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Things You Can Do With YouTube Studio

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YouTube is constantly updating its products to make it easier for content creators to publish. YouTube Studio can be used regardless of whether you upload videos frequently or only occasionally to YouTube. For creating professional-looking videos you can consider using a video light kit. These kits come with different types of lights, so that you can adjust the light to fit your needs for the video.

YouTube Studio can be used to help novice users and fill in the knowledge gaps of more experienced users. Here are some other uses for YouTube Studio.

How to Find the YouTube Studio

The YouTube Studio can be found at studio.youtube.com.

You can also locate YouTube Studio by clicking the picture menu in the upper right-hand corner. You will then see the YouTube Studio option in the dropdown menu.

If you do not have a YouTube Channel, click on the YouTube Studio button. The next menu will prompt you to create one.

Now you are all set, here is a list of the top YouTube Studio features that you can explore.

1. Multichannel YouTube Management

YouTube Studio can be used to manage multiple YouTube channels simultaneously, as it is tailored for each channel. Switching channels is all you have to do. You can also swap Google accounts if you have YouTube channels in different Google accounts.

After launching the Studio, you can either switch your account before or after. Log in to YouTube and select Switch account. It is the same process as when you are in the YouTube Studio.

This allows you to manage each account in a different way and makes it easier.

Make a brand channel

You can create multiple YouTube channels with one Google account. This new account is known as a brand channel.

Go to Settings to create a brand channel. Next, navigate to Channel to access the Advanced settings section. Click on Manage your YouTube account. This will bring you to a new page that allows you to Manage or Add your channels.

2. View Real-Time Channel Analytics

Monitoring the channel’s overall performance is crucial. Click the Go to Channel Analytics button at the bottom-right of the Studio dashboard. Alternatively, click the Analytics button in the left-hand corner.

You can monitor individual videos’ performance and view the overall changes to your channel by going to the analytics page. These include detailed information about changes in subscribers, views, and watch times.

You also have the option to monitor your reach, engagement, audience type, and other metrics. These options allow you to make future decisions about the video types that you want to focus on, just as any other business.

If you are interested in specific performance metrics, these other options can also be useful.

To get more story-telling data, you can click on either the View Additional or Advanced options. This option can be useful if you wish to compare performance by year or how one video performs against another.

YouTube allows you to access this option by clicking on the Compare to option in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Upload videos

YouTube Studio is the best way to upload videos to YouTube. You can upload videos using the YouTube mobile app but this does not offer as much flexibility.

Click on the Add Video logo in the upper-right corner of this web app to upload a video. This will open a page telling you how to choose a file. To browse your files, click Select Files.

4. Make edits to videos

YouTube Studio offers an online editor for video editors that you can use if you don’t have the budget to buy dedicated offline video editors.

You can access the video editor by making your video private and ticking the Private option during the visibility step. This is a better option since you won’t be able to make raw edits on an already public video.

You can click on the most recently uploaded video when you return to the list of videos. To edit your video, click on the editor button in the left-hand corner.

Use the Editor to Your Advantage

YouTube Studio does not offer many advanced features, but it allows you to do basic editing so that your video is ready for publication.

You can cut and merge segments of your videos, add video elements to the end screen and YouTube copyright-free audio. The blur effect was added to the editor recently. This gives you greater control over what objects appear to viewers.

5. Video Draft

A video can be drafted for editing later. Once a video has been uploaded successfully, it will be saved as a draft. Once your video has been uploaded, close the upload interface and add it to the draft for editing later.

6. Schedule Uploaded Videos for Publishing

You can schedule a video for later if you don’t want to publish it immediately. When you reach the Visibility stage during the publishing process, the video schedule option will be available. You can then choose your preferred upload time for a video using the Schedule option.

7. Increase your user base

You might consider granting access to multiple users, especially if you are looking to collaborate. This involves giving permission to certain users and assigning them a role.

This option can also be found in Studio settings. Navigate to Studio settings and click Permissions. To invite a user, authenticate your account by clicking the Plus Sign.

8. Your Playlists can be created and managed

Playlists can be a great way for your channel to stay organized and make it easier for viewers to navigate. You can create multiple playlists and give each one a descriptive name. This allows users to immediately understand the purpose of the playlist’s content.

Click on the Playlist option in the left-hand corner. Next, click the New Playlist button.

9. Comment

YouTube Studio offers many options for managing comments from viewers. You can filter the comments your viewers can leave, accept all comments, keep them for moderation or disable comments altogether.

You can see how comments are coming through to your Studio by going to the community option. Navigate between the Automatic filters or default options to choose your preference.

10. Video Subtitles

You can choose to create subtitles for your video if you feel you need translation text.

You can access the subtitle option in the first step of uploading your video. Click on More options to access it. Choose the language you want to view and then upload the subtitle file to your computer.

11. Hide your YouTube Channel

You might consider having some videos uploaded to your YouTube channel for your audience if it is brand new. In that situation, you will want to hide your channel and continue uploading videos.

YouTube Studio also offers this option. You can access it by clicking on the Settings Menu. After the settings options are displayed, click on Channel and then Advanced Setting. Finally, click on Delete YouTube Content. The next step is to choose whether you want to hide or delete your channel from the public.

12. Get Creator Insider

YouTube Studio offers a news section that keeps you informed about the latest features in YouTube Studio and YouTube. This section is updated frequently to keep you informed about new features as well as those you should be aware of.

YouTube Studio Can Do More

YouTube Studio now offers many new features that allow you to post videos with more freedom. You’ll also find many more features than the ones we have listed.

The best way to get a grasp of everything YouTube Studio has to offer is to look around. This article should have given you some ideas.

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