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Top 7 Best Free Calling Apps

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If you want to save money, you might look into signing up for the lowest mobile plan. You can rely on free text and phone apps.

These seven apps offer free calling on Android or iOS. Read on to learn more.

1. TextNow

It’s easy to see that free calling apps have one major limitation: you can only call people with the same app.

TextNow is an exception. Unlimited phone calls to US and Canada numbers are free. By fulfilling offers, international calling credit can be earned.

You can also obtain voicemail transcripts as well as caller ID. You can also forward calls to your own number and get caller ID.

iOS (Free in-app purchases)

2. Text free

Pinger developed Text Free, a WiFi calling app that offers free texting for many decades.

While it looks similar to TextNow, there are some important differences. Outbound calls to regular telephone numbers will require you to pay.

View videos, participate in partner offers and get minutes. Minutes can be used anywhere on the planet.

You also have the option to choose a US number to call family and friends.

Text free is available for iOS and Android.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp cannot be used for free, and can only make calls to people who have WhatsApp installed.

More and more businesses are using WhatsApp to communicate with customers.

WhatsApp allows video calls and group calling. This is not possible with TextNow or Text Free.

WhatsApp’s user base is one of the best things about the app. This means there is a high chance that the person you want to contact has it.

WhatsApp now available for Android and iOS. You cannot use the web app to make calls.

4. Google Duo

Google Duo lets you make free Wi-Fi calls to other users with the Android and iOS operating systems.

Additional features include group chat support for up to 32 people, in-call photo feature, and voice-only calling.

Google Duo’s Family Mode is our favourite. It allows you to draw while on video calls and transform your screen persona using stickers, masks, or other features.

5. Dingtone

Dingtone, another great free calling/texting app, can send unlimited texts to any number (both international and local) and can also use Wi-Fi to call landlines without charge.

This app can be especially useful if need a second number for business purposes or to play pranks with your friends.

Download: Dingtone for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Talkatone

Talkatone is available on both iOS and Android. You can send and receive texts, and make calls to any US phone including landlines.

Talkatone is available for use via WiFi or cell phone data. If your minutes are too low, Talkatone won’t use any minutes.

The app can be used on US-based phones. You can block foreign phone numbers.

Download: Talkatone for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. Skype

While Microsoft’s app might not have the same market dominance it once enjoyed, it is still a prominent player in the free WiFi calling app space and is well-received by business users.

Skype calls to other Skype users are free once more. Each plan has different minutes and different countries.

Office 365 subscribers receive 60 minutes of free international calls each month. Minutes not used can’t be transferred between months.

iOS (Free)

Wi Fi calling is the future

You can choose a number to make free Wi Fi calls with other users.

It is difficult to imagine a future without these apps playing an increasingly important role in the mobile plan landscape. They could be the Netflix of the phone call industry.

What app should you use? This depends on your needs. If you want to make outbound phone calls to landlines, you will need one of these options.

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