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These are the Best MacBook Battery Replacement Options

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The most important component of your MacBook that you’ll need to replace is its battery. Apple machines are reliable, but modern battery technology means that most cells won’t last more than a few years, especially if they get used heavily.

A battery replacement is a great option for older MacBooks. These are the options for replacing your MacBook’s battery. We also have information on the cost of replacing it and how to know when it’s time.

Are you looking to replace your MacBook battery?

Check the status of your MacBook before you decide if it requires a new one. To open System Preferences on macOS Big Sur and later, click the Apple menu. Next, choose Batterie from the menu.

Click the Battery tab in the left sidebar. Next, click the Health link at the bottom.

The result window will either display Normal or Service Recommended For Battery Condition. If the first option is displayed, your battery may be in good condition. The suggestion of service does not necessarily mean that something is wrong. This could indicate that your battery might be holding less energy than it used.

You will also see the Maximum Capacity. 100% means it performs as well as when it was brand new. A lower percentage such as 80% will indicate how much battery life is left. An empty battery may give you eight hours of usage, rather than the full 10.

You can view your battery health using older macOS versions by holding the Option button and clicking on the icon to display the battery percentage in the top-right. This will display one of the four possible battery statuses.

  • In most cases, you won’t have to replace your battery.
  • Soon to Replace: The battery is now less powerful than when it was new.
  • Replace now: The battery’s original capacity has been significantly reduced.
  • Service Battery The battery has been identified as being defective by the system.

These conditions should give you an indication of whether your MacBook’s batteries need to be replaced. These conditions don’t indicate any potential danger. You can continue using your MacBook as usual.

Option 1: Apple Warranty can replace your MacBook Battery

Benefits: This service is available without charge under any applicable warranties. It should always be your first option.

Apple will replace any battery that is defective or damaged if it’s still covered under warranty. Apple offers a limited warranty of 1 year for the USA. EU residents enjoy two-year coverage. AppleCare on the MacBook extends this coverage to three years.

Apple is available to answer any questions you may have about your battery. By entering your serial number, you can check the status on Apple’s Check Protection page. To locate your serial number, you can click on the Apple menu located in the upper-left corner. Select About this Mac.

If your warranty isn’t covered, we will show you the best options to replace your MacBook’s battery. However, you should be aware of some cases.

Apple Battery Replacement Programs available for specific MacBook Pro Models

A MacBook Pro replacement may be possible even if the warranty has expired.

Apple will replace some 13-inch MacBook Pro models that were manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017. Because of a failure in one component, the battery expands. Apple claims this isn’t dangerous.

Apple also recalls 15-inch MacBook Pro computers manufactured between September 2015 and February 2017. Apple claims that these devices can catch fire if they are overheated. These models need to be replaced immediately in order to ensure your safety.

Option 2: You may pay for a replacement Apple MacBook battery

Benefit Your MacBook is protected from any defects that might occur during the process. The replacement Product you receive will be authentic and original and should arrive within one day.

Apple recommends you only use third-party authorized service centers and first-party suppliers to replace your MacBook’s batteries. This option is not the cheapest, but it is the best and most secure. Apple offers a guarantee of 90 days on all work, so this procedure is less common than others.

What price does a MacBook replacement cost if the service doesn’t fall under warranty? For MacBook Pros, the average price for a MacBook Air battery replacement is $129 and $199 respectively. Shipping your device costs $19.95 extra

If your MacBook is extremely old, it might be a better idea to put that money towards a brand-new MacBook. If your Mac is old, you should look for signs and not waste money.

Visit Apple’s Mac Service and Repair Site and click Send an inquiry. If you don’t have an Apple store nearby, the website will recommend third-party authorized parties. These technicians are given the same training as Apple’s, and they offer the same guarantees.

Option 3: Take the MacBook Battery to a Computer Repair Shop

Benefits: It is possible to save money by hiring an Apple-certified technician instead to fix your device. Although third-party parts are cheaper and have lower costs, this means that they are less likely to fail quickly.

A third-party repair service can replace your MacBook Air or MacBookPro batteries and save you money. Many repair shops, even though they may not be affiliated with Apple can source your battery to replace it. The cost to replace the battery in your MacBook will vary depending on who you contact.

Apple’s guarantee does not apply to this route. The company might use third-party components to save money. Although these parts don’t necessarily have to be of inferior quality, they can cause problems in the future and may result in lower performance. Local computer repair shops can provide estimates for MacBook battery replacement. Next, compare the prices with Apple’s.

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