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Wake Up to Your Favorite Tunes With These CD Player Alarm Clocks

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You can ditch the boring sound of your phone’s alarm and instead listen to some of your favorite albums. You can set your alarm to your favorite music, whether it’s the one you’ve been listening to all year or the tunes from your local radio station.

You can use the best CD player alarm clocks both before bed and in the morning. Stereo-grade, high-quality speakers make the player a preferred way to listen, especially for music brands like Victrola and Crosley. Bluetooth compatibility is also a feature of the top players. You don’t have to give up streaming just because you want to go back to your CD collection.

The design of the CD player alarm clock should be the most important factor. Some players favor retro and decorative aesthetics, while others prefer old-school cool. Some players prefer to be simple and elegant, favoring tech-forward personalities that get unassuming places on their bedside tables. You can reduce clutter with built-in wireless charging stations for your smartphone.

These CD player alarm clocks can be customized to suit your personal aesthetic tastes.

1. Crosley Corsair tabletop AM/FM Radio with CD Player, Alarm Clock, and Crosley Corsair Tabletop Radio

Although this CD player might look old-fashioned, its technology is modern. It features full-range stereo speakers that reproduce the Crosley sound, making it a popular choice among audiophiles. The speaker’s surround is the Sixties-inspired. It doubles as a dual alarm clock and has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to stream music wirelessly. You can also keep it simple with the AM/FM radio.

2. Jensen Modern Home CD Tabletop

Jensen’s tabletop speaker and digital clock are both stylish and functional. You can set up dual alarms and can program the player to play your favorite CDs or an alarm sound. You can also choose to snooze for those mornings when you don’t need to get out of bed. This player can also charge USB devices. It’s a great way to make sure your phone is always charged.

3. Victrola Bedside Digital Alarm Clock Stereo

The Victrola is a great choice for a bedside table and adds a subtle color pop to your room. It’s reminiscent of an old jukebox, car radio, or even a retro-styled “STEREO” lettering on its front grill. This is a fun take on a traditional digital alarm clock.

The player measures just 4x8x14 inches and can stream music via Bluetooth up to 33 feet away. The digital clock face on this player is simple and doesn’t overload you. It can also be dimmed, which is very important when you want to fall asleep at night.

4. Dual alarm clock with a Lukasa tabletop CD player

At first glance, the Lukasa Tabletop Clock looks like a basic CD player. You can play your favorite discs and switch to radio or Bluetooth. This model is unique because it doubles as a wireless charger. Just place your smartphone on the player’s top and it will immediately start charging. You can even charge up to two devices simultaneously by using the USB ports at the back.

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