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Tips to quickly boost your YouTube search ranking

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Don’t expect me to tell you the secret now, and the happiness of climbing to the top will fall on everyone. That would be cool, of course, but I don’t know it.

Nevertheless, in practice we have been able to bring some moments of YouTube algorithms “out of the blue”. What I will tell you in this article will bring guaranteed results.

Live streaming

Such videos greatly increase the rating of the channel and the number of subscribers. The Gyre service helps create them.  They greatly increase watch hours on youtube, they collect views in the background. To create them, you do not need to spend a lot of time just upload them to the server Gyre and all the files will run one by one. The broadcast will cycle through all the files you upload.

Prepare the content users are looking for

Find the exact words and phrases people use to search for videos on your topic. Free tools (like Keyword Tool and YouTube Trends) and paid services (like VideoCents and VidIQ) can help you do this.

Paid tools will not give much more data, but their main advantage – they show how difficult it will be to break out on positions above a particular query.

Optimize your videos for search

For all its power, YouTube still has a hard time recognizing content in videos. That’s why you need to tell it yourself. Do this in the description.

If you use keywords (organically, without spamming), it’s likely that your positions will be higher. Put them in the video title (it’s better to start with them), the description, add relevant tags and titles to the video (they should contain the target words).

Get people to spend more time on your channel

This may not be easy, but try to get users to watch more than one of your videos. Of course, that’s what all channel owners want, but not everyone actively encourages people to watch something else. This tactic has more advantages than it might seem at first glance.

If people watch one video after another on your channel (even if they leave for other channels), YouTube’s algorithm will give you credit for it, which of course will have a positive impact on your search rankings.

Interactive thumbnails are a great way to encourage people to watch more videos. Use them to direct users further down your channel.


Before you start putting these tips into practice, go into YouTube Analytics and see how many views from search you have now.

Make a note of your monthly averages. Once you’ve implemented these 6 tips, repeat the process again.

Even if you don’t have time to implement everything, do something – you’ll notice a spike. Remember, these actions aren’t just relevant for new videos. The beauty of YouTube is that it allows you to re-optimize old videos, too.

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