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What Does Renew Lease on WiFi Mean?

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Every device connected to a WiFi network is assigned an IP address. After the lease expires, your device must renew it.

Your device will need to request a new IP address in order to renew your Renew Lease WIFI lease. You can no longer use the old one.

What’s a WiFi Lease?

A WiFi lease (also known as a DHCP Lease) is a way for a router to manage devices connected to its network. The router assigns a local address to a device connecting to it via a service called DHCP.

Dynamic hosting configuration protocol is a client/server communication protocol that automatically configures an Internet Protocol host with its IP address.

The router will use the device’s MAC address to identify it on the network. It will then assign the same IP address when it reconnects.

A MAC address is a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that can be used to identify each vehicle. IP addresses are also available for transferring license plates between vehicles.

The IP address will remain reserved until the DHCP lease ends, which is usually within 24 hours. Below are the details.

In the event that the device does not reconnect within the lease term, the IP address of the failed device will be made accessible to all other devices.

Problems can arise when you connect to a network that has a short DHCP lease term and a limited amount of IP address slots.

If you’ve connected to WiFi networks in the past but now receive a “Renew Lease on WiFi” message, it means that someone else is using your IP address.

To fix the problem, turn off WiFi and then reconnect or tap the “Renew Lease” button within your network settings.

In most cases, the router will automatically assign an IP address to your device. This happens in the background, without your knowledge.

Change your local network IP address

Click the renewal button to obtain a new IP.

Your router might automatically assign your device to the exact same address sometimes. This is a defeat.

To force your router to change its IP address

  1. Reconnect or by clicking “Forget network”
  2. After 30 seconds turn off your router. This will reset all settings, and assign new IP addresses.

Your device’s IP address may still be a problem.

Static IP address

If you’re the one connecting to the router, it’s possible that your devices have been set up to use a static either unknowingly or knowingly. Instead of an automatic IP assignment.

You may have accidentally created two devices with the exact same IP address. This could cause both devices to be unable to connect to the internet.

This issue can be fixed by ensuring that your network card uses automatic DHCP instead of static. You can also manually enter a new IP address.

When data connections are crucial, it can be helpful to set a static IP.

How do I create a static IP address

This can be useful for people who use computers to forward IP addresses to specific hosts. The network print servers are an example of a real-world application.

It makes file sharing easier with file-sharing apps. Many VPNs require static network settings.

Windows 10

Windows 10 Click the network adapter icon in the tray’s bottom and select ” Open Network Setting“.

Click on “Property” under your network information. Note this information. Next, select Edit. Finally, choose Manual.

Fill in the information. The router’s admin webpage is the gateway. It is often the first IPv4 DNS Server IP Address.

If you’re not sure, the router should show it on its backside.

Also, you will need to enter the DNS server. You can use any DNS. It is best to use a trusted DNS or the default one provided by your ISP.

If you make a change to the IP assignment setting, the network connection will be reset. Your IP address won’t change unless you make a change.


First, open your Settings and then tap the WLAN Menu.

Click on the information icon next to the WiFi network. Next, select Configure IP and then choose Manual.

Enter the same information as above, click on Save, then select Configure DNS and finally, choose Manual.

Save your settings and connect to the internet.

On Android

Open Options and Connections.

To access the manual information, click on the WiFi that you are connected to.

Android saves all your settings so that you don’t have a lot of time filling in each box manually.

You, as a network administrator can set the DHCP Lease Duration

If you are the network administrator, you can manually set the DHCP lease length.

First, you need to go to the router’s configuration page. Although the model of the router will determine the address, the sticker on the router’s back with the information is sufficient.

If your router login details have not been changed, they will remain the default username/password printed in the router.

The exact menu options will be determined by your router.

DHCP will be enabled. You will also see that DHCP has been enabled.

Note Lease times are often set up in seconds. For example, a 3600 Lease Time would take one hour.

The range of IP addresses that the router can assign to a user is called the DHCP Range.

You can restrict the devices’ access by reducing the range from 10 to 50 or using some other method. This will prevent devices from consuming bandwidth and slowing down your connection.

This feature will likely be called Reserved IP. The router will assign a specific IP to each MAC address on the list.

Another way to add static IP is to use the page.


Each device connected to a WiFi network is assigned an IP address.

If you’re connected to a public WiFi network, this is seldom an issue. This permits restricted access.

Time to renew your WiFi lease. To renew:

  • Tap the “Renew Lease” button under your WiFi network on your smartphone ,.
  • Turn off your WiFi, then turn it on again This will reset the lease.

You should set a static IP address if you’re an administrator of the network. It is important that the IP address that you choose doesn’t interfere with any other devices on your network.

You can set DHCP under IP settings to auto to automate the assigned IP addresses.

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