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TikTok: 11 Tips For Beginners

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TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Scroll below to learn more.

TikTok doesn’t require a professional viewer in order to upload videos.

1. TikTok Account Privacy

Once you have created your TikTok profile, you will need to decide whether you want it to remain secret. Click on the profile icon at the menu bar to stop strangers from viewing your videos.

To access your profile, click on the three dots at the top-right corner.

2 Uploading to TikTok a video after you have captured from your Gallery

Now you have created a stunning video with one of the most popular video editing software. You are now ready to upload your video to TikTok.


Open TikTok, and click on the plus icons.

This will open your phone’s gallery. Then, you can choose which photos you wish to view and then click on the bottom left.

Keep going with this process for any other videos or photos that you want to use . Click Next if you would like to edit and add filters to the video.

3 Create a slideshow using photos

TikTok allows the upload of videos from your Gallery. TikTok allows for uploading videos from your Gallery.

You can now select multiple photos from the photo gallery to create slideshows

The order in which the slideshow displays the photos will depend on the way they were selected. Once you are done, click OK to continue to the editing stage.

4. How do you delete your TikTok videos

Any video that you have accidentally uploaded can be deleted.

5 Making GIFs With TikTok Videos

Click on any video and make a GIF.

After you have selected this option, TikTok will direct you to a screen where you can edit the length of your GIF. The screen will allow you to create a GIF, and then share it on social networks.

6. Setting a timer for recording videos

Sometimes, it can be hard to press the record key in order to create videos. Recording is easier when you have a timer.

To start creating your video, click the plus button.

7. TikTok videos

Are you looking to download a TikTok clip? Next, click on the Arrow icon to your right of the TikTok clip. Save the video to your smartphone.

8 What is the best way to use a song someone has uploaded to TikTok?

These music recognition apps don’t have to be used to locate songs on TikTok. Click the vinyl record icon at the bottom of your screen if you find a song you like in another video.

TikTok will show the song’s name and any other videos from it by other users. Add it to your video using this sound

9. How do you create a TikTok lip-syncing TikTok Video

TikTok provides a lot of lip-syncing videos. TikTok also offers many editing tools that can help you improve your lip sync videos.

After you have recorded your video, click the Sounds icon at the bottom of the screen to add the song as a lip-sync.

10. TikTok How do you perform a duet?

TikTok allows you to perform long distance duets no matter where you are located.

Instead of recording separate videos click the Arrow button to open a sharing menu. Then, you can record another video using the one that you have selected.

11. How do I find my TikTok QR code

You will automatically receive a QR code when you create an account on TikTok. Next, choose QR code.

View the QR code to download it.

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