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Top Best OnePlus phone in 2022

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OnePlus is one of the top phone makers today, offering everything from the most expensive OnePlus 9 Pro and the less expensive Nord 2, but which OnePlus phone is the most effective?

When OnePlus entered the phone market back in 2014, with the OnePlus One, it made its name through ‘flagship killer phones that were priced lower than the top models in price but still offering high-end quality features as well as performance.

Since its inception, the company’s rise and growth have meant it has now produced the exact flagships it set out to destroy, as well as several low-cost and mid-range models.

However, there aren’t all of these phones are available in all markets. Tech Advisor is based in the UK and we’ve looked at nearly every OnePlus phone that can be purchased in the UK with the exception of the low-cost N100 however we haven’t looked into international releases like those like China as well as India exclusive OnePlus 9R or the exclusive North American version of the N200. In addition, there are phones that reviewed here such as our top pick The Nord 2 – don’t launch in the US.

We haven’t yet been able to test the latest flagship from the company phone, it’s the OnePlus 10 Pro. The phone is available in China and we’re waiting to know when it’ll be launched throughout the world.

With those caveats out of the way, We’ve compiled a list of the top OnePlus phones available today.

Best OnePlus phones 2022

OnePlus Nord 2 – Best overall

  • Pros
    • Excellent value
    • Great main camera
    • Glass construction
  • Cons
    • No wireless charging
    • There is no waterproofing
    • Only 90Hz
  • Inaccessible in the US

It’s the Nord 2. Nord 2 is the best OnePlus phone for most users currently, offering the perfect combination of features, specs, and prices and features to the point that we called it the top mid-range phone in 2021.

It is powered by a custom MediaTek chipset The Nord 2 packs in fast 65W of power, a fantastic principal camera (borrowed from the top-of-the-line 9 series), and a minimalist glass look – all for just PS500 within the UK.

There aren’t any top-of-the-line features such as wireless charging or waterproofing that make sense given the cost. Maybe more surprisingly, the display’s resolution is 90Hz instead of 120Hz although this is a compromise that we think will not be a problem for most.

The biggest issue is that it’s unavailable anywhere within North America – so US and Canadian buyers will have to purchase it from an importer or lookup additional alternatives.

OnePlus 8 Pro – The best flagship

  • Pros
    • Excellent camera
    • 5G support
    • Premium design
  • Cons
    • Large
    • A year-old
  • $899 (8GB/128GB) | $999 (12GB/256GB)

The OnePlus 8 Pro is arguably the first flagship model from the company with features long requested such as wireless charging and IP68 water resistance, making it a real contender to Samsung’s best.

It is true that the cost has gone up, but the basic model – which doesn’t is a slouch with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage capacity – still offers significant value in comparison to flagship models which means you’ll get a good deal when you choose OnePlus over other brands in addition to a lot more given that the phone is older.

The camera of the 8 Pro is the most impressive OnePlus camera to date It even beat the more modern 9 Pro in our testing however it is still against rivals by a few milliseconds. Add 5G, an excellent style, and top Android skin, and the OnePlus 8 Pro is easy to recommend to those who are able to afford it.

OnePlus 8T – Best value flagship

  • Pros
    • Great value
    • 65W charging
    • Excellent specs
  • Cons
    • No wireless charging
    • Camera with a middle score
  • $749 (12GB/256GB)

The OnePlus 8T launched in autumn 2020, making it modern enough to compete with 2021 phones in all areas.

With its sleek design and a solid camera, we’d rather have it over the successor, which is the OnePlus 9, especially since it’s significantly less expensive.

You’ll still get a 120Hz display as well as 65W wired charging and 5G support, but unfortunately, it is missing wireless charging.

OnePlus Nord – Vintage Nord

  • Pros
    • Excellent value
    • Affordable 5G
    • Glass construction
  • Cons
    • A slower charge
    • Poor macro lens
    • A year-old

Not available in the US

The OnePlus Nord has proven to be an impressive smartphone for the mid-range market. It offers a superior experience that is typically offered by smartphones that cost twice the cost, with excellent performance, 5G flexible cameras, quick charging, and an easy user experience.

There are other phones that have more to offer than the Nord, but none are as stylish as Nord’s design aesthetic and OnePlus’s exemplary OxygenOS customer experience.

Although it is now replaced by its successors, the Nord 2 or Nord CE, there’s still an opportunity to purchase the original Nord, especially in the event that you can locate it at a lower cost than the price it was originally advertised for.

OnePlus 9RT – The best value for your budget

  • Pros
    • Rapid performance
    • Great display
    • Great battery life
  • Cons
    • There is no waterproofing
    • There is no Telephoto camera
    • India and China only
  • Not available in the US

It’s a pity that it’s a shame that the OnePlus 9RT is only officially available to China and India as it’s the most powerful phone in the 2021’s 9 series.

It has the same wide design lines as its predecessor, the OnePlus 9 – albeit with a bit bigger 6.62in the display. It employs the identical Snapdragon 888 chipset and an AMOLED 120Hz screen.

The camera’s been chopped and rearranged, using the 9 Pro’s ultra-wide 50Mp sensor used as the main camera of the 9RT The results are impressive, particularly considering the phone’s price.

