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Top Best Antivirus Software 2022

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If you’re in search of the most effective protection possible for your devices on the internet in 2022 Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve evaluated all of the top antivirus providers to create an unquestionable listing of the best.

The download of antivirus software is the initial step to keeping your online security secure. It is the most effective protection against cybercriminals that want to hack your devices online for their own gain.

The way in which viruses behave and the end-goal they pursue has evolved over time however, the goal remains the same – to take your cash. The threats come in a variety of forms and forms, but ransomware, malware, and Trojans tend to steal your personal data or cause such harm to your system that you’ll have to pay a significant amount to undo the damage. Then there are the plain-spoken scammers…

We’re not here to scare you, and because you’ve landed on this page, you may already know the reason why antivirus protection is an important tool. Fortunately, the top 2022 antivirus providers offer watertight protection with additional features to ensure you are safe from fraud and are simple to set up and operate.

The most reliable antivirus for 2022.

Explore the choices below to see how popular brands like Norton, Kaspersky, Avast, and Avira are ranked. In fact, there’s a top ever position in our ranking for Microsoft’s own Defender security against viruses.

In the event that its free security you’re looking for, we’ve got several top suggestions for you as well (as well as best business-oriented packages). If you take into consideration that many of the best antivirus companies available cost less than $10/PS10 or AU$20 for a year, we’d recommend making sure you’re purchasing protection when you enter 2022.

Top 10 most effective antivirus software in 2022

1. Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender is at the top of the list as the top antivirus of TechRadar and has beaten some of the toughest rivals without charging a lot in terms of monthly subscription fees.

What makes it so special? For starters. the number of features included in Bitdefender is quite amazing. If you choose the basic Bitdefender Antivirus Plus product, you’ll get Safepay online banking protection that is basically a secure browser and protects your needs from all angles. Additionally, there’s the password management tool and vulnerability scan, as well as a top excellent VPN with a daily 200MB limit.

Bitdefender is a fantastically user-friendly program It has a refined and balanced interface that’s ideal for people who are new to the world of antivirus or those who wish to modify things.

The company provides more complete suites as well, including Bitdefender Internet Security provides all of the above and more, as well as tools to speed up your computer as well as to assist you in finding your mobile devices when they’re stolen or lost.

The flagship product, Bitdefender Total Security comes with a variety of tools for PC maintenance as well as support for Android as well as iOS devices, as well as providing Windows and Mac machines. In essence, it’s a one-stop solution for your entire family’s needs for online security.

In the previous year’s reviews, we’d talk about the ways in which Bitdefender is superior to other programs in the realm of security against viruses also. This isn’t the case this year according to the report of AV-Comparatives with less precise results than the norm. Given the strength of Bitdefender in the past, We’re glad to give it the benefit doubt for the time being and will keep a close eye on the independent lab’s results this year to determine if the picture shifts.

Whatever variant of Bitdefender you pick, you’ll be receiving a lot to your dollar, especially using Total Security if you’ve got several devices (or families to safeguard). In addition, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re safe with 2022’s top antivirus software.

2. Norton AntiVirus

Norton AntiVirus Plus is a reputable antivirus software program by the security firm now called NortonLifeLock. The primary reason to buy this is the plethora of features available even with the basic Antivirus Plus product – not to mention the superiority of these features.

They come with a very efficient intelligent firewall that can be a huge help when it comes to monitoring your system, with a number of extremely thorough security measures for your browser to protect you online.

There are other features that aren’t available in other antivirus software, like an included cloud-based backup tool that offers two gigabytes of storage online (it’s extremely user-friendly and ensures backups are easy) as well as some helpful tools for maintaining your PC.

The antivirus protection of the package is very strong as we observed in our tests, and also as proven by independent labs that test it (albeit with somewhat inconsistent outcomes from one of these labs). As for our own ransomware testing, Norton failed to come up a not quite as well as Bitdefender’s more powerful protection. by Bitdefender.

If you’re looking for more, NortonLifeLock provides a variety of more advanced suites. Norton 360 Standard adds some useful extra features that include an integrated VPN service, additional space for backups (10GB), and monitoring of the dark web (for certain countries, such as the US and the UK). There are strong mobile apps available for Android as well as iOS.

If coverage for several devices is needed then you’ll have upgraded the level to Norton 360 Deluxe – this gives protection to as many as five gadgets and also provides larger backup space (50GB) as well as a complete system of parental control. While 360 Premium increases it up to 75GB backup and 10 devices.

3. Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Editor’s note: Contrary to other companies in the list below, Kaspersky is yet to announce its 2022-specific version of its anti-virus. This is the summary of the 2021 program, and it will be updated after we’ve examined the 2022 updates.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the security firm’s basic offering for Windows PCs. It offers protection of up to 10 PCs. It’s not as brimming with features as some of the other items listed here, but Kaspersky concentrates on the essentials of security, and it does a great job at doing that.

