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Top Driver Update Software For Windows In 2022

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Utilizing this best driver updater program ensures that your computer’s hardware drivers are up to date with their most current versions. Utilizing the best and most appropriate drivers can result in smooth performance, fewer PC issues, and overall stability for your system. While you can use Device Manager to get up-to-date updates, it’s difficult to install drivers on a large scale. This is why it is recommended to pick the most effective driver updater software to replace obsolete damaged, incompatible, defective, or corrupted drivers one step.

Because the market is full of choices, we figured this would prove to be a difficult task for you to select the best option for installing and updating the most recent drivers in large quantities. We conducted a thorough study and compiled the top 20 Windows Driver Updater Utilities to be used in 2022based on different factors like user-friendliness, scanner engine, performance improvement and price, and many more.


Table of Contents

1. Smart Driver Care |Ultimate Driver Updater Tool For Both Old & New Systems

Its user-friendly interface is why Smart Driver Care has topped the list of top picks without a doubt. The way that this driver updater software operates is that it scans the entire system and then gives the user a list of outdated or outdated versions of drivers.


It updates all drivers simultaneously, so you don’t need to update each driver individually. Prior to updating the drivers, Smart Driver Care creates a backup of the drivers that are already in use.

The program works with Windows 10/8 and 8.1 7. (32-bit as well as 64-bit variants) and will ultimately result in the highest performance possible for your computer. This is the reason the software can be one of the most effective Windows driver updaters available.


Key Features:

  • Updates that aren’t available or outdated drivers.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Creates backups for all drivers.
  • One-click driver updater.
  • Auto scheduler.


Automatically updates drivers automatically.

Restore option available.

Make backups.

Updates programs.


Doesn’t work offline.

2. Advanced Driver Updater Significantly Improves PC Performance After Each Scan

Another significant player on the list is the Advanced Driver Updater, a software. It’s a complete solution that is designed to install the most recent drivers for your computer in order to make use of it at the highest level.

To utilize Advanced Driver Updater, you’ll first need to download and install this excellent Windows driver update program. After the driver update software is installed, it will check the PC for obsolete drivers. In addition, prior to updating obsolete drivers, this

A good driver updater program creates a backup that can be restored in case anything happens to go wrong.

These and other features can help to block the drivers that are not compatible.

Key Features:

  • Auto Scanning of the PC to find obsolete drivers.
  • One-Click fix to improve PC performance solutions.
  • Exclusion list to exclude unneeded drivers.
  • Very compatible on all Windows versions.
  • Scheduler.
  • Safe driver updater software.


Scans could be scheduled.

It runs automatically in the background.

Back up and restore drivers.


The free version is limited in features.

3. Driver Booster Easily Fix Device Errors


Another excellent driver updater for the free program can be found in Driver Booster. With a huge database of over 3000k drivers and gaming parts, the best driver updater has managed to make it to the third spot.

In the event that your system is running slower or your game performance is declining This driver downloader tool is the one to use. If you’re looking for any missing or defective drivers in your system, Driver Booster could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Similar to Smart Driver Care, Driver Booster’s trial version is capable of scanning first, before finding the damaged or obsolete drivers and then updating them in a few clicks.

Driver Booster Pro (paid version) Driver Booster Pro (paid version) comes with a host of other features, including the free version which is available here.

Key Features:

  • Fixes Windows Issues.
  • Larger Driver Database.
  • An easier solution for driver updates.


Creates restoration for drivers.

Database for drivers.


It is not automatic.

4. Smart Driver Updater | Best Tool To Keep Your Drivers Running Optimally

The program is described by the company as “the most compatible driver utility” Smart Driver Updater comes with an extensive database of drivers, components and everything else. The ideal driver updater software to run on Windows 10 automatically identifies outdated drivers and can fix them with just a few clicks. This program helps improve the performance of the system by keeping all drivers up-to-date with the most recent drivers.

The USP of the Smart Driver Updater is the fact that it comes with an integrated scheduler that automates scanning of drivers at a time that’s convenient for you. It means that you don’t need to perform a scan manually to identify outdated drivers.

Key Features:

  • One-click solution to update obsolete drivers,
  • Built-in Scheduler,
  • Work with OEM (the original manufacturer of equipment) This means there is no risk of drivers that are incompatible,

Additionally, If you wish to utilize more advanced tools look into Smart Driver Updater Pro. A driver updater that is paid with additional functions.


A user-friendly interface.

A good database.


The free version has limited features.

5. Driver Genius | Powerful Driver Updater With Strong Backup Options

Driver Genius, I’m not convinced that any other name can be more appropriate for this software. The top free driver updaters software that gives detailed information about hardware inventory. It can be used with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

The most recent version Driver Genius (dated 17th Oct.’19) is compatible with over 600k drivers. It solves a few bugs in relation to UI display. The best driver updater-free software comes with a built-in scheduling tool that allows you to operate on your own to determine whether there are any recent updates to the drivers you have installed.

