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Top Fun Websites to Instantly Beat Boredom Online

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Are you looking for websites to visit when you’re bored? Don’t let boredom get boring. Boredom was loved by Steve Jobs. Boredom was a way to be creative. We all know the outcome.

Science has proven that boredom is good for your brain. These fun websites will help you beat boredom.

1. 100,000 Stars

This interactive visualization can be accessed in Chrome. Enjoy a journey through space and boredom. This artistic rendering shows the true location of more than 100,000 stars nearby and our solar system.

The Chrome experiment isn’t just for astronomy enthusiasts. It gives everyone an idea about the universe around them.

2. Museum of Endangered Sounds

Do you want a dose of nostalgia? Perhaps the sound of a dial-up modem or the dialing of a rotary telephone will suffice. The Museum of Nostalgia can take you back to the past. Brendan Chilcutt is the sole person behind this project. He aims to preserve the sounds that are unique to old technologies.

3. A Good Movie to Watch

An easy way to pass the time when you are bored is to watch a good movie online. The sheer amount of choices can be overwhelming. This is a fun website that recommends movies with a difference.

It will filter movies that have a viewer score of more than 70% (e.g. 7/10 on IMDb and a rating of more than 70% by critics (e.g. Sites like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes have more information. You can see the best films, which are often more interesting than the rest.

4. NSA Haiku Generator

The National Security Agency is not a place to go if you’re bored. You wouldn’t be able to connect poetry and the NSA within a few lines of one another. This automatic haiku generator is able to do it. You can now unleash your imagination and create bizarre mashups with wonderful syllables.

Source of random words: The NSA’s search terms database that it uses to flag terrorist threats.

5. Sketch Something Daily

Boredom can be cured with creativity. When bored, Sketch Something Daily is a great way to express yourself artistically online. Grab a pen, pencil or paintbrush and start sketching the daily illustrations.

It can be a daily habit that you will enjoy and it will help to stop the yawns.

6. Stumbled

Do you remember StumbleUpon? Although the popular website was shut down, many StumbleUpon alternatives emerged. Stumble is based on random discovery, which makes it an interesting website to visit when you’re bored.

These links are carefully selected and, as of the last count there were at least 2400+ sites.

7. 2 Types of People

Another Tumblr blog. Another dose of laughter. These simple illustrations demonstrate that there are only two types of people in this world. The people who have a sense for humor are the ones that do.

If you fall into either of the two, you’ll have cured your boredom. Continue reading if you don’t agree.

8. The Evolution of Trust

Minformation is just as dangerous as mistrust. Both have been part of human history for a long period. This interactive game makes it easy to understand the problem of mistrust.

Game theory is complex. To show the neuroscience behind mistrust, the visualization uses both a “cheating”, and a cooperation mode. This link is fun if you have the time.

9. Gross Science

YouTube can provide you with enough activities on the internet. Gross Science channel is what I am referring to, so this is cheating. I couldn’t resist being drawn in by the many scientific and bizarre videos.

Learn more about slime-based clothes. Or how your pee can make a difference in the world. As I said, it was impossible for me to help myself.

10. Innovation Station

While we’re on the topic of science and videos could I mention Innovation Station? This website is great for those who are bored. This website showcases the most recent videos about innovation and futuristic technology.

It’s a great learning platform. Their charter states that they aim to “inspire and educate” by putting innovators and innovations in the spotlight.

11. Confusing

You will be amazed at the taste of unicorn meat. You will be amazed at the things this site can reveal. Click the button to be taken into eBay’s shopping universe, where you can find everything.

It’s not useless. The inflatable unicorn horn for cats seems like a better deal that unicorn meat. It’s a scam, but it’s worth checking. Sometimes you’ll find a page that doesn’t have any funny eBay products. You can click the pink Please button again.

12. The Symphony of Blockchain

Visuals are a great way to understand complex technologies. The hottest topics in technology are cryptocurrency and blockchain. The Symphony of Blockchain will take you on an interactive, visual, and auditory exploration of the topic. It’s an online way to combine fun and education.

It’s worth it. It’s hypnotic to watch the 3D Bitcoin blocks expand and move against the background music. Click on any block to open it for more information.

13. Passive Aggressive Password Machine

We cannot underrate the importance of strong passwords in protecting the world. PaP Machine, a fun side project, can help you get out of boredom quickly. It provides honest and funny feedback about the strength of your passwords.

14. Arbitrary Awards

Did you know that the majority of awards are paid for? This site will tell you if you didn’t know that most awards are paid for. These developers created their own awards, and you can gift yourself with many options.

If you scroll down this page, you deserve an award. If we were able to relieve your boredom, we also deserve an award. For now, all you need is a kind word in the comments.

15. Activity Suggestions

Simple websites can make a fun website. This website is one of those one-page websites that a developer can create in just a few hours. The idea is well worth revisiting if you are bored.

Are you unsure what to do next? Pet the cat to find a fun activity that you can do when you’re bored. It’s important to take action before you become motivated.

You can find many more things to do online.

You don’t have to get rid of it. Who knows, you might just spark a new level of motivation.

Boredom shouldn’t be boring. It’s ironic that with just a mouse click, you can find something to do.

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