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These are the 9 Best Airline Flight Path Tracking Sites and Apps

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It is very helpful to know the exact time an aircraft is due to take off and land at the airport.

These five apps can be used on Android and iOS. Four websites let you keep track of your flight in real-time.

1. FlightStats

FlightStats online flight tracker is the best. You can quickly view your information in My Flights after searching for any flight.

Live flight tracker is one of the best features of the app. Share flight information quickly with the app.

A widget can be used to make a custom Apple Watch face. It will show all of the information you need without opening the app.

2. The Flight Tracker Professional

Flight Tracker Pro can be used as an alternative to ads. This makes it a great option for business travelers. It can be saved to your phone and shared on a variety of platforms like social media, text, or even email.

Push notifications are available in a variety of situations.

3. FlightAware Flighttracker

FlightAware Flight Tracker can be used to track the status all commercial airline flights worldwide. It can also track general air travel, including charter and private aircrafts in the United States.

Users can search for flights using the code, route or registration of their airline. The app also offers radar overlays.

This is a great feature. You can get push notifications about flight arrivals and departures.

4. FlightRadar24

FlightRadar24 shows a map of all aircraft flying around the world. You can select a flight to see information such as the estimated time of arrival (ETA), speed and altitude.

It’s easy to search individual flights by flight number or airline. If you select an airport, more information will be displayed, including weather conditions.

To view flight information and a photo, simply point to the sky. It’s a great application of augmented truths technology.

FlightRadar24 subscriptions include additional features like flight history and other information.

5. Flight Board

Flight Board provides a unique method to track your airline flight. It can show you the departures and arrivals boards for all airports worldwide. It keeps you updated with live information at all times.

Search by airline number, destination and airline to find specific flights. Simply switch between departures/arrivings from an airport in just one swipe.

6. FlightView

FlightView makes the site easy to navigate without the need for a search. You can track flights by number of routes or routes using a box located in the middle.

You can also call up live views to view the current flight information. It will show you where the aircraft is at the moment and any other details such as heading, speed and altitude.

After creating a FlightView Profile, you can send any flight information email to a given email address. Once you have received them, FlightView will show them to you. You can receive notifications via your mobile device regarding any changes.

7. Plane Finder

PlaneFinder is best viewed on a large screen. Home page displays a globe with live views and flight route maps from around Earth.

To search for a specific flight, you can view its top search area or view more details. Users have the option to click on any plane in the map for the exact same data.

Online flight tracking live maps make it even more entertaining. It is possible to create filters that limit the number of planes by airline and aircraft type.

Check out these smart baggage trackers and find other trackers for future travels.

8. Flight Arrivals

The top navigation menu allows you to begin your search. You have a number of options for searching, including departures and route maps.

The website offers a dedicated section for seat information. This allows you to view specific configurations of seats by certain airlines and types of aircraft. It will also show exit rows, overwing rows, and other information.

It is also essential to have WiFi on board the plane. Before you board the plane please refer to our article on WiFi in-flight. Grab your wallet.


When you’re looking for information about a specific flight, you don’t have to rely on any particular flight tracker app.

Type the flight number into Google. A brief summary of the flight’s status will appear before any search results. Flight Statistics provides more detailed information than the Google flight tracker.

It is necessary to be capable of using Google Flights Search to find cheap travel deals. More tips for optimizing efficiency with Google Flights can be found

How to save money when booking flight tickets

These apps or sites can be used in order to track your airline flight wherever it is.

A VPN can help you get cheap tickets to fly.

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