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These are the 6 Best Apps for Finding Clothes.

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If you ever saw a celeb wearing a cute outfit, it was difficult to find the right place to put it on. All you have to do today is take a picture of the item or the entire outfit and AI scanning technology will assist you in finding similar styles on the internet. Sometimes, you even have the ability to match the exact item!

Check out these outfit finder apps for your smartphone to help you locate clothes from a photo.

1. Google Lens

Google Lens’ image recognition tool can identify clothing, accessories such as necklaces, and other apparel. It makes it easy to locate a shirt that you have seen in your neighborhood. To use it, you don’t even need to take a photo. Just drag the clothing piece into the viewfinder and, if it is successfully matched by Google Lens, a little blue icon will be added to the top of the item.

The app will display a Google Shopping page after you tap the circle. This is also an aggregation platform. You will find links to many websites such as Amazon or Walmart for easy shopping. Google Lens can also be used to detect outfits. Google Lens can also detect the clothes worn by another person when it scans their look.

Google Lens can be downloaded as an Android standalone app or via the Google Photos App on iPhone. Although Google Lens alternatives are available, none of them are as powerful and reliable as the original.

2. CamFind

CamFind, a visual search engine platform, can help you find clothes by looking at photos. It is one of the best fashion apps for Android or iPhone. It’s easy to use: simply take a photo, allow the engine to process it, and then you’ll get the result. It provides shopping links, product descriptions, and related YouTube videos.

You can also share your results with others and see what other people are interested in to better understand fashion trends and network with like-minded shoppers. You can also access the private mode if you are not comfortable using its community features.

CamFind is slower and less reliable than Google Lens, but it provides extremely well-researched results. CamFind offers many other great features, including language translation and price comparisons. It even has partners with Uber or Lyft that can help with in-store shopping.

3. Amazon Shopping

Amazon’s main shopping app also has a visual search engine that focuses on clothing. This means you can easily find clothes by taking a photo. The StyleSnap option can be accessed by touching the camera icon in the Amazon app’s search box.

The app will launch the camera view by tapping it. You’ll need it to point at the clothing item you wish to scan. You can also upload a photo from your gallery. You can also view the Amazon recommended product listings if it is found. Each piece of recognized clothing will have a different selling option.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest’s mobile apps include a visual search tool called Lens, which allows you to search thousands of posts on the social network through images. This tool, similar to Google Lens, can identify multiple items, such a whole outfit.

Pinterest will also display shopping links for products that match your search. Pinterest has partnered up with ShopStyle, a fashion- and lifestyle shopping platform, to provide this functionality. You won’t find any links to Amazon or other commerce sites.

Pinterest Lens is best for obscure fashion pieces that are difficult to find using other AI lenses. You can find more beauty communities on the app.


British fashion retailer ASOS offers an easy reverse image search option that allows you to find clothing with a photo. You have two options: either take a new picture or upload it from your local storage. It takes only a few seconds to complete your query and most times it is accurate.

After your photo has been processed, the app will find ASOS styles most closely matching the one you are looking for. This is a great way for you to keep fashionable while on a tight budget. The app does not provide search results per item.

Although this app doesn’t have the best brand recognition, it is great if you are more interested in the company’s look. ASOS has 850 brands to choose from and ships to 242 countries.


A general reverse image app is a good alternative if you’re having trouble finding the right clothes finder app. Although not as helpful for finding your friend’s dress from her recent Instagram photo, there are many great tools to search for general internet images.

These apps allow you to upload photos or use your camera. It will then automatically search (e.g. with Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.) to return a variety of results. You can then continue your reverse image search using the associated photos, or you can use the auto-generated suggestions to find the perfect match.

Although it isn’t the fastest and most reliable way to go, this is a great choice when you have pre-captured images.

Use your phone to identify clothes and more

An AI clothes finder will eliminate the need to go shopping in malls looking for an outfit. These apps allow you to simply pull out your smartphone and snap a photo of your friend or celebrity from the magazine cover to find the right outfit.

Fashion is only the beginning. It’s not just about identifying clothing pieces. Your phone can identify flowers, wine bottles, dogs, and other animals. Check out these apps to scan the world with your phone’s camera.

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