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Tierra500 Review – Vast Opportunities for Global Investors

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Account Minimum: $0

Products: Stocks, Crypto, Forex, ETFs, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Options, Futures

Fees: $0 for stocks

Why We Choose Tierra500

While Tierra500 may not be the most popular international trading platform, it offers global traders and investors broader opportunities. The following attributes give Tierra500 an edge over most of its immediate competitors.

Access to robust global assets 

Unlike most brokers that often limit traders to local investments, Tierra500 allows you access to a broader selection of assets from diverse global markets. Apart from the standard asset classes, the broker offers several fixed-income products to attract short-term and long-term international investors.

Powerful trading tools and calculators 

Tierra500 also provides cutting-edge trading platforms packed with all the fundamental and technical tools for international trading. The highly customizable platforms offer precise tools for comparing financial data, analyzing markets and industries, and monitoring your trades more efficiently.

Excellent educational resources 

Tierra500 clearly understands the potential pitfalls in online trading and offers extensive educational materials to enable you to make informed financial decisions. The broker provides rich learning content in multiple formats for traders and investors. That boosts the overall trading experience and lets you avoid several risks.


Tierra500 is one of the best international brokers in the market, offering unrestricted access to numerous global assets and markets. It allows you to trade on over 150 markets across over 100 countries worldwide. It also provides streamlined platforms with powerful tools and features for international trading. However, the mobile version has limited customizability and lacks some features.


  • Access to robust global assets and markets
  • Powerful trading platforms
  • Excellent educational resources
  • You can fund accounts in multiple base currencies


  • Tierra500 desktop and web platforms can be intimidating to novices
  • The mobile app lacks a complete set of tools and features

Usability and Trading Experience

Professional traders and investors will find Tierra500’s platforms relatively easy to navigate. The onboarding process is easy and fast across all the platforms. The broker allows you to und accounts in up to 20 base currencies. However, you do not have to fund the account immediately since the broker does not have account minimums.

You can access the same assets and markets on Tierra500’s desktop, web, and mobile versions. The platforms also provide all the fundamental trading tools, including asset screeners, charts, trading idea generators, research, news, mutual fund evaluators, and portfolio analysis. However, the desktop and web-based versions are more robust, with sophisticated tools and features.

Tierra500 desktop and web applications allow you to stage trades for later execution and place multiple order types, including conditional orders. The interfaces are also highly customizable so that you can personalize the view to your needs. The platforms also provide advanced analysis tools, calculators, and automated trading options, which can be intimidating to beginners.

Products and Markets

Tierra500 boasts a vast selection of assets and investment products across multiple global markets. The goal is to widen the playing field, creating robust investment opportunities for traders and investors worldwide. The following table shows the currently tradeable assets on Tierra500.

ETFs Stocks Bonds Options Futures
CFDs Forex Commodities Mutual Funds Crypto


Tierra500 continually adds new products to its portfolio based on customer demand. You can trade any of the above assets on Tierra500’s network of more than 150 markets in over 100 countries worldwide.


Tierra500 mainly uses tier-based pricing, which they should clarify. However, here are the main pointers about the broker’s fees.

  • Zero account minimum
  • No commissions for online stock trading
  • Forex trading incurs exchange fees
  • $1 to open an Options account
  • No fees for domestic wires, checks, account inactivity/ closure

Traders can still be subject to other costs based on the chosen assets, trading volumes, and other services acquired from the broker. So, check the complete fee schedule or talk to Tierra500’s customer service desk for clarifications about the fees and margin interest rates before placing any orders.

Our Take

Tierra500 emphasizes giving traders and investors better access to global assets and markets. It also provides cutting-edge tools and educational materials to enable investors to make the most of those opportunities. Although beginners can take advantage of its simplistic mobile app and robust product offerings, Tierra500 is best for active international retail traders and institutional investors.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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