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What is industrial AC DC Converter?

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Industrial ac dc conversion is at the core of smart houses and renewable energy sources. It gains larger and larger popularity with the constant innovations that are taking place in the industry.

What is ac dc conversion?

Let us take a step back and tackle the process first. AC DC conversion is the sequence of transforming single and three-phase alternating current to direct current of a certain frequency and voltage range. The fun fact is that ac dc conversion is all around us daily. The houses that we live in are powered via alternating currents. Therefore, what is needed if you wish to charge a device that uses a battery? Batteries are powered using direct current, meaning that your phone battery is incompatible with your house power. Here is where your phone charger comes into play – it is a genuine compact ac dc converter that allows your house power system to charge your phone. It is a plug-and-play solution because we plug the charger into the house and phone and the magic happens.

High-power ac dc conversion

We gave a small example of ac dc converter. Your battery charger is an awesome device, however, it will not do us any good if we wish to use an AC grid to power batteries that we have in our manufacturing plant. We want to power them during the night when the energy is cheaper and use them during the day until they are spent.

What we need is an industrial ac dc converter. It should be capable of working with batteries for super capacitors. These units have integrated cooling so they can operate efficiently for a long time. Their software is also complex and able to handle many difficult operations. Moreover, in our case, the unit is bidirectional (unlike the phone charger) and it is perfectly capable of transferring the power from the battery to our manufacturing plant grid.

Industrial ac dc conversion can also be used in your house installation but full budget solutions are still being developed so you can power batteries when you wish to use the cheap energy at night or solar panels and then use this energy to power your home and save money.

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