This isn’t the strongest OnePlus 9 phone but is aiming for a bit less, it does a little more.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G – Nord for less

  • Pros
    • The thinnest OnePlus phone
    • Value for money
    • Beautiful display
  • Cons
    • Plastic body
    • Average camera
    • No alert slider
  • Inaccessible in the US

Nord CE 5G is a version of the original Nord CE 5G that can be in fact a stripped-down Model of the initial Nord.

The CE Core Edition – also known as Core Edition – has the same display and similar design as the Nord. Although there is a difference in the Snapdragon 750G chipset differs but the performance is similar, and it has 5G support as well.

Its camera may not be as great as the Nord’s, but its back has been made of plastic, but the benefit is that it’s smaller and lighter.

It’s also less expensive and is an excellent value, but when you’re able to manage the cost, we’d advise that most people extend their budgets a bit and stick to the initial.

OnePlus 9 – The greatest of the most recent

  • Pros
    • Top specifications
    • Excellent display
  • Cons
    • Thick
    • The charging of wireless devices is slow.
    • Cameras that aren’t reliable
  • $729

The basic OnePlus 9 is the better option out of two phones in the 9 series that has been launched internationally and is the phone to choose if you’d like to own the top models.

It comes with Snapdragon 888 120Hz display and 65W wireless charging also for the first time on a phone that isn’t a Pro model, wireless charging, though it’s limited to 15W speeds.

The camera is also the company’s first Hasselblad camera, however, you should lower your expectations. While the camera does a few aspects right, the camera isn’t as good as what Apple or Samsung can offer.

OnePlus 8 – Still got it

  • Pros
    • Camera with a strong image
    • Beautiful design
  • Cons
    • A slower charge
    • There is no waterproofing
    • A year-old
  • $699 (8GB/128GB) | $799 (12GB/256GB)

Aside from minor issues Minor quirks aside, it’s a great phone. OnePlus 8 is a fantastic flagship smartphone for its class at a bargain cost. It’s rare to find this performance, design, and features for the price.

If the main issue lies in the fact that your main camera cannot be more effective at zooming in close-ups, you’ll be sure you have a great camera.

The biggest issue is that the latest 8T is more efficient and better than the standard 8 and comes at an affordable price tag – but given its age, you may be able to purchase the 8 at a lower price, making it an attractive alternative.

OnePlus 9 Pro – Best Display & Charging

  • Pros
    • Top specifications
    • Fastest charging
  • Cons
    • Camera not showing
    • Ugly ends
    • Heavy and thick

$1,069 (12GB+256GB)

The OnePlus 9 Pro was, unfortunately, a bit of a disappointment and is an improvement over the amazing 8 Pro, and with just minor improvements over the 9 Pro.

The benefit is that you’ll receive the most recent Snapdragon 888 chip, which has a dynamic refresh rate display (OnePlus’s top of the line) and the double punch of 65W wireless charging and 50W wireless. The wireless can only be that quick if you purchase the wireless adapter. It’s IP68 and rated, something that the standard 9 isn’t.

The downside is that the highly-prized Hasselblad camera isn’t that impressive. Both the main lens and its ultrawide perform very well in light conditions, however, they struggle most often, and excessive sharpening causes noisy photos even in the best lighting conditions. 9 Pro has the added benefit of a 3.3x Telephoto lens, but it isn’t able to compete with the zoom lenses on rival flagships.

The ugly? The design? Well, it’s pretty. It’s large, bulky, and the primary Morning Mist color is the most abrasive for fingerprints.

Purchase this model if you require the most recent specifications, but the majority of people would be better off saving money and opt to go with the 9. or the 8-series.

OnePlus Nord N10 – The best for those on a budget

  • Pros
    • Budget-friendly
    • Headphone jack
    • Storage that expands
  • Cons
    • Nord & Nord CE offer more
    • Weak cameras
    • Bland design
  • $299

The OnePlus Nord line is forging an identity that is distinctive in a highly competitive mid-range market The N10 5G does not have the same impact as Nord’s predecessor Nord or the tough competition from competitors like Realme.

The main draw is its Oxygen operating system user interface that despite running on smaller hardware than every other OnePlus phone that you can purchase currently, is incredibly intuitive and is a breeze to use.

It also comes with decent battery life, paired with 30W Warp charge 30T rapid charging with the ability to expand memory (unheard of on nearly every other OnePlus phone) as well as a 90Hz high-refresh display at a lower price than the Nord’s original Nord.

OnePlus phone range explained

The most expensive and most modern phones that you can purchase in the West are the OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro. Also, there are two OnePlus models, the OnePlus 9R and 9RT and 9RT, both only available in India as well as China. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet reviewed the 9R however we did try the 9RT and you’ll see it on this page.

It’s possible you can see that 9 Pro and 9 Pro aren’t in the top spot of our list – this is because we noticed that they’re a far cry from those of the 8T series in some important aspects, such as the design and camera performance however in the majority of cases, we’d suggest you save cash and purchase any of the other phones instead.

The company’s pricier handsets are within its Nord range, which is currently led by its Nord 2 and recent Nord CE 5G however US customers will be restricted to the lower-priced N10 three, N100 as well as the N200 model. As with the 9R however, we haven’t examined either the N100 as well as the N200.

The key to the success of each OnePlus phone is its application: OxygenOS is the best Android skin on the market and is the only one capable of Google’s Pixel software. This means that even if the specs are similar, OnePlus phones often have an advantage over other Android competitors.

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