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Top 7 Best Drawing Apps for Windows 10

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There are many digital drawing apps that you can use, whether you’re a professional artist or a beginner looking to start your manga series. We have compiled a list of the top drawing apps for Windows 10, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Let’s take a look at each app and see which one best suits your needs.

1. Krita

Krita is the right software for you, whether you’re a professional or amateur artist. Krita supports flexibility in creativity, so it has a flexible interface with customizable panels you can customize to your liking.

Stabilization tools keep lines straight without bumps and shakes. You can also import brush packs from Krita to change the style of your sketching. You might find the perfect texture or pattern for you.

2. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro is a highly-respected drawing program among architects, designers, and artists. You can personalize the application with more than 190 brushes.

The app interface is simple and allows you to toggle between the toolbars and palettes. This makes it easy to focus on your work and reduces distractions. You can also experiment with blend modes, and explore the extensive color palette. Sketchbook also supports a variety of formats, including PNG and PSD.

Sketchbook has a free trial, but the annual subscription costs $29.99/year. The app can be used on multiple devices using the same subscription plan.

3. Paint 3D

Paint 3D, a new version MS Paint, can create 2D and 3D objects, regardless of user skill level. Existing models are available to you, but you can also create your own models if necessary.

Paint 3D offers realistic textures and filters that you can use to add personality to your illustrations. The app even allows you to turn your doodles in to a 3D drawing with the help of the tools.

Paint 3D’s most notable feature is its ability to resize the canvas. You can resize an existing window instead of opening a new one. It is also a Windows-integrated application, so it is completely free.


Photoshop and GIMP look very similar. While most of its features can be used for editing, you can also use GIMP as your primary drawing and illustration tool. GIMP allows you to create stunning artwork using unlimited textures and brushes. You can also customize it to your liking.

Do you want to edit a photo? Perhaps retouch it? GIMP has many tools for image editing. You can also add third-party plugins that will enhance your artwork to GIMP. GIMP is an excellent free image editor software.

5. Sketchable

Sketchable is a journal app and an illustration app all in one. Sketchable can be used to draw a sketch or scribble notes. Sketchable’s intuitive interface allows artists to focus on their work and avoid distractions.

Sketchable allows you to plan your journal covers. You can also choose the font type and resolution. You can easily export your journals and share them with others using the Journal file format. The tool also allows creators to create symmetry and brush stabilization tools.

Sketchable is a free tool you can download from Windows Store to do basic sketching. Each premium tool is $1.99. If you’re an illustrator, the whole package is only $11.99.

6. Paintstorm Studio

Paintstorm Studio is an easy-to-use drawing program that includes many brushes, canvas, and color wheels. High-resolution canvas with different dimensions available, from millimeters up to inches. The Paintstorm Studio offers a wide variety of tools that can be used to create different types of artwork.

It has many brushes and a stabilizer tool. The interface is clean with customizable panels that allow for easy illustration. Paintstorm Studio is a top-rated drawing app and is on our list. However, the Windows version can sometimes freeze.

Paintstorm Studio offers 30 launches free of charge, but you will have to pay for the remaining launch. You will get lifetime supply brushes and other features by signing up for their plan.

7. Mediabang Paint

Mediabang, a great option for anyone interested in illustration and comics, is also available. You can personalize the brushes that come preloaded with over 50 brushes. Comic Artists have many options for creating their own comics. There are 800 preset backgrounds and tones, as well as numerous fonts available. You can also collaborate with your team.

The software can also be used with the Cloud. This means that you can access your drawings on any device connected to the same account. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, and almost all other devices.

It is also free to use and, unlike Paintstorm Studio it is lightweight so it won’t slow your computer down. Mediabang should always be your first choice, regardless of your level.

Get the Drawing App that You Choose

These are the top drawing apps for Windows 10, but the choice of the right one depends on what type of work you do, and what tools you have. GIMP is the best choice if editing and drawing are your main interests, while Paint 3D will work well if you prefer 3D modeling and drawings. The best choice will depend on your specific needs.

Do you want to learn how to draw? To improve your drawing skills, you might consider sites such as Drawing Coach, Drawspace, and Arty Factory.

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