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Toshiba TV Will Not Turn On

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Problem with many Toshiba TVs? They don’t turn on.

Many Toshiba TV owners have reported this issue. This issue has been reported by many Toshiba TV owners for quite some time.

There is an easy solution for about 80% of Toshiba TVs that do not turn on.

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Toshiba TV won’t switch on

The problem can be solved by resetting your Toshiba TV.

Unplug Toshiba TV wall

This is a simple fix, but it’s the best way to turn your Toshiba TV on.

Give it at least 60 seconds. It should take at least 60 seconds. Then, plug it back in.

Locate the power button on your Toshiba TV by unplugging it. Hold the power button for 30 seconds. Use your remote control.

This will enable the TV to soft reset, and then turn off all remaining power.

If you are unable to locate the power button on your Toshiba TV, skip this step.

After the 60-second limit is reached, connect the TV to the power outlet. Turn on your TV.

This procedure should resolve approximately 80% of cases. The remaining 20% might be more challenging.

Disconnect from Toshiba remote

Replace the batteries if your TV still has problems.

Both batteries should be removed from the remote.

Take out the batteries and press the power button for 30 seconds. This should take about 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds have passed, you can plug the remote in and turn on your TV.

It is possible to change the batteries here.

After trying all of the above steps, you can factory reset your TV for a permanent solution.

Toshiba TV Factory Reset

The TV must first be turned on, hopefully without any batteries being plugged in. Next, the Home button should be pressed.

Next, go to Settings>>> Device & Software> Factory Defaults. This will display the initial setup screen.

These settings will restore your Toshiba TV’s original state.

Some older Toshiba TVs may need to be factory reset in a different way.

  • Menu Button > Settings> Reset TV
  • Setup Button > Installation > TV Reset

Toshiba TV Repair by Factory Without Remote

You can factory reset your Toshiba TV if you do not have a remote control.

Your TV’s power/input button is located at the back. It may be located on the right or left depending on which model you have.

Start by unplugging your TV. Next, unplug the TV.

You will see several options on the TV screen.

Remember that your Toshiba TV will automatically restart once you have done this. Hold down the home key for at most 15 seconds. Give it a while.

There are many options if you have trouble finding the button, or your TV isn’t in a convenient place.

Connect a USB keyboard and your Toshiba TV to get started.

The keyboard can be used to reset your TV and navigate it.

You can also download Amazon Fire TV to your Toshiba Fire TV.

Your smartphone can control your TV remotely by connecting to the app.

To activate your remote, you can use a universal remote. Enter the Toshiba code.

You should now have all the power problems solved. You can continue to try the steps I’ve provided before giving in.

Toshiba TV power cord can be removed

Another way to solve your power problem is to unplug your TV’s power cable.

After 60 seconds, unplug it.

Make sure the connection is secure before you plug it in to your TV.

To turn on the TV, plug in the power cord. Press and hold the power button.

We are thrilled to see your TV come back to life.

Choose the right source of input

Your Toshiba TV may not work if you use the wrong input sources.

No matter if you are using a streaming device, or a cable box, verify that your HDMI port number matches.

There are two options to choose the best input source.

Method 1: Enabling input sources remotely

  1. Turn on your TV
  2. To push the Source button, use your remote control
  3. Choose the input mode you prefer

Method 2: Switch inputs without the use of a remote control

  1. Turn on your TV
  2. The MENU button can be found on the bottom or side of your TV.
  3. Press the volume button to navigate to the source option.
  4. Click the menu button to select the input source you wish to use

Choose the input source you prefer for certain TVs.

Locate a new power outlet

It is very unlikely that your Toshiba TV has suddenly stopped working.

Sometimes, outlets can experience short circuits or a blown fuse. We don’t know the reason.

You could also purchase a small appliance and plug it into the same outlet as your TV.

An outlet that works when a device has been turned on.

It is unlikely that this is what is causing the problem, but it is an important step to troubleshooting.

Backlight broken

If all else fails, it’s possible that your Toshiba TV’s backlight has failed.

Turn on the TV first. Next, use a flashlight for verification.

When you flash the light, the image will appear on the screen.

On your TV’s backlight, a faint image appears.

Power supply replacement

If you are still not satisfied with the results, but your TV is still functional, you can disconnect the power supply and send it back.

Before you start, make sure that the standby lamp on your TV has been turned on. This indicates that the power supply board works properly.

It is vital to check the voltage at all power points of your board. If you get a strange reading, it could be an indication that your voltage regulator has not been working correctly.

Voltage regulator malfunctions can occur with Toshiba TVs.

You will need to replace the voltage regulator if it is damaged.

This tutorial will show you how to replace your fuse or voltage regulator.

This could be a sign that your power supply is down.

The most common problems with TVs are faulty or weak power supplies. If you can remove the TV from it, it can be repaired for as little as 65 dollars.

It can be time-consuming as you will need to remove every screw from the back of your TV in order to access the power supply and the casing.

This is a risky step because it may not address the root cause.

Contact Toshiba Support

If your Toshiba TV doesn’t turn on, contact Toshiba Support.

Call their support hotline at 1 (855 527-2411


Toshiba TVs can be finicky when it comes to power. This is how to fix a Toshiba TV that won’t turn on.

  • Wait for 60 seconds before you unplug the TV from its wall.
  • Take out the batteries and hold the power button down for a minimum 30 seconds
  • With or without a remote, factory reset your TV
  • Replace the power cord at the back of the TV
  • The correct input source should be connected to your TV
  • You might consider plugging your TV into another power outlet.
  • To get a new backlight for your TV, send it to us
  • Bring your TV in to get a new powerboard installed

These solutions may not work for you. You will need a new TV.

Let us know if we helped you fix your Toshiba TV.

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