right. Next, click on the Share button and choose To Your Home Screen.

Files can be easily shared between Android and Linux.

This guide will explain how Snapdrop can share files between Linux/Android/iOS devices.

Snapdrop is a cross-platform platform service that allows users to share files between Android phones and iPhones.


These file transfer options allow you to quickly and easily share files from your computer (PC), and your mobile device (mobile).


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