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Understanding 45+ Gaming Terms, Words and Lingo

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Gaming is like other hobbies. It has its own terms. If you want to learn the lingo to make gaming more enjoyable, then this is the right place.

We will explain the most common terms used in gaming. While there are many types of gaming and each game has its own terminology, these definitions will help guide you to the most important terms.

1. AAA (Triple-A).

AAA games are titles produced by large studios such as Ubisoft and EA. These games are usually expensive and involve a lot of marketing. AAA games are distinct from “indie”, which are made by smaller development teams.

2. Additional

This refers to “additional enemies”, which are often encountered in boss encounters. It is sometimes difficult to strike the right balance between doing damage and taking care of other enemies.

3. AFK

AFK stands “away from the keyboard”. This is when a user is temporarily unavailable.

4. AoE

AoE is an acronym that refers to abilities, attacks, and areas of effect. This is in contrast with abilities that only target one target such as a rifle. Usually, you’ll see a circle to indicate that the ability has been activated.

5. Bots

Multiplayer games may have bots or CPUs as well as computers. Multiplayer games are played either by you or with friends.

A bot can be an insult and another player could also be called a bot. A bot is someone who plays very poorly.

6. Buff/Nerf

A buff is a modification that increases the weapon’s power or characters’ power. A nerf on the other hand is a change that decreases the element’s power.

These terms refer to the balance of characters and weapons in online gaming that is updated frequently. A buff would increase the weapon’s power; a nerf would slow down the weapon’s reload.

7. Bullet Sponge

A bullet sponge can be an enemy that takes too much damage in order to kill. It “soaks up” damage, just like a sponge. You might think that a bullet sponge would be an enemy that you can take down in a few shots. But, it takes many magazines to defeat.

8. Camping

Camping allows you to remain in one location, instead of constantly moving. This is why people are called campers. This is done to gain an advantage on other players. It is most common in online shooters, such as Call of Duty.

9. Cheese/Cheesing

Cheating is when you employ a cheap strategy in order to complete a task quickly. A powerful combination could be used against your opponent repeatedly to defeat them. A single-player match can be a great way to solve a problem.

10. Clans

Clans are groups of players who play together in multiple multiplayer games. Call of Duty allows you to add a clan tag to your username to become a member of a clan. These clans are often informal and don’t have professional organizations.

11. Cooldown

Many games require that you wait a certain time after using an ability. This is called a “cool-down period”. Cooldowns for more powerful abilities tend to be longer.

12. Crafting

Crafting is the art and science of making useful items out of materials (such as plants, scrap metal or other games). It can be done in many different genres. It can be simple or more complicated.

13. DLC

DLC refers to downloadable content. Additional content can be downloaded apart from the main game. It can include characters, cosmetics, and levels. DLC is sometimes more costly than the original, but not always.

14. DPS

DPS stands for damage/per second. DPS measures the damage that a weapon does or how many attacks it produces. DPS can also be used for characters who are designed to do damage and not other classes like healers or tanks.

15. DRM

DRM is shorthand for digital rights management. This refers specifically to tools that protect game copyright. This covers everything, including anti-piracy tools in games and the need to log in to Steam to access PC games.

DRM measures that are too strict can sometimes cause harm to legitimate users.

16. Easter Eggs

Hidden messages and features in video games are very similar to their real-life counterparts. These hidden messages could be a nod or a humorous message.

17. Feeding/Throwing

These terms are similar, even though they may not be the same. Feeding refers the act or being repeatedly killed by an opponent team. As your opponent is already dead, this obviously benefits you. Feeding can be done unintentionally by inexperienced players or deliberately to throw.

Throwing means acting in a way that could result in the end of the game. Throwing can be an expression that someone is happy to stay at their spawn and avoid attacking the enemy. They might avoid using their skills or go in unaccompanied to ignore their team.

18. FPS

FPS stands for first-person shooting games. This genre lets you view the world from your character’s point of view, rather than through a lens. First-person shooters typically have a weapon floating in their hands. It’s almost as though they are the characters.

FPS can also be used as a term for “frames/second”, which refers to how smooth a video game runs. Learn more about frame rate and refresh rate.

19. Ganking

Ganking refers a highly skilled or experienced player who gangs on someone without the possibility of defense.


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