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Top Power Banks For 2022: Portable Chargers

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Our expert buying tips and the top reviews of power banks will assist you in finding the most value for money, with the most efficient charging speeds, and the ultimate capability.

There are many power banks. There are many power banks on the market. There’s more to choosing a portable charging device than just finding the lowest price.

We need the fastest charging speeds for our bank cards and mobile phones. It’s also important to check whether we are able to drink enough juice for the entire day. We don’t want to burden our pockets.

Multiple ports are needed to charge additional devices, as well as more efficient use of power outlets. We don’t need a multitude of charging cables. In fact, we don’t need any.

While design and capacity are important, what about wireless or solar charging? An LCD screen is possible? Waterproofing? Waterproofing?

It’s now possible to rent power banks as and when you want them ( see ChargedUp). It’s amazing. The chart below will guide you to choose the ideal power bank for you.

We haven’t reviewed all power banks available. As with many accessories, power banks are sold by unknown brands. You will also see the same models being rebranded by multiple distributors. Sometimes, it’s not even clear who made the device. Power banks, except for those made by big brands like Anker, tend to be on-and-off sales quickly.

For advice on how to choose the best option, we strongly suggest that you review our buying advice below.

What is the best power bank?

The Chargemaster 10,000mAh Power Bank is our favorite power bank overall

  • Pros
    • Excellent price
    • Inexpensive
    • The amount of space that can be used
    • Design looks good
    • Delivery of power
  • Cons
    • USB-C port is not suitable for iPhone users
  • It is not available in the US

Charmast’s cute power bank is a big hit with us. It is tiny and compact, which means it can fit in your purse or pocket. The battery of 10,000mAh inside can recharge your phone for up to three times. We are awestruck by the design. The grippy, ribbed casing recalls Zendure models that are more expensive and give it a luxurious look.

The bank has one USB-C PD port, which can handle 18W. This port can be used to both input and output and is capable of fast charging connected devices or the bank itself in as little as 3 hours.

You can charge your phone and bank simultaneously using the 18W USB-A port on the other end. However, only one of these ports can provide 18W Quick Charge speeds.

The soft mesh case and the short USB-A-to-USB-C cable are a nice addition.

Chargemaster Power Bank 10,400mAh with LCD – Best Power Bank

  • Pros
    • Excellent value
    • Displays
    • Multi-input/multi-output
    • Providing power
  • Cons
    • Larger models than 10K
  • $22.99

In the past, LCD power banks were quite expensive. With the price falling and they began to overflow markets. Today, however, the Charmat is still the only model that has an LCD in our roundup.

Using this screen, you can determine how much power is left in the bank. It’s much more helpful than trying to figure out how many LEDs of juice you need to power your computer.

If you have several devices that require to be charged the power bank comes with three outlets. Two full-size USBs are included, as well as a USB-C PD port, which can be used both as an input and output. All three USBs support 18W Quick Charging, although one is required at a given time.

The side of the phone also has a Micro-USB that’s compatible with Quick Charge 2.0. This is used to debit the bank. The charger can be charged within 3.5 hours with an adapter for Quick Charge/PD and 5.5 hours with the standard charging cable of 10W.

It’s slightly larger than some of the slimmer, comparable-capacity models available on the market. The Charmat measures roughly the same width as a smartphone but is a bit shorter and chunkier. It is 228g in weight, so it may be better suited for a bag than your pocket.

Charmast includes a soft mesh carrying case and a USB-A-to-USB-C short cable in their box. This is a nice touch.

Power Bank with the most versatility: the Jiga 30,000mAh

  • Pros
    • A large capacity
    • This is perfect for those with iPhones or Androids
  • Cons
    • A sticky design
    • No power delivery
  • $32.95

JIGA is an unfamiliar name in power bank tech. However, its 30,000mAh battery bank is intriguing for many reasons.

It’s a throwback, not least to power banks from years ago, but with its built-in LED flash and durable, plasticky design it takes us back to days when portability was not a requirement.

Although it is small for such high-capacity banks, it is more pocket-friendly than bag-friendly.

You can fill the JIGA’s battery with any cable that you have at hand. It has USB-C and Micro-USB inputs. Although the USB-C port is not available as an output, there are three full-sized USB-A outputs that can be used, each of which is rated at 10.5W.

Although this isn’t as fast as the Power Delivery speeds that we are becoming more familiar with, it’s still enough to charge a phone (or multiple phones) quickly.

