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Valve’s Gabe Newell teases console-related plans for Steam games

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Gabe Newell (co-founder and president) of Valve suggested that Steam games could be brought to consoles in a recent Q&A session.

The session was held at Sancta Maria College, Auckland, New Zealand. A student’s question, as well as Newell’s response, were recorded and uploaded by user Odysseic to Reddit (opens new tab) via VGC.

Newell was asked if Steam would port any games to consoles, or if it would just remain on PC. He hesitantly replied “You will get an even better idea by the end of the year,” but it won’t give you the answer that you expected. You’ll say, ‘Ah-ha! “Now I understand what he was talking to me.”

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Newell’s comments were, naturally, vague and have prompted a lot of speculation. His words could mean that Valve plans to bring its own games to consoles, which are currently available on Steam. This is possible because Valve games have been port to consoles in the past.


What could this mean?

Popular suggestion is that Valve’s VR title Half Life: Alyx could be portable, especially considering the PSVR2.

Newell stated in an interview at the start of this year that Valve currently has several games in development and that working on Alyx, a single-player game, “created a lot more momentum within the company to continue that,” Is it possible that Valve is interested in console ports for its new wave of titles rather than existing titles?

It’s hard to predict how Newell’s actual answer will surprise you, considering Newell’s initial response was unanticipated. Although it would be a shock to bring Steam Machines alive, it is unlikely and too unlikely. There was a rumor not so long ago (via the Gamer – opens in new tab) that Valve tried to get Xbox Game Pass onto Steam. This would be an interesting twist.

This is all quite a mystery. However, Newell has let us know that we might be able to clear some of the confusion by the end 2021. We’ll be watching for any signs that Valve might have other plans.

The entire question and answer session was uploaded on Reddit (opens new tab). Newell touches on CSGO and Team Fortress 2 as well as other topics.


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