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Walmart Plus everything you need to know

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Walmart Plus is a membership program for frequent Walmart shoppers. This subscription service is comparable to Amazon Prime or BestBuy Totaltech which are both more expensive. Walmart Plus subscribers get in-store and online benefits such as unlimited delivery and fuel discount at participating gas stations. Paramount Plus is the latest perk.

Walmart announced earlier this year that both new and existing members will receive additional savings at participating gasoline stations. For every gallon of fuel purchased from participating fuel stations, members receive a discount of 10c. Walmart will be adding 12,000 Exxon/Mobil stations to its nationwide network of fuel stations.

Walmart Plus members get access to exclusive PS5 restock events and early access to selected deals. To access the restocks you must be a Walmart Plus member. If you are on the free trial, you won’t have access.

Walmart Plus memberships cost $98 per year, or $12.95 per month. It does include a 30-day free trial (opens new tab). For additional discounts, make sure to check out our Walmart promo code page. This is everything you need about Walmart Plus membership.

Walmart Plus free trial

Walmart Plus is a subscription service. It costs $98/year or $12.95/month and includes perks such as unlimited delivery on more than 160,000 products, as well as fuel discounts at over 2,000 Murphy USA and Walmart fuel stations. Paramount Plus is now available at no additional cost. Walmart Plus includes a 30-day free trial.

Walmart Plus and PS5 restock

It has been nearly impossible to purchase next-gen consoles this month. Walmart Plus members have early access to selected PS5 restock or Xbox Series X restock events. Although it doesn’t guarantee that you will be able score a console, it does increase your chances. Restocks were held in the past on March 13, March 14, April 19, June 2, and April 19. Restocks are only available to paying subscribers. You won’t be allowed to participate if you are on a trial period.

Walmart Plus members get Rx savings

Walmart Plus members have a new perk. Walmart Plus’ newest benefit is Rx For Less. This program provides discounts on common prescription medications for a range of health conditions. Rx for Less includes drugs that are prescribed for heart disease, mental illness, allergy management, and medication to treat diabetes. Walmart Plus members will now be able to access certain medications at no cost. Others will be available up to 85% off. Only paying members can access RX for Less. After your free 15-day trial, the discounts take effect.

Walmart Plus members get free shipping

Walmart Plus members don’t need to make a minimum $35 purchase to qualify for free shipping. Walmart announced last year that members will be eligible for free shipping on all orders, regardless of whether they meet the $35 minimum purchase threshold.

Walmart is expanding the locations where members can make use of their fuel savings. Walmart Plus members now have fuel discounts at over 500 Sam’s Club locations. These features are welcome, especially considering that Amazon has shut down its Prime Pantry service.

Walmart Plus membership

Walmart Plus memberships cost $98 per annum or $12.95 per mo. It comes with a free trial period of 15 days. This membership program, which is Walmart’s $98 per-year Grocery Unlimited service, is a rebranding. In September 2019, the grocery delivery service was launched. It quickly expanded to 1,400 additional locations. Walmart Plus includes tech, beauty and sports products. Amazon Prime is $139/year or $14.99/month, by comparison.

Walmart Plus perks

Walmart Plus offers a few benefits that will continue to grow. In June, the retailer hosted its first Walmart PLUS Weekend sales event. This included four days of exclusive sales and discounts for members. The following are other benefits of Walmart Plus:

  • Unlimited delivery free of charge: Customers can get fast and free delivery on over 160,000 items, including tech, toys, household necessities, and groceries. Delivery will be as quick as possible with 1-hour delivery windows.
  • Shop in-store faster with the Walmart app’s Scan & Go feature. Walmart Pay allows customers to scan their items while they shop, and then pay with Walmart Pay. This makes it easy and quick.
  • Fuel Discounts: Walmart Plus members can save up to 5 Cents per gallon at almost 2,000 Walmart, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express fuel stations. Sam’s Club fuel stations also make up the range. Walmart has also increased the discount to allow members to receive a 10-cent discount on each gallon of fuel they purchase at participating stations. Exxon and Mobil stations across the country now offer members discounts.

Walmart Plus may offer additional perks in the future, but it’s not clear. It’s not secret that Amazon and Walmart price match every day, even on holidays like Black Friday. This renewed rivalry could lead to great deals.

Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime

The company announced that there are more than 200 million Prime members around the world during its Q1 2021 earnings conference. This is a number Walmart Plus hopes to surpass.

Walmart was once the country’s largest retailer. But, it has been watching as Amazon has taken over online sales. According to EMarketer, Amazon now represents 38% of all U.S. online retail sales. Walmart, however, is in a distant second with less than 5% of the U.S. online-commerce market. Walmart Plus is expected to help it capture some of Amazon’s market share.

This isn’t the first time Walmart has taken on Amazon Prime. Walmart launched shippingPass in 2015 for $50 per year. It promised delivery within three days or less. Walmart tried to compete with Amazon Prime at $99 per annum. Two years later, Walmart dropped the membership fee to offer a 2-day shipping program for orders over $35.

Walmart’s largest chest thump was in 2016, when it bought Jet.com for $3B. Walmart hoped that Jet.com would allow it to expand its online presence. Last month, Walmart announced that Jet.com would be permanently closed.

2019 saw the Walmart vs. Amazon saga continue. Walmart announced its plans for 1-day shipping, just as Amazon did. Walmart recently announced 2-hour express delivery (opens a new tab) for $10 more than Walmart’s usual delivery fees.

Walmart has been able to outsell Amazon on major retailer days such as Black Friday by offering similar sales. Walmart Plus is an extension to this ongoing battle. Only time will tell if Walmart Plus can be the real knockout punch it needs in order to compete with Amazon and its legion subscribers.

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