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What is Mint Mobile, and is it worth it?

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Mint Mobile offers a unique wireless carrier model that is a great value. Thanks to Ryan Reynolds, actor and owner of Mint Mobile, it has earned a good reputation as a rising carrier. Mint Mobile could be a great option to save money on your monthly mobile phone bill by educating you beyond the ads.

Mint offers savings when you buy bulk. Sign up for one our low-cost data plans. Instead of paying a monthly fee to the carrier, you pay in advance for three to twelve months. The longer commitment will get you bigger discounts. You may also want to consider paying more for the 12 months of service. The savings offered by Mint are quite attractive compared to the best-prepaid phone plans. Any of the best-unlocked smartphones that supports GSM networks can be brought.

This summary contains everything a potential Mint customer needs to know about Mint’s coverage, plans and devices. Have a look. The best Mint Mobile Plans are available if this is the right provider for you. These Mint Mobile Promo Codes will make these deals even more tempting.

Which network is Mint Mobile using?

Mint, like most prepaid carriers is what’s called an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). Mint’s MVNO is T-Mobile. We have more information on the postpaid vs. prepaid phone service differences. You can also take a look at what MVNOs are.

T-Mobile was ranked second in carrier testing a few years ago. T-Mobile also claimed the fastest upload speeds. Since then, T-Mobile has received good marks from third-party testing groups especially when it comes 5G downloading speeds.

Mint Mobile coverage map (Image credit: Mint Mobile)

It all boils down to Mint’s coverage in your area. Mint offers a map that can be used to help you decide if Mint’s service is right for you. Amazon offers a starter kit for $5. This allows you to test the service with 100MB LTE data, 100 texts messages, and 60 minutes of talktime. If you sign up for this service, you will get $5 in credit.

Mint Mobile 5G: What are you getting?

T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G service has been extended to Mint and other MVNOs. You can use TMobile 5G infrastructure if you have a Mint phone.

Mint’s 5G service is free of any extra charges. Verizon is an example of this. To get full 5G coverage, you must sign up for a costly unlimited plan. Not all prepaid phones include 5G coverage.

Mint customers can bring any of the top 5G phones to their carrier or choose one from the service provider. Mint has a wide range of 5G phones available, including the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 PRO and, on a more budget-friendly end, the Galaxy A53.

Mint Mobile: What phones are you allowed to use?

Mint works on T-Mobile’s GSM-based network. To use Mint, you will need a GSM-based smartphone. Unlocked phones are usually geared towards GSM networks like AT&T or T-Mobile rather than CDMA-based networks like Verizon.

Mint’s network allows phones like the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus to work. (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

It’s easier than ever to find a good and affordable unlocked phone. Our best-unlocked smartphones guide will help identify the right handset for you. You can verify compatibility by plugging in the IMEI code of a compatible device into Mint’s checker (opens new tab).

There are still steps to be taken after you have chosen the right phone. To ensure that your Android phone or iPhone works properly after you have inserted the SIM card, refer to the instructions (opens in a new tab) on Mint’s FAQ page.

You might want to look at Mint’s Starter Kit if you are still unsure about trying Mint. The $5 pack includes two SIM cards (one for backup) and 100MB of data service for a week. The cost of the kit is $5. However, if you purchase a plan and follow up with the company, they will refund your purchase.

Mint Mobile did not offer its own devices at first. However, Mint Mobile has made a change over the years and customers no longer have to purchase an unlocked device from Mint or search for one that will work on Mint’s network. Mint’s website opens in a new tab. You can find the most popular models such as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 Series, the iPhone SE (2022), Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 series, and other devices from OnePlus and Motorola. This is a surprisingly large selection of top models with some surprises.

Which are the best Mint Mobile plans for you?

Update: Mint has lowered the initial rate for each plan to $15 per monthly as of this writing. Mint’s unlimited data plan, which costs $30 per month, is getting a compelling deal. The regular pricing, which is detailed below, returns after three months.

Here’s a summary of the top Mint Mobile plans. But, here’s how long-term commitments can help you save money at Mint relative to the prepaid competitors that tend to offer plans that allow subscribers to go month to month.