The core capabilities of Kaspersky Antivirus are extremely effective Its core antivirus capabilities are extremely strong, with Kaspersky being at or close to the top of the list in all the latest reports of the major independent labs for testing. This is great news and our testing has confirmed it by Kaspersky Anti-Virus performing very efficiently against ransomware, eliminating unknown threats in a matter of minutes, and being able to retrieve the few files that suffered damage from the ransomware attack. Kaspersky is also benefited by some clever self-protection features.

Nothing new has been presented by Kaspersky over the past year or so, this is one of the reasons the fact that – as mentioned in the beginning it didn’t have a large number of additional features initially.

A few of those extra capabilities aren’t particularly helpful either. Kaspersky’s various wizards, for instance, leave a lot to be desired. Moreover, the browser configuration feature does not support Internet Explorer (not even Edge and certainly not Chrome as the largest and most popular one and the most popular by far). There’s a bundle VPN however it’s restricted (no selection of location and a daily 200MB allowance) however it can be handy when you’re in a pinch.

The positive side is that in terms of additional features, the larger suites offer more exciting features. Kaspersky Internet Security introduces an intelligent firewall (which doesn’t often arouse users with queries) as well as a safe web browser. It also provides protection for Macs as well as Android as well as iOS phones.

Kaspersky Total Security brings in additional features on top of that, such as intelligent security for parents, a complete password manager, as well as automated backups for local (or Dropbox) backups. These are useful additions as well, and considering that generally (with discounted prices) Total Security doesn’t cost higher than Internet Security, it’s likely worth the purchase unless you don’t require those extra benefits.

4. Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security provides basic but efficient protection with an easy-to-use interface that clearly explains the various options available in simple English without using jargon that is confusing.

The app’s antivirus engine has been highly rated by the principal independent test labs and has delivered some outstanding results in recent tests – with the caveat that certain tests showed it triggered several false positives than the best rivals. This wasn’t a problem when we reviewed the Review of Trend Micro however and, more importantly, we noticed the fact that Antivirus+ Security’s anti-ransomware feature was an exceptional strength.

Another advantage is the antivirus at present top of the line in the field of blocking websites that are phishing (according to the AV-Comparatives) and also provides an excellent web browser security, which includes Pay Guard as a safe environment for online banking.

Are there weak points? The system’s performance is affected more than its competitors however there aren’t as many features or options that rival this app is more geared towards novices than professionals. But, you will obviously get more functions in the security suites with higher levels by Trend Micro.

The product next in line, Trend Micro Internet Security includes some intriguing additional features, including Controls for parents and social media security and social media security tools. For the majority of people who use social media, it’s worth investing some extra money to purchase Trend Micro Maximum Security, which offers security from hackers and social media threats for Mac or mobile gadgets, in addition to Windows (plus it includes an account manager for passwords and a secure vault for files).

5. Avast One

While the majority of 2022 updates included in this list are simple, Avast ripped everything up and began over again with its most recent release and the launch of Avast One.

Avast One takes the firm’s reliable antivirus for free (now named Avast One Essential) and expands it with additional options.

No matter if you opt to keep it free or upgrade to the latest version, the software is popular with independent labs that test it at the moment, and ranks at high up on the heap in real-world malware tests as well as the task of preventing phishing.

You can also enjoy an easy firewall and data breach scanner to notify you if your online accounts have been compromised and also applications that work on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

So, why pay the price for Avast One? It includes a VPN version of the past heads HideMyAss with a huge 5GB daily allowance, tune-up software, blocking ads, protection for webcams as well as malicious URL blocking… it’s nothing more. It’s necessary to really need one of these particular add-ons in order to pay for it or else we’d recommend opting to a more comprehensive Internet security suite or simply using the no-cost Essential download.

6. Microsoft Defender

There were a number of research papers in 2021 claiming that there was an end to purchasing antivirus software. We generally don’t agree with that idea, Microsoft Defender is probably the most convincing argument to support it.

It’s because if you are a Windows user, you have an extremely effective virus defense built into the operating system.

Microsoft Defender is a solid product that provides a decent mid-range security – largely without anyone even realizing it’s available. Defender offers an interface and its own scan options, many more and you’ll not be able to see them unless searching.

Through the tests of the independent lab AV-Comparatives, Defender was ranked pretty right in the middle of 17 tested vendors. This means that it’s more effective in terms of protecting your PC than many of the paid-for programs available.

Beyond the pure protection from viruses, It also comes with a variety of extra features like multiple layers of anti-ransomware protection, firewall privacy, webcam protection web filtering, parental controls, and backup.

So, what’s stopping you from leaving the rest behind and getting Defender up and up These features above are all fairly basic and don’t meet the standards that are offered by the security suites listed above. Also, it’s worth the fact that Defender can only be used on Windows PCs. Forget about protecting the security of your Mac or smartphones Some features are only available with Edge as your default browser.

