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Top 5 CPU Overclocking Softwares To Boost Performance

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This article will discuss what CPU overclocking does for your computer and how you can use it to increase its performance.

This article doesn’t explore the idea of overclocking. This article will concentrate on the best CPU-overclocking apps.

1. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner lets you overclock both GPUs and CPUs. You can also adjust the fan speed of your computer using custom fan profiles and benchmarking.

MSI afterburner offers custom skins, multilingual support and Furmark software. Furmark software will improve your graphics card’s performance.

Highlights of the Main Features

  • All are Welcome
  • Uses Intel CPUs
  • It can also speed up GPUs

2. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility 

This Windows-based, CPU overclocking software was designed for Intel CPUs. You will also find special features that are specific to Intel motherboards as well as Intel CPUs.

Intel XTU also provides CPU utilization and temperature readings. This information is helpful in monitoring overclocks’ performance and determining whether they are causing performance problems.

A low CPU clock can cause your computer to freeze. To reset your overclock settings, restart your computer.

This software is very sophisticated. It is not recommended for anyone who has never overclocked their CPU.

Main Features Highlights

  • All are Welcome
  • Uses Intel CPUs
  • Friendly interface
  • This site is great for professionals and beginners alike.

3. EVGA Precision X

EVGA precision X, another great free software for gamers looking to upgrade their gaming laptops or gaming PCs to the next level, is also available. You can also easily overclock your Intel processors.

It cannot be used to speed up your GPU. It is only compatible with Nvidia GPUs. MSI Afterburner is compatible with AMD GPUs.

EVGA Precision X has many useful settings. You can adjust the CPU voltages dynamically, have complete control over your processor, and use its linear mode to overclock one click. It can scan your card to find the best voltage/frequency curve.

The main highlights

  • All are Welcome
  • Uses Intel CPUs
  • This is for GPU overclocking

4. AMD Ryzen Master

AMD RyzenMaster has an extensive approach to overclocking. It is undoubtedly the best.

AMD Ryzen Master offers CPU overclocking as well as memory profiles. This allows you to increase the DDR3 RAM performance.

AMD RyzenMaster was designed specifically for AMD processors.

Ryzen’s and AMD’s latest processors run so fast that you don’t have to overclock.

Highlights of the Main Features

  • All are Welcome
  • AMD CPUs can be supported
  • It can also serve to overclock RAM

5. CPU Tweaker

CPU Tuner allows you to adjust your CPU’s speed or performance.

Get the best overclocking performance possible with its fine-tuned control features.

One drawback to CPU Tweaker is its simplicity. The interface is difficult to use and not intuitive.

Highlights from the Main Feature

  • All are Welcome
  • Compatible with Windows XP or Vista
  • Lightweight

Questions About CPU Overclocking

Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions about CPU Overclocking.

Is CPU overclocking safe?

Overclocking CPUs is safer than ever because cooling systems today aren’t as efficient.

Can CPU overclocking be reversed?

Overclocking processors is often reversible.

Is CPU Overclocking Dangerous?

Overclocking CPUs is not as dangerous as it once was. CPU and motherboard manufacturers often know about overclocking and have created special hardware for that purpose.

Does CPU Overclocking Void Warranty?

Technically the warranty will be voided when your overclocked processor exceeds its standard specs If you don’t tell them, the CPU vendor won’t know.

Can the warranty be restored for the CPU if I reverse my overclocking?

Your warranty will be reinstated if you reverse the overclock and restore all settings to their original values.

The system will shut down normally before any really terrible events happen.

Is CPU overclocking worth it?

There is a wide range of powerful processors available on the market, including the AMD Ryzen processors as well as Apple’s M1 Silicon processors.

These processors can provide incredible performance and don’t need to be overclocked

CPU Overclocking has become almost obsolete. To meet current gaming needs, you might overclock older CPUs or GPUs.

You can now use the tools to speed up your CPU

This software is the best for CPU overclocking and works with both Intel and AMD processors. They can be used to increase the power of your hardware.

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