Key Features:

  • A huge driver database.
  • Continuous updates to correct issues.
  • Free trial period for 60 days with an easy removal option.


Drivers who roll back.

Additional highlights.


The interface isn’t helpful.


6. Driver Finder Ensures Accurate & Fast Driver Downloads


With an extensive database of driver drivers of over 1000K driver software as well as multi-lingual support Driver Finder is the best driver updater software for Windows. The greatest benefit of this one is that it has the smallest file size needed for installation. This means that you can utilize it even when your PC is not having enough storage space. The tool offers 24/7 personal customer support. It runs a scan of the entire system and then provides a list of drivers that require an update.

If the update succeeds Once the update is successful, you’re ready to make use of the system that has the most current updates.

Driver Finder can be used for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (32 bit or 64 bit).

Key Features:

  • Different levels of driver scans.
  • Detects removable device drivers.


The size of the installation file is 1 MB.

Huge database.


Older interface.

Installs online.

7. Avast Driver Updater Huge Variety of Driver Database

Most likely one of the best popular names in the field of making use of tools to improve PC performance. Avast scans for updates, fixes, and scans (if necessary) your computer to ensure that it can function the way it was in the beginning. With more than 500,000 drivers updates capability, Avast Driver Updater is one of the most effective driver updaters and comes with better graphics, more powerful sound, and a simple solution to a driver issue.

Simply follow these four steps and you’ll be prepared to get the driver list that needs an update. Follow the link, run the Avast Driver Updater and confirm the setup, then follow the installation instructions.

Features that are important:

  • Huge driver database
  • One-click driver problem solver
  • Larger driver database
  • Simple, yet powerful driver updater software available for Windows 10 is compatible with other versions of Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


Smallest installation file size.

24/7 dedicated customer service.


Premium product.

8. WinZip Driver Updater Robust Scanning Engine To Update Latest Drivers

The software is described as an easy and powerful WinZip Driver updater that operates just like other Windows driver updaters software. When you install this powerful driver updater tool, it’ll instantly scan the system for obsolete and inaccessible drivers. An error-free Windows 10 driver updater tool.

WinZip offers a powerful scanning process and can display the results in a short time. The program provides an exclusion list to help ensure that your device drivers are kept free of updates.

The latest driver installation technology and efficiency, WinZip Driver Updater is compatible with the most recent Windows OS.

Key Features:

  • A thorough examination of your entire system.
  • Official manufacturer-issued drivers.
  • Backup Manager.


Exclusion list.

Scheduled scans.


Does not provide additional options.

9. Driver Easy Best Option for Offline Scanning

A completely free driver updater application designed for Windows 10, Driver easy allows you to update and fix the outdated or missing drivers. With over 3 million users and eight million drivers (all tested and certified) Databases, Driver Easy becomes the most reliable driver updater software for free available for Windows 10. It is focused on improving the performance of your PC and stability.

Since Driver Easy Lite is free to download, once you have an updated list for drivers that need to be updated, you’ll need to click”Update Now” one at one. However, if you sign up to Driver Easy Pro (paid version) you only need to make one click and your drivers are currently being up-to-date.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with all Windows versions.
  • A simple application that is light in weight.
  • Free to Use (Driver Easy Lite).
  • 1-click fix.


Offline scans are available.

Excellent technical assistance.


It is impossible to download multiple drivers at the same time.

10. Driver Max Suitable Driver Updater Tool For Both Novice & Pro Users

Much the same as the previous Windows 10 free driver updater tools, DriveMax also supports automated installation as well as scheduled scans. Furthermore, it tests every driver prior to installing it on your computer to determine if it’s running correctly. DriverMax was created to minimize the chance of system freezes and malfunctions.

A simple interface, reliability user-friendly, and easy to install is what makes DriveMax one of the best driver updaters for Windows 10. one of the top driver updaters on Windows 10.

For both 64bit and 32bit versions of DriveMax, it works for both 64bit and 32bit versions of Windows. Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Scheduler.
  • Highly compatible.
  • Auto-tests each driver prior to installing it on your computer.
  • It searches and determines the most suitable possible match for your PC (not new, but the top).


Automated updates.

Finds hardware that is not known.


10 driver updates per month restriction.

11. Drivers Cloud Free Driver Updater Software That Can Be Run From Your Browser

DriversCloud is a no-cost driver updater that gives you results online. It uses its algorithm to check the driver of your device on your system and provides updates to the drivers. It is able to share scan results with other users and help you analyze the scan reports online too.

Key Features:

  • Manual updates are available.
  • Online updates.
  • Drivers are identified using an offline manner.
  • Finds the causes of BSOD crashes.


The report can be shared in PDF format.

It detects configurations without the internet.


Internet connection is required for updating drivers.