7. Avira antivirus

In actuality, Avira is perhaps most well-known because of its Avira free antivirus feature (which is among the best available check out the rest of this page) however, its premium offerings are not to be discounted particularly when you take into account the price that you currently pay for Avira’s Antivirus Pro package.

This is the name given to Avira’s antivirus for beginners and it comes with all the features you’d expect from the latest security software with real-time scanning for malware and dedicated protection against ransomware, and a software updater that performs effectively to keep all your applications secure, as well as diverse privacy tools like shredding files for additional privacy.

The interface is well-designed and all the options – such as the free (but only 1GB per month) VPN – are now better integrated into the UI in general.

The caveat is that the scores for the engine obtained from independent labs for testing are moderate at best, but the application does provide adequate security.

Upgrade from the Internet Security or Prime plan includes additional features, such as an entire password manager with it also includes the Pro Version of Software Updater (which provides automatic updates to your apps) and Prime provides you with an unlimited use version of VPN and mobile application support.

For the price-conscious cost that you are now able to purchase Antivirus Plus, this certainly is the best value, in fact, you’re only paying more than you would for the basic version, making this an extremely tempting option.

8. McAfee antivirus

McAfee offers a unique approach to its security offerings in that all of the products are variations of its primary Total Protection product, with the major difference being that greater devices are included at higher levels. McAfee All Protection Single Device can be described as the basic antivirus program, and like the name implies it is a single device that covers.

The best part is that it has an impressively small footprint and this means that McAfee does not consume much of your system’s resources. Additionally, there are a wealth of options available especially for a basic product. Even though not all are top-quality You get plenty to pay for. This includes a smart firewall and the integrated ( TunnelBear-powered) VPN that allows unlimitable data storage, a high-quality spam filter, secure file vaults, as well as some alternatives for speeding up your PC.

The biggest issue is the fact that the antivirus engine isn’t the most effective even though some of the results from independent labs turn out more favorable than others – however, this is an issue. It’s also important to note that there’s only one device that is protected by the base antivirus package.

If you’re looking for security software for more than one device then you’ll have to buy the Multi-Device package that supports at least five gadgets which includes mobile phones (plus it offers security against identity theft, which is at a minimum to US customers). Also, there’s McAfee Total Protection Family which increases the protection to 10 devices and adds a full-featured set that includes parental control.

The latter is an appealing option for parents who have children to ensure their safety online. However, with McAfee’s usual pricing that includes Multi-Device and Family subscriptions not costing much more than the basic product with discounts included – you’ll probably be to be better off with one of these plans.

9. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

Every antivirus program claims to be light however, Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus is a standout on this point. Installation is fast and simple and only takes up only a small amount of disk space. The app’s memory footprint is small (less than 2percent of the size of a few internet security suites) and viruses’ definitions are stored on the cloud.

With this in mind, there’s no compromise in features which makes Webroot an even greater value. It offers extremely fast virus scans that are less than 20 seconds. It also comes with an intelligent ‘firewall’ monitoring system, real-time protection against phishing identification theft protection, and more.

SecureAnywhere AntiVirus doesn’t get a high ranking from the top-of-the-line testing labs, with the exception of SE Labs, which in its most recent Home Anti-Malware report rated Webroot as a solid choice for malware protection, though it wasn’t as good as the best competitors.

In addition to the Webroot range, SecureAnywhere Internet Safety Plus extends the coverage of Windows as well as Mac computers to smartphones, with an account manager for passwords (courtesy from LastPass) in addition to covering the possibility of covering up to 5 devices (rather than three).).

The very top is Internet Security Complete which introduces an automated backup tool (with 25GB of cloud storage that is secure) as well as additional privacy features for online use. Also, there’s a Family Pack version of the most popular suite, which increases the coverage to 10 hardware pieces and offers up to 100GB cloud-based storage.

SecureAnywhere AntiVirus provides everything you require, in fact, but Internet Security Plus is our best choice for the best-rounded program. And another boon worth bearing in mind here is Webroot’s confidence-instilling lengthy 70-day 100% money-back guarantee.

10. Sophos Home

Sophos Home Premium is a comprehensive solution that covers (up to) an amazing 10,010 devices (Windows as well as Mac computer). The interface is designed with beginners with an eye on the novice, which isn’t a negative, though experts might feel that the interface is too simplistic and may be disappointed to learn that there aren’t many alternatives or minor tweaks available offered.

Its UI is also quite awkward in some aspects However a web-based management console is a great option for those looking to control and monitor their family members’ devices.

Sophos offers strong antivirus protection and has been successful in our tests for anti-ransomware. The antivirus software is available – and considering the 10-device limit the Sophos Home Premium could work out as an excellent bargain for people who need to safeguard several computers.

It’s important to note that Sophos does not offer an extended-term, free version for new users. On the site, you can download nothing, but it’s the trial version and not an all-singing and dancing free antivirus program.

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