Mint offers data plans with unlimited data, including 4GB, 10GB and 15GB data. Mint recently upgraded all three tiered data plans, while maintaining the same prices. No matter which data plan you choose, talk and text are unlimited. The rule of thumb is that the more you pay upfront, the more money you will save.

Mint’s most affordable plan

Mint Mobile’s cheapest plan costs only $15/month, and offers a generous 4GB data allowance. The $15 rate is only applicable for the first three months. To keep your monthly rate at $15, you will need to sign up to continue service for one year.

Mint Mobile 4GB Plan: Mint’s Most Affordable Plan

Mint Mobile’s cheapest plan costs only $15/month, and offers a generous 4GB data allowance. The $15 rate is only applicable for the first three months. To keep your monthly rate at $15, you will need to sign up to continue service for one year.

Mint’s pricing structure becomes a bit complicated after the first billing cycle. Mint’s 3-month introductory deal guarantees that the monthly rate will be the same as what 12-month subscribers normally pay. This is $15 for 3GB, $20 per month for 8GB, $25/month for 12GB, $30 for Mint’s unlimited plan, and $25/month for 25GB.

The three-month promotional offer is no longer available when it’s time to renew. Your bill will go up if you sign up for three more months. These are the prices you can expect after your first plan expires.

4GB 10GB 15GB Unlimited
3 Months $25 per month ($75 upfront) $35 per month ($105 upfront) $45 per Month ($135 upfront) $40 per month ($120 upfront) 6 Months $20 per month ($120 upfront) $25 per month (150 upfront) $35 per month ($210 upfront) $35 per month ($210 upfront) 12 Months $15 per month ($180 upfront) $20 per month ($240 upfront) $25 per month ($300 upfront) $30 per month ($360 upfront)

Customers returning customers who choose a 3-month plan will be charged an extra $30, $45 and $60 upfront compared to the first bill. You will still receive a rate increase of between $5 to $10 even if you purchase six months at once. You can only continue to pay the same rates as when you were a new subscriber by signing up for a 12-month commitment.

You’ll also be throttled to 2G speeds once you have used up your monthly data allowance for a tiered plan. Mint offers the option to purchase additional data by visiting their website or texting “UPDATA” to 6700.

The three-month package is the best deal for new customers. Mint’s prices remain very affordable compared to other prepaid carriers. However, you will need to be aware of price increases and make wise decisions about your commitment.

What does Mint Mobile’s Unlimited Plan do?

Mint’s unlimited data plan was launched in 2020. It is slightly less expensive than the tiered options and makes it one of most popular unlimited data plans. Mint’s discounted pricing makes it cheaper than the $40 unlimited plan at Visible. Mint’s unlimited plan has some limitations.

Unlimited data for less

Mint’s unlimited data plan is the cheapest at $30 per month. To enjoy this low rate, you will need to commit for a year. ” data-widget-type=”deal”>

Mint Unlimited Data Plan: Unlimited data for less

Mint’s unlimited data plan is the cheapest at $30 per month. To enjoy this low rate, you will need to commit for a year.

It’s not unlimited, as there are unlimited plans available for almost all carriers. Mint will deprioritize your data once 35GB is used up. This means that while you’ll still be able to get service, speeds will slow down. Mint’s website states that customers who use >35GB per month will have lower speeds. This is a common tactic used by carriers.

Unlimited customers can have unlimited video streams, but they are limited to standard-definition, 4K quality. This limitation is not applicable for users who use 3GB, 8GB, or 12GB. Unlimited subscribers don’t have unlimited hotspot usage. It expires after 5GB. If you are very concerned about your phone’s connection to your tablet, laptop, or other device, the 12GB per-month tiered plan is the best option.

Mint has also launched a service that allows you to log your monthly data usage. Mint allows unlimited users to see how much data they use each month, and can adjust to a cheaper plan if they don’t need it enough to justify Mint’s unlimited service.

Mint Mobile offers family plans?