This JIGA power bank is ideal for anyone who needs a steady stream of power to charge a variety of mobile devices.

Anker PowerCore Essential 22,000 PD – The Best Power Bank with 20,000mAh Power Bank

  • Positives
    • The capacity of high quality
    • A great deal
    • Known for its reliability
    • Delivering power
  • Negatives
    • USB C laptops won’t be charged
  • $59.99

This portable charger, which has a capacity of 20,000mAh, comes from Anker, a trusted brand in power bank markets. It is very affordable.

A small brick of plastic with a power capacity of 345.5g is a small product. The top has a texture that enhances grip and overall appearance.

Our expert buying tips and the top reviews of power banks can help you choose the most value for money, with the highest charging speeds and best capability. There are many power banks. There are numerous power banks in the marketplace. It’s more about picking a portable charger than just finding the most affordable cost. You can also use it to switch between trickle charging and smartwatches with earbuds or smartwatches.

The box comes with a USB-C-to-USB C cable as well as a soft mesh case. These are lovely features.

The best wireless power bank is the Anker PowerCore III 10K Wireless

  • Positives
    • Charging wirelessly with 10W
    • Charge wirelessly with 18W
    • Phone stand built-in
  • Negatives
    • MagSafe, Apple Watch, or Samsung Watch support not available
  • $39.99

Anker PowerCore III10K Wireless is a Qi wireless charging device with a unique feature. It could also serve as a portable power bank that can prove very beneficial.

It is possible to use it at home or at work, and is and is plugged in. You can also take it with you to charge your device wirelessly or wired when you’re away from a power outlet. It’s wireless so you don’t need to bring a cable.

The PowerCore III10K’s 10,000mAh battery is decently sized. It should last at least three charges before needing to be recharged.

The wireless charger has a 10W rating. Place your device in the middle of the circle. The placement of the device was not as sensitive as some wireless chargers. The charger does not work automatically However, you’ll have to press the button to start.

 Two USB-A ports located on the other are able to charge devices. This allows users to charge up to three gadgets (one wired, and 2 wireless) simultaneously.

Best MagSafe Power Bank: Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K

  • Positives
    • Designed for iPhone
    • Design Compact
    • A well-known brand
  • Negatives
    • Capacity is limited
    • It’s a bit pricey
  • $54.99

The wireless portable charger is among the most beneficial accessories you can have for your iPhone.

It’s basically a 5,000mAh power bank in a palm-sized size that can be attached to the back of your compatible iPhone with MagSafe.

It can charge in some cases, has USB-C charging, and comes in a variety of colors. Even if you don’t own MagSafe however, it can use to recharge almost everything via cable.

An easy-to-read set of LEDs shows how much power the PowerCore still has.

Tech Charge Wireless PowerKit5000 – Best Bundle


  • Pros
    • This 2-in-1 bundle allows wireless charging at home and abroad.
  • Cons
    • Wireless bank only 5W and 5,000mAh
    • USB-C is not supported
    • There is no power delivery
  • Currently unavailable in the United States

Usually sold individually, charging accessories can be cheaper when purchased in a bundle. This Wireless PowerKit 5000 by Tech Charge is a great value. You get a wireless charging pad that charges your phone at 10W, a power bank with a capacity of 5,000mAh, and three cables (two Micro-USB, one Lightning).

It is well-designed, with a rectangle body and rounded corners. The black case has a soft touch and is very comfortable. Although it is lightweight, it has a higher capacity than other power banks with this capacity. This is to allow for wireless charging technology and provide a stable base for charging your phone. To keep your phone steady on the desk, there are four nubbins at the bottom.

The charger can charge within 3.5 hours with an adapter for Quick Charge/PD and 5.5 hours with the standard charging cable of 10W. Most people won’t be in a position to carry the cash around in their purses or pockets. However, wireless charging for gadgets like wireless earbuds and smartwatches Qi can be a great way to charge them. It’s an awesome feature, we agree.

Although not explicitly stated, the Tech Charge power bank supports passthrough charging. This means you can simultaneously charge your power bank as well as any other connected device. This can free the power outlets within homes. It won’t take long to charge, as the power bank has a Micro-USB input of 10W. However, it is not wirelessly charged.

You will find power banks that are faster and more feature-rich elsewhere, even if they don’t offer wireless functionality or separate wireless charging pads. The product isn’t equipped with the Quick Charge Support,

USB C, and an LCD display. These are all options not yet offered on the market for power banks. This Tech Charge kit is an excellent value and highly functional.

