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Top Best Gaming Phones In 2022

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With the growing trends in e-gaming, trends have shown that there is a big demand for some parameters in a gaming phone, it has been observed that customers usually prefer a phone that has to have a big screen with a high screen usually, more storage and battery that has a good battery life for more power consumption.  But it depends on customers’ choices and priorities according to the price bracket they are willing to spend. For most gamers performance is of key importance and Battery life is their biggest concern with the trigger button option and the need for extra cooling. The refresh rate of frames plays a very significant part as well. So to improve your game, we have listed some recommendations below, many company’s are producing gaming gadgets, but among those few mobile companies have introduced some new versions having the best gaming features, other than big names like  Apple and Samsung, we have observed that Razer and Asus have been well known for producing efficient gaming phones, but recently Samsung oppo and one plus has also stepped in this league.


In 2022, if we analyze the newly introduced technology in the lately launched phones, we can see that Apple’s iPhone 13 ProMax has taken the game to a whole new level by introducing a very powerful chipset A15 Bionic that updates and refreshes at a rate of 120Hz, having a high-resolution display and 6GB capacity of RAM with long battery life. It’s light in weight and has a big screen of 6.7 inches, having an efficient cooling system that keeps the phone working for long hours with healthy and long battery life. The only drawback is its price if we compare it with other phones for gaming and its limit of expandable memory of only 128GB of its entry model and limited gaming applications for professional gamers.


Next comes, Google Pixel 6 pro, it has 12GB RAM, that’s even double the iPhone 13 pro max, with Tensor Processor and good camera quality, it is lighter than iPhone 13 pro max but battery life is less than iPhone. It has a unique phone design, it offers a variety of games as it has a google play store, and it’s very affordable as compared to other phones of its league. But its battery life is less than its market competitors.


Asus ROG Phone 5, has a bigger display than the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Google Pixel 6, it has a snapdragon 888 Processor with a refresh rate is 144Hz more than the iPhone’s 120Hz, offering more efficient cameras, and a bigger RAM capacity of 16 GB as compared to the two phones discussed above. It is a bit heavier than the 7.4-ounce Google Pixel 6 phone but somewhat equal to the iPhone 13 ProMax’s weight, having a good battery life. It has an additional feature of front phone speakers, that adds more to one’s gaming experience. It is cheaper, but its nighttime camera is not efficient, it is bulky and heavy at the same time having no wireless charging. This phone lacks versatility but it is ideal from a professional gaming perspective.


OnePlus 9 Pro, just like Asus ROG 5 has a snapdragon 888 processor, having an average screen resolution that is very common nowadays i.e. AMOLED display. Both its RAM and ROM are ordinary as compared to other phones. It is light in weight but not efficient in the battery.  It has a curved display, that may cause unnecessary taps, distracting gamers. It has a great camera quality but it is not as efficient as the iPhone 13 ProMax. It has a fast processor making it a tough competition for other phones. It has a hyper-touch technology that makes it a better option. It succeeds all other phones in many aspects but it is very expensive as compared to its competitors launched in the market.


RedMagic 6S Pro has all features like Google pixel 6 pro and ASUS ROG 5, other than best performance due to a high refresh rate and a good battery life, it has also an excellent screen resolution, it is an expensive phone and doesn’t have a good camera quality.


Oppo Find X3 Pro is also like Google Pixel 6 PRO and Asus ROG 5 and has the same processor, it has a good design, a 120Hz screen display, fantastic camera quality. But it has a fingerprint magnet and microscope lens, but it is not available in most countries.


OnePlus 9 is an all-rounder, it is an average and cheap gaming gadget with an efficient fast-charge quality and efficient battery life, 120Hz screen-refresh rate. But it has some camera issues, no water resistance, and fewer gaming features.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus has a beautiful display and high-resolution screen having the most up to date features, it has a Snapdragon 888 processor with a small 8GB RAM  but it lacks professional gaming features, a bit compromised battery life needed for gaming, and it is very expensive as compared to other gaming phones.


Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3, has a big display that hampers its battery life, affecting the ease of the gamer being a heavy and bulky phone, it can’t be held for a long time. It has the latest and fast processor with a 120Hz refresh rate for frames. Due to its big size and its cost, it is not a good option for gaming.


Professional mobile phone gamers prefer super speedy phones, that are tough on the body and can be used rough, nowadays, wireless charging, touch sensitivity, and water or shock-resistant features are also considered important in this league of phones, for better performance and life of a gadget. All the above analysis has shown that a gaming phone should have the latest and most advanced processor and a good RAM capacity, for a better gaming experience.

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