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What does FYP stand for on TikTok?

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FYP may be a new term to you if TikTok is brand new or you just use it to scroll through funny videos.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the dark. Here is a quick explanation of FYP on TikTok and how it applies.

What does FYP mean?

TikTok For You Page stands for FYP. It is the most important part of the user experience. It is worth understanding and learning more about it.

The FYP is the first thing that you will see when you open TikTok Mobile (or TikTok Desktop). This feed is your main feed.

At the top of your screen will be the For You text. This means that you are now on the FYP.

TikTok’s default home screen is the FYP. There will also be Following next to it. This is an additional feed you can switch to. It contains posts from all accounts that you follow.

What does TikTok do for the FYP?

Social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook display posts from pages and people that you must follow. TikTok’s FYP is completely algorithmic.

After scrolling, the app learns your viewing habits and provides content that’s relevant to you. The Instagram Explore page has similar content to what you already like or clicked on.


What are you going to get from your FYP?

They are tailored to your app usage so there are not many common denominators between FYPs. Your FYP is filled with Call of Duty videos, and you may not have been that interested in them.

FYP is determined by what you love.

Many TikTok subcultures emerged from the uniqueness and diversity of each user experience.

Based on your behaviour and the behaviour of other users, your FYP could be leading you down a rabbit hole.

What’s #FYP?

Videos from creators and accounts can be uploaded to your FYP .

This results in the widespread usage of #fyp. To increase exposure and likes for videos, you can use this hashtag in the video description. You can also call it #for page.

It’s not easy to access as many For You pages as you wish. TikTok claims that its employees curate videos which are shown on all FYPs.

There are many tutorials explaining how to get to the page. TikTok published an article in June 2020. It attempted to explain the algorithm.

How to personalise your FYP

FYP will provide hours of entertainment.

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