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Top Best Instagram Followers Apps

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After the ‘game-changing’ Facebook scandal it led us to wonder how secure Instagram is. We decided to audit the apps that people often link their Instagram accounts with, in order to determine if Instagram was involved in this crime.

We were left with a huge question: Are these apps that claim to be the best Instagram followers app or Instagram unfollowers app, or even the most trusted Instagram mass followers app safe?

Surprised to discover that most top-listed apps which included the search term “Instagram” in both Google Play Store and App Store failed our Data Privacy Audit audit.

We focused on apps that were centered around tracking your Unfollowers. Why? It is because Instagram’s policy on third-party apps clearly states that any list generated by users is against the policy. This shows that something is not right with how you connect Instagram to these apps.

Instead of authoring via Instagram for most apps, they disguised the login page as an official Instagram application that takes users to a phishing site. After which, it will ask you for your username and password. You can simply add your username & password to their app form while you rest.

Unfortunately, the victims are unaware that the information is sent to hackers who created the app for unfollowers and followers. You don’t even know who your login credentials are, but it is a comfort to know that they are available to you.

What are the authorized Instagram apps?

With high probability, apps that have been registered by Instagram for integrations can be considered safe. Instagram inspects all API access registrations and will not allow apps to deviate.

Surprised to discover that none of these Instagram mass followers, Instagram unfollowers, or popular Instagram Instagram apps with more than 100M+ users, and earning millions $$$ per user, were found here. Although we don’t claim that they would steal your password or read your private DMs, it is true that they do have access to your password and that your privacy is at risk.

Scrolling through the list, you will notice that you are using any of these apps or have used them before. We highly recommend you change your Instagram password right away!

Bonus tip: Change your Instagram password and you will not be able for any of these apps to sync your data with your profile. The authorized apps won’t be affected by your password change. This is because they don’t have your password em>

Let’s take a look at the top 20 Instagram followers, unfollowers, and mass follower applications that aren’t authorized by Instagram.

Top 20 Instagram Followers and Unfollowers Apps

1. Followers Insight for On Instagram

The Insights of Followers on Play Store and App Store

It is an app that many of our colleagues tried at one point.

Surprised to see this app not listed in the approved apps list for Instagram, we were even more surprised. Follower Insight is an Instagram app that offers multiple features, such as the ability to see who follows you and who unfollows, and many other useful functions.

2. FollowMeter for Instagram

FollowMeter – Play Store | App Store

It claims to be the easiest way to manage your Instagram accounts. They have your password to give you access to their powerful analytics that allow you to gain deep insights into your Instagram account and monitor your follower’s growth. ?

3. Ghost followers & unfollowers

Play Store and App Store no longer support ghost followers and unfollowers

You can also download the application from the Google Play Store. The users will be drawn to what they have to say about themselves. “Find your Ghost Followers and Unfollowers on Instagram and other social media! It’s completely free! No limits!”. There is no way to know all of your Ghost followers. ?

4. Reports+ for Instagram

The app Reports+ Followers Analytics For Instagram Frames itself to be the most advanced and secure. In-Play Store and AppStore, Instagram Follower Analysis Tool. They had The best fake Instagram login page We’ve seen it all! They even wrote it down! Bold Instagram stores your passwords, but we don’t store them. Why not list it under Authorized apps instead??

5. Instagram Unfollowers and Ghost Followers

Not on App Store

The app guarantees users by framing (“Get Instagram’s best and most beautiful management tool on Android”) over the internet. ?

6. Instagram Follower Tool

Not on App Store

The Followers Tool for Instagram app frames the message that “You’re at the right place to unfollow your followers automatically!” This app tracks your unfollowers, as well as your usernames and passwords. This app automatically unfollows your list, performs bulk operations, and unfollows all of your lists. This automation could cause your profile to be suspended indefinitely. ?

7. Instagram: Lost, Unfollowers

Not on App Store

This app allows you to locate unfollowers (non-followers or lost followers) via Instagram. They claim that they provide a login using your Instagram username and password (Instagram API authentication used). We caught you lying! ? ?

8. Instagram users who liked and who viewed it

Instagram likes and who viewed them – This feature is no longer supported by the Play Store or App Store

This app claims that you can become popular on Instagram by using this app. This app was designed to make it easy to keep track of Instagram followers and followers and analyze their pages. Sounds nice, Nah! ??

9. Unfollow Instagram Users

Not on App Store

This app allows you to unfollow users you have been following. The app makes it easy and fast to unfollow people. It is also free to use. ?

10. Chief Followers

Not on App Store

This application allows you to see who has stopped following you. It is easy and free of ads, according to “Followers Chief”. ?

11. Instagram Unfollowers

Not on App Store

This app helps you find non-followers (or lost followers) on Instagram. The Unfollowers app detects Instagram un-followers and displays a list of those users who have not followed you back. ?

12. Lite for Instagram

Lite for Instagram – No longer supported by Play Store and App Store

It claims that it is an android app with lightweight security. You can use it to browse Instagram, save photos and videos, and even upload them to your phone. It is safe, so it’s not listed in the approved applications list linked to Instagram.

13. Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow Block and Delete

App Store

This application allows you to mass unfollow Instagram users. This would be great if Instagram allowed it.

14. Instagram Unfollower fast

Unfollower Fast on Instagram – Not supported by Play Store or App Store

You can also find Instagram un-followers with this app. Does it seem like they just want to notify you immediately if someone unfollows you. ?

15. Unfollowers+

Not on App Store

Unfollowers + (Beta) allows you to locate your unfollowers, mutual fans, and mass unfollow them. ?

16. Follower Tracker for Instagram

Follower Tracker for Instagram is no longer supported by Play Store and App Store

It’s a tool to track your Instagram followers. It allows users to track gained and lost followers, track the performance of posts, etc.?

17. Unfollowers and Ghost Followers (Follower Insight)

Unfollowers and Ghost Followers (Follower Intelligence) – Play Store and App Store no longer support them

Does this app find your Unfollowers & Friends & Mutual Followers & Recent Unfollowers, and many more. ?

18. Follower tracker for Instagram

Follower tracker on Instagram – Not supported by Play Store and App Store

This application allows you to find your Instagram un followers, ghost followers, and loyal followers. ?

19. Followers and un followers on Instagram

Not on App Store

You can track who has unfollowed and who follows you with Unfollowers & Instagram Followers. You can track new followers, delete followers, and unfollow any non-followers. ?

20. Likes+Followers Boost

Likes+Followers boost – Now not supported by App Store and Play Store

This app is the last one on our list. This app allows you to find your Unfollowers and Ghost Followers on Instagram. You can also get more followers and likes by using trendy, unique hashtags (#tags).

Do your research and don’t be fooled by phishing web views

This interface, which allows you to log in with your Instagram details, does not necessarily mean you will be directed to the Instagram page. This could be a trap, tracking all your information, or a review similar to Instagram.

There are many ways that your personal information can be stolen, accessed, or just looked at by others. These apps offer reviews that make it easier to commit phishing attacks.

Google and Apple can reduce phishing attacks by updating their web view experiences.

It is a good idea to check the Authorized Apps section for any app you are currently using or intend to connect to. The web can be a dark and dangerous place.

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