Mint recently started offering family plans, but it is a little different from what other carriers offer. You can get multiple lines at most carriers and the per-line fee will drop as you add more people. For example, a single Visible line with unlimited data costs $40. However, if you have four people Visible charges $25 per line.

Everybody on a Mint Mobile family plans (opens new tab) has the same per-line cost, but all enjoy the same discount. Let’s say you and another member of your family get 4GB plans at the 12-month price. For a total of $30, you’ll each pay $15 per month.

Mint allows family plans to mix and match data allocations. One person can get unlimited data, while the other is limited to 4GB. This is a great way for parents to limit how much data their children get each month and save money.

What are the special features Mint Mobile offers?

Mint is a great option for anyone who wants to give it a try. If the service does not work, you will get a full refund within seven days (minus shipping and handling).

Mint offers few other benefits. You can still add to your LTE and 5G data allowances whenever you reach the limit. Mint offers extra 1GB for $10, and 3GB for $20. The carrier also offers international roaming data for those who travel overseas. Free calls to Canada and Mexico are possible.

Mint offers mobile hotspot access for no extra charge to its subscribers, which is very convenient. Mint allows visual voicemail after initially not supporting it. Wi-Fi calls are also permitted on devices equipped with these features. The majority of newer Android devices and iPhones support Wi-Fi service ( Mint provides a complete list on its website, though it might need to be activated via your phone’s Settings menu.

Customers who bring their device to Mint should be aware of the following: If your device is already tied to another network, the carrier won’t unlock it for you. This is something US Mobile can do.

Mint Mobile’s Competition

Mint Mobile is just one of the many MVNOs available. It faces stiff competition from other traditional monthly pre-paid options. If you’re thinking about Mint, Visible and Xfinity are the best options.

The $40 unlimited plan is Visible’s crowning glory. This plan is the only one offered by Visible Mobile Network Operators (MVNO). It’s very attractive for those who are looking for an affordable unlimited phone plan. This plan also runs on Verizon’s network.

You must be a Comcast subscriber in order to qualify for Xfinity Mobile. If you are a Comcast subscriber, you may be eligible for a great deal on wireless service. Xfinity Mobile is based on Verizon towers, and offers a By the Gig pricing scheme. You can get unlimited talk, text and 1GB data for $15/month. There are options to add up to 10GB for $60/month. Multi-line discounts are available. You also have the option to purchase unlimited $45/month

Google Fi is the final option. The MVNO charges $20 for unlimited text and talk, and $10/GB thereafter (with $50/month unlimited and $65/month unlimited plus). Fi offers data refunds for data that you don’t use. This is one of Fi’s greatest features. Let’s say you use only 500MB per month. Google will only charge $5, and you won’t be charged for any additional data unlike Xfinity Mobile. However, Fi is not the most affordable, especially when you consider unlimited.

What are customers saying about Mint Mobile

Mint’s low prices and easy user interface have received positive feedback. The customer service experience can be less than perfect if you need to call. The Mint Mobile subreddit has received poor customer service, particularly when compared to the Google Fi network which boasts fast replies and is available through multiple social media channels. Mint customers are less likely to have access to help if something goes wrong due to the absence of a physical location.

Users have reported slower network speeds for Mint Mobile than T-Mobile. Mint Mobile customers are being deprioritized to make way for T-Mobile’s base. This is not an uncommon phenomenon for prepaid subscribers, who almost always play second fiddle to postpaid customers. Some Mint customers have reported reaching peak speeds when network conditions were better.

Mint Mobile: Verdict

Mint, like most prepaid wireless networks has to sacrifice some comforts such as customer support and high data speeds in exchange for a lower monthly price.

Mint’s bulk-sales model allows it to achieve some of the industry’s lowest prices. Mint is worth the inconvenience of slowing down data or having to use community forums to resolve problems, if you are willing to put up with it. For the most current discounts and promo codes, check out our Mint Mobile coupons. Also, see the best Mint Mobile plan to find the right plan for you.

However, users who are less tech-savvy or looking for more perks might be better advised to look at Metro by T-Mobile or Republic Wireless — prepaid carriers that offer more data but also provide consistent performance and premium features.


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