It is possible to expect between 3,000 to 3,500mAh from the battery’s 5,000mAh internal capacity. It is the case at least the case when it is charged using the standard USB. This is enough to charge most phones for a day, but older iPhones and budget Androids will require a little more juice for emergency situations.

The Wireless PowerKit, while not Apple-certified in any way it works with every modern iPhone and Qi-compatible wireless device.

Best Design: Moshi IonGo 5K Duo

  • Positives
    • Beautiful design
    • Lightning and USB-C cables equipped with USB-C ports
    • Vegetable leather
  • Negatives
    • Expensive
  • $74.95

The IonGo 5K Duo Moshi is expensive, but it’s worth it if you value style as much as functionality.

The Moshi looks almost identical to the IonGo5K, but with Lightning and USB-C cables (hence the nickname Duo), it is a cool-looking power bank that’s vegan-friendly and comes in a soft leather case with a magnetic clasp.

This cable is now compatible with both iPhone and Android users. However, it is Made For iPhone-certified.

It is a premium device, with a 10-year warranty that goes a long way in explaining the higher price. This device also has the smallest 5,000mAh battery we have ever seen. It’s a clear sign that there are high-tech parts inside.

This capacity allows for a full charge on any Android phone and possibly two iPhones. Moshi claims that the bank can also keep that power for as long as 27 months if it isn’t being used.

Lightning charges at a maximum of 15W and USB-C up to 12W, respectively. lightning and USB-C may be combined to provide less speedy charging. Max output of 3.4A (17W).

The USB-C cable is utilized to charge the bank up to 15W. Additionally, it is that Moshi can support passing through charging. This lets you charge your smartphone and another device simultaneously. However, there is no separate input that will work with iPhone.

Tech Charge Super Fast 22,000 Power Bank – Highest Smartphone Power Bank

  • Positives
    • High capacity
    • Beautiful Design
    • Compact for maximum capacity
    • Delivering power
  • Negatives
    • Quite expensive
    • Cables for USB-C are not included
  • There is no availability in the US at the moment

Tech Charge’s Super Fast power bank has a capacity of 20,000mAh, but it is smaller than many other models. It also looks great with its soft-touch rubberized exterior and a grippy, smooth ribbed design.

On the other side is a Tech Charge badge. Directly above that are four LEDs which indicate the remaining power capacity. Then there’s a panel with high gloss at each end which houses all ports.

The bank’s round corners are easy to hold with your hand. Its rectangular body can be easily slipped into a pocket despite its 349g mass. The dimensions of this portable charger are 137x67x24mm

It is capable of delivering 18W via a USB C Power Delivery port. There are also two full-size USB A outputs, one Quick Charge 3.0 and one rated at 15W.

It is also possible to use this 10.5W Micro USB input to recharge the bank. However, you will get faster performance than USB-C. We were somewhat disappointed that the Micro-USB- instead of USB-C cables was included in the box. But, you probably already have yours.

Tech Charge claims that its power bank can charge your iPhone 8 almost eight times. It is possible to wonder what happens to the rest of the power with a battery size of 1,821mAh. This is typical with power banks which deplete energy through the process of voltage conversion and heating. They typically operate at 60-70% efficiency.

A two-year warranty gives peace of mind and makes the bank feel solid.

Chargeasap Flash Pro / Flash Pro Plus – Fastest Charging Power Bank

  • Positives
    • Recharging at an unbeatable speed
    • The battery has a capacity of 25,000mAh
    • Diverse outputs
    • The lifespan of 5 years
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • Heavy and bulky
    • Attracts fingerprints
    • No cable or charger included
  • $299 (Flash Pro); $319 (Flash Pro Plus)

These graphene-composite power banks can charge much faster than regular lithium-polymer batteries and are therefore more efficient. You can get up to 80% of these 25,000mAh batteries charged in 45 minutes.

There are also a few ports. Flash Pro Plus includes three USB-Cs that are able to run at 100W, 60W, and 20W, respectively. It also includes one 50W USB A that supports Quick Charge 3.0 SVOOC, wireless charging. The Flash Pro Plus includes a 15W MagSafe pad, a 5W Apple Watch charger, and a Flash Pro Plus 15W Qi charging station.

There are some downsides, such as a high price and bulky design. But the Chargeasap bank’s performance and functionality are unmatched.

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