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Top Best Portable Jump Starters to Keep in Your Car

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Our experts recommend the NOCO Genius Boost HD GB702000A Jump Starter if you only need a basic jump start. The NOCO Genius Boost can not only get your car started, but it can also jump dozens more (or your own car over and again if you prefer to leave the lights on).

Portable jump starters are lifesavers. Although they can all jump-start your vehicle when it is dead, many bring additional tools that are just as helpful. The biggest problem with using cables to jump-start your car is that you will need someone else (and their vehicle) with you. It’s not always possible so a portable jump start puts you (backside) in the driver’s chair.

Here’s how to safely jump-start your vehicle.

Overall Best: NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70 2000A Jump Start

The NOCO Genius Boost HD GB702000A jump starter is small but not glove-compartment-small. It comes in two sizes. While the 3000A is intended for larger vehicles, most people will find that the 2000A suits their needs.

The charger has a USB port for charging items such as your phone. However, our reviewer found that it was slow to charge a phone. The car’s built-in light can be used to locate items inside the vehicle, but it will not illuminate the sides of the road. Although this jump starter may be more costly, we believe it is the best.

Dimensions: 6×2.5×8.6 inches

Ideal for large cars: STANLEY J5C09 1000 peak amp jump starter

Perhaps you are wondering, “What good is this to me?” At 18 pounds you might wonder.

Because the STANLEY J5C091000 is an air compressor, it is quite heavy. If your tires have run out of air, you can easily fill them up again. Our testing revealed that the jumper cables were not long enough to place the jump starter on the ground. The air compressor hose was also short. However, the unit was able to jump our test car every time we tested it. It was not lacking in performance, despite the short jumper cables.

This jump starter, like the NOCO Genius Pro GB150, is quite expensive, but it is well worth the cost if you are looking for both a jump start and a compressor, and aren’t too concerned about the bulk.

Dimensions: 11.25x8x3.5 inches

Tacklife T8 is the best power bank

Tacklife T8 is able to jump-start your car, charge your smartphone, light up your car’s interior, and point you in the right directions with its built-in GPS (assuming that you know where you are going).

The unit can be charged for up to one-year by using a dedicated switch. This unit will not jump-start your car if it is below 50%.

Dimensions: 9.45×4.53×3.94 inches

Most Compact: Scosche PowerUp 700 Portable Jump Starter

The jump starter is small enough to be carried in a small emergency bag. Although it won’t be capable of jump-starting your car multiple times before it needs to be recharged, it should be sufficient to start the car once.

There are two USB ports to charge kid-quieting devices and a flashlight that can be used to determine who is touching whom.

Dimensions: 9.8×6.9×3.6 inches

The best design is the Jump N’ Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12V Jump Start

Jump-N-Carry JNC660 is a compact jump starter with plenty of storage and a beautiful design. This jump starter can be stored neatly in your garage or trunk thanks to its built-in handle. The front has a meter to indicate how much power you have, as well as a plug that allows you to charge the battery using an AC cable.

This is the only jumpstart that will allow you to replace the battery as it wears down. If you manage a fleet of vehicles, it is possible to have to change the battery quite often. The plug can be plugged in if you need to charge the battery.

What’s missing are the usual extras you find in a jumpstarter. There is no flashlight, USB ports for your phone, and no pump. Although jump starters are great, we prefer versatile devices so it is disappointing that there aren’t more.

Dimensions: 16.3×14.1×5.1inches

Schumacher DSR115 ProSeries is the best heavy duty:

Jumpstarters come in many sizes and shapes. Another jump starter is the Schumacher DSR ProSeries. The Pro series can jump-start a car, truck, or boat as well as a big rig.

The device will report on battery and alternator performance and notify you if maintenance is required. Cables are more than 5 feet in length, so they can be used on any vehicle.

This is a great jump starter, but it’s also extremely heavy at more than 40 pounds. This is not surprising considering how powerful this jump starter is. We don’t think wheels are necessary, but they would have been an improvement. This is not the starter that you would put in your Toyota Camry’s trunk. This is the starter that you use to jump-start your truck so it can tow your Camry.

Dimensions: 14x10x8 inches

Audew 2000A Upgraded Vehicle Jump Starter: The Best Versatility

It is expensive for the versatility of the Audew 2000A upgraded car jump starter. It’s possible to find the cost worthwhile as it can charge your daily devices and jump-start your car. The device is small enough to slip into your bag, pocket, or glove box.

We’re talking about the cost of having to recharge your jumpstarter every 30 days. If you forget to recharge your jump starter once, you could be stuck in a garage. It will keep you company while you wait for help, even if your car can’t start. See? Versatile.

Dimensions: 8.7×3.5×1.1 inches

Wagan EL7552 Air Jump Starter V8 with Air Compressor is the best combo

This one is a master of all trades. This one, like the STANLEY J5C091000, will jump-start your car, top off the tires, fill them up with air, charge portable devices and allow you to see what you’re doing with the built-in light. We won’t take any points off your taxes, but neither device will do your taxes.

Dimensions: 11x11x7 inches

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