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Top 6 ways to connect your Nintendo Wii and any type of TV

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Your Nintendo Wii might be older than your new TV. You can’t connect them. Are you willing to compromise your progress on Super Mario Galaxy in order to get there?

There are many types of cables you can use to connect your Wii or VGA to your TV. We will be showing you how to hook up your Nintendo Wii to your TV in this article.

My Wii doesn’t have the right TV port

You are worried that your Nintendo Wii won’t have a TV output option that works with your new TV. Although you may not be able to see it at first, there are many ways that the Nintendo Wii can be connected to a TV. Even a Wii/HDMI converter can be used.

You can connect your Wii to a television through:

  1. RGB
  2. S-Video
  3. SCART
  4. VGA
  5. Component
  6. HDMI

If your new TV does not have the legacy inputs you need, or you have multiple devices that are trying to get the same ports, these instructions (intended to be used with HD and HD Ready televisions) will allow you to connect your Wii directly to nearly any type of TV.

No matter which solution you choose, your output resolution is limited to 480p.

1. The Nintendo Wii Default TV Cables

The Wii AV cables were shipped with the Nintendo Wii. They connect to the Nintendo Wii at each end and the RCA television inputs at both ends. Yellow and red are for audio.

Once connected and the console is switched on you can view your Wii via your remote’s TV/Video function. I can’t find it? Instead, search for Input select, EXT, or AV. Also, you might try searching channel 00/99.

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This will provide you with all the information you need to connect your Nintendo Wii TV to a smart-TV.

2. S-Video Cables for the Nintendo Wii

A S-Video Cable can be connected to your TV and the Nintendo Wii can be enjoyed.

The RCA connectors could also be included. You have the choice to use either one depending on what your TV is capable of. You will need to connect the S/Video cables and the red and green audio cables to your television. These cables are typically placed at the back of your television, sometimes hidden behind a glass door.

You will need both your TV as well as your Wii connected. Now, use your remote controller (see the picture above) and find the signal coming from your Wii.

S-Video has retired so it is difficult to find this option. However, you might find an appropriate cable on eBay.

3. Connecting the Nintendo Wii to a SCART Controller

The SCART connector can be used on your TV. This could be a good choice if you are limited on ports. SCART can easily be extended, supporting splitters, switched hubs, for multiple connections, just like a USB-hub.

RCA SCART adapters aren’t as popular as they used to be. If you’re lucky, your Nintendo Wii may have included one. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a brand new one.

You have three inputs (red-white and yellow), so connect the RCA cable to the back and change the input mode.

4. Connecting the Nintendo Wii To a VGA Monitor

Another option is to use an adapter to connect your Nintendo Wii directly to a VGA screen using an RCA-VGA breakout cable. This is especially useful if your Wii was left in a dark corner or you use it as an additional PC.

Yes, that’s correct. The Wii can be used to install Linux .

The cable can be connected to the VGA input on your TV/monitor, and then to the RCA connector on your Wii. Switch on your display device and make sure you have set the input option to VGA.

5. How to hook up the Wii to a smart TV using component cable input

A component cable is available for $10. It will connect your Nintendo Wii and the component input ports behind the TV. This is a rare collection that includes five inputs: two for audio and one for video.

You can connect the matching audio jacks and the green, red, and blue audio cables to a device, such as the one shown. The labels should be your priority, even though there may not be matching color coding.

This means that for audio, red is right, and white is left. Green is Y for video, blue Pb/Cbb and red Pr/Cr. You will need to connect the cable at each end. If your TV supports progressive scan, make sure that this option is enabled on the settings screen. You can then view images from the Nintendo Wii.

Also, you may need to change the screen format.

  1. Open Settings > Wii Settings > Screen
  2. Set the TV Resolution setting EDTV/HDTV 480p
  3. Next, set widescreen settings to widescreen 16:9
  4. Click To confirm

This video provides more information:

As the component inputs can also be found alongside the RCA, so the red/white cable audio cables can be used both for RCA and component. Make sure you have the right cables for the right ports.

6. How to connect the Nintendo Wii to your Smart TV using an HDMI adapter

Originally, the component cables option was the only way to connect a Wii to an HDTV. A HDMI adapter allows for a better image on a smart TV. If you are looking for an easy way to connect your Wii directly to a TV, this is it.

One is all you need. Simply connect the HDMI cable to your Nintendo Wii. The HDMI channel output can be viewed using Input select on your TV remote.

Wii – HDMI is a quick and simple method to connect your Nintendo Wii or Nintendo Wii to any smart television with a dedicated Nintendo Wii HDMI converter.

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