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What exactly is this Windows desktop.ini file? How do I remove it?

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Desktop.ini file desktop.ini file is an secret file that stores information regarding the arrangement of the Windows file. In essence, if the layout or the settings for the folder are altered then a desktop.ini document is created to record the modifications.

Can it be removed?

The desktop.ini file can be technically erased from all directories, however it is not recommended. The file stores settings for the folder within which it’s stored, but deletion changes the settings to default. For instance, if you modified your image of a folder and then removed the desktop.ini file it would change the icon back to the previous version.


To delete a desktop.ini file, right-click The file icon, and then select Remove from the drop-down menu . You can also choose your desktop.ini file and then press Del On your keyboard.

How can I prevent it happening?

In the Windows operating system automatically creates the desktop.ini file whenever there is a change to an existing folder. This automatic generation can’t be stopped, as it is a component of the operating system’s programing. Though you are able to erase any desktop.ini file If a change has been made to the file’s layout it will be rebuilt in a way that is automatic. Since the deletion of the files of a system is not recommended the best option is generally to block those files that are part of the system instead.

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Does this file contain a virus?

Operation Did Not Complete Successfully Because the File Contains a Virus  [FIXED]

The file isn’t virus-like. There are, however, a small number of viruses that exploit potential weaknesses of desktop.ini file. If you’re worried about this file becoming affected be sure to scan it with an antivirus software.

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