12. Snappy Driver Installer Fast Driver Updater Software

Snappy Driver Installer is the best driver updater that is free. It has the easy option of installing the most recent updates for the driver of the device on your computer. The greatest benefit of this program is it is able to be stored via USB and works perfectly on Windows PC. That can be one of the most prominent features that the software offers since it allows it to be used on portable devices.

Key Features:

  • It can be stored via a USB flash drive.
  • Highly compatible.
  • Accessible without an internet connection.


Portable driver updater software.

Available for Windows 2000, Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1.


Open-source project.

Need a torrent file for portable software.

13. Driver Identifier, Reliable Tool To Update Outdated Drivers

Driver Identifier is a great driver updater software tool to install new drivers for your device that you have installed on your computer. It is also able to easily install updates to the driver for the device that is already in place. It’s compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista (32 and 64 bit). The user-friendly driver updater can make the process easier without the need for internet connectivity in order to upgrade drivers. The software can be downloaded and put on a USB drive to install and update driver drivers for devices on a new computer.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Bring it along using a mobile device.


Does not require internet connectivity.

Huge database.


There is no scheduled scan.

14. DriversHub Best Windows Driver Updater Software

A driver updater tool that is available on PCs running Windows 10, 8, 7. It’s the best free driver updater and comes with several driver drivers that are updated with the most recent updates. The most appealing feature is the classification for a driver for the device that makes it simple to comprehend for users. Driver updater software displays the different versions of drivers available according to the user’s preference.

Key Features:

  • The download history stores the information.
  • Drivers can be restored using”Recover.
  • Available in a variety of languages.


Absolutely no cost to use.

Simple to use


No background checks

15. Device Doctor Best Intuitive Driver Updater Program

Device Doctor is among the most reliable driver updaters for free that will assist you in meeting your requirements for having the latest driver updates that are installed on your system. It’s available for Windows 10, 8, 8.1 7 Vista as well as XP. It will check for device drivers that are out of date or not functioning properly on your PC. It also checks for driver issues and supplies the latest updates for each of them.

Key Features:

  • It can be used with an electronic device that is portable.
  • Make use of new computers without installing the program.
  • Schedule scans for drivers.


Software that is a lightweight software.

Simple to use.


The free version only has limited features.

16. Ashampoo Driver Updater  Brings Best High-Degree Of Usability

Ashampoo Driver Updater can be described as a driver upgrader from the renowned software manufacturer Ashampoo. It is packed with features that aid in updating driver updates on devices. It is able to schedule scans, as well as restore and backup driver files on your computer.

Key Features:

  • Schedule scan.
  • Spend a few minutes to update your drivers.
  • Makes backups of drivers.
  • Allows restoring drivers.


Huge database.

You can get three devices at the cost of one.


More expensive than other models.

17. AVG Driver Updater Supports Downloading Official Drivers 

AVG Driver Updater is an application by AVG company, which is known for making PC utility software. This software will offer the latest driver updates for your PC. It can be used on computers that run Windows 10, 8 and7. It can help reduce the issues with computers that arise from driver issues for devices.

Key Features:

  • Large database.
  • Back up the drivers.
  • Schedule scans.


Automated updates.

Select the driver that is most appropriate for your PC.


Only displays scan results when using the trial version.

18. Auslogics Driver Updater Basic Yet  Most Best Thorough Driver Updater Tool

Auslogics Driver Updater offers one reliable solution for issues with drivers. It only delivers updated versions of the official driver to your system and provides a safe alternative. Driver updater tools are evaluated and recommended by experts. With one-click updates, it can assist you to reduce time.

Key Features:

  • Drivers are backed up.
  • One-click updates.
  • Official driver downloads.


Different versions of driver versions are displayed.

Excellent interface.


Only one driver can be upgraded within 4 hours using the version that is free.

19. Driver Talent Lightweight Driver Updater Program

Driver Talent is an excellent driver updater since it provides users with many options. It works with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. This driver updater program will identify all drivers that are incompatible, outdated or are missing from your system.

Key Features:

  • Driver Backups.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Transfer drivers to another computer.


There is no need for internet connectivity.

Uninstall, reinstall drivers.


Can’t change languages.

20. Driver Reviver Best Multilingual Driver Updater Software

Driver Reviver gives you an easy method to upgrade the driver for your device on your PC. It’s a simple program to locate drivers that are out of date and display them on the scan. It then downloads the latest driver updates and then installs them securely on your PC. It is a database with a vast size that helps scan for additional drivers that require updates.

This best driver updater software is accessible in more than 15 languages. It helps in restoring speed and performance on your PC by keeping all drivers for your device up to date and preventing system crashes. The free edition lets you to update your drivers and also use the schedule scan feature.

Key Features-

  • Create a restore point.
  • Exclusion list for device drivers.
  • Large database


A backup is an option offered.

Schedule scans.


Drivers are not uninstallable.


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