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Top Best Free Wallpaper Sites

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You’ve probably wondered where to find the best free wallpapers for your computer. We have compiled a list of the top free wallpaper websites on the Internet.

Free wallpaper is available for desktop computers, tablets, phones, smartphones, and other mobile devices. You can find wallpaper for every type of device, from abstract to nature.

These free wallpaper websites were evaluated based on the quantity, quality, uniqueness, as well as variety of wallpapers they offer. These sites were also evaluated on the ease of searching for wallpapers and the user experience when downloading them.

These are some of the most popular free wallpaper websites and could very well be your top choice for downloading wallpaper.

Our picks for free wallpapers include fall wallpapers, holiday wallpapers, and ocean wallpapers. We also have summer wallpapers.


Vladstudio is our top choice for the best free wallpaper website. After you visit, you’ll quickly understand why. These wallpapers are original and so vivid that you will have trouble looking away from them.

Vladstudio is not your typical free wallpaper site. I am sure you will be converted after one visit.


WallpaperStock is also on our top 10 list of best free wallpaper websites. This is largely due to their huge collection of high-quality wallpapers in every category.

WallpaperStock’s large selection of original wallpapers combined with easy-to-use navigation makes it easy to find the free wallpaper that you are looking for.

You can find the random wallpaper page if you don’t know where to begin.


DesktopNexus’s hundreds of thousands of wallpapers are so well-organized that it is easy to find the wallpaper you love.

You’ll be able to download one of their wallpapers for free to your computer. They automatically resize to fit.


DeviantArt is more than just a site that offers free wallpapers. You’ll soon discover how it can be both good as well as bad.

DeviantArt has a lot of original and unique wallpapers, but it can be difficult to find them.


Although you might find a few average wallpapers on eWallpapers this site is far more than your average free wallpaper site.

eWallpapers makes it easy to find the right wallpaper for you. There are many sizes available.

Each page contains information about how many downloads the wallpaper has received, as well as the number of times it has been viewed. The wallpaper file size is also included.


HDwallpapers.net offers a great selection of HD wallpapers. They are free and come in a variety of subjects.

You can choose the ideal resolution for your device automatically or use the drop-down menu to select another one.


Wallhaven is a popular free wallpaper site because of its unique and stunning images you won’t find anywhere else. You will find something to suit every taste, from the realistic to the abstract.

By searching for a keyword and viewing the most recent additions, you can see wallpapers from random pages, select a color, or search by keyword.

There are many sizes available for landscape, portrait, multiple screens, and other resolutions.

Wallpaper Cave

Wallpaper Cave is another site that offers free wallpaper. It has over 20 categories so you can find the right wallpaper for you. There are many options here, including one section for “other” wallpaper.

Wallpaper Cave’s home page displays which search terms are most popular this week. It also showcases featured wallpapers, albums, and lists all of the most liked wallpapers. To get involved in the discussion about what’s hot, you can also see the most downloaded wallpapers today.

You’ll see a large preview of your wallpaper and a single download link when you get to the download page. The wallpaper cannot be downloaded in a particular size. You will have to use the one they provide. However, you don’t need to create an account to download immediately.

Simple Desktops

Simple Desktops is exactly as it sounds, a collection of wallpapers with clean and simple designs that every minimalist will love.

There are simple designs that have solid backgrounds, and there are others that are more complex but still stunning.

Simple Desktops offers free apps for Android, iOS, and Mac.

Bing Wallpaper Archive

Every day Bing releases a new image on their homepage. You can view them all in wallpaper form by visiting this gallery.

You’ll be hard-pressed to pick your favorite from the many stunning images available.

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