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These are the 10 best synonym sites to find similar words online

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It can be difficult to find the right synonym for your word amongst all the available options. Here are ten online synonym dictionary sites that can help.

Synonyms are words that you use to spell another word. This is just a joke, a joke, a wisecrack, or a joke, jive,, or jape. You get the idea. Synonyms make it easy to find the right words every time.

Knowing your synonyms will help you win word games such as crosswords or Scrabble. Writers have the ability to add meaning to their work by using different words.

We all have our moments when it comes to vocabulary. The internet and online synonym dictionaries mean that we don’t need to carry around a heavy, hardbound thesaurus. These free thesaurus (synonym finders), will give you a dozen words if you fill in the small field. What are the best synonym websites?

Here is a list with the top synonym websites.

1. Thesaurus.com

This is one of the most popular sites for synonyms. This site has the most results for any word. Dictionary.com’s other side is represented by this site. The site features synonyms. You can also explore the menu bar to find meanings, games and word of the day.

Scroll down to a word’s pages and you will learn more about it, its antonyms and find related words.

2. Synonym.com

You can find similar words online with no hassle using this site. You can also find different definitions and the history of the word, as well as antonyms.


The number of words on Thesaurus.com is smaller than the one listed. The meaning of synonyms is what they are supposed to convey.

Trending searches can be found on the website as well as the word of the day.

3. Synonyms.com

This word site does a better job of finding synonyms and presents a lot more information about the results. Again, the synonyms are hyperlinked. It is also possible to learn how words are pronounced without having to click.

Synonyms.com offers word translations in various languages as well as a visual presentation. You will also find a section on how to use a search word in a sentence, as well as a citation tool. It is possible to search for alternative searches and “nearby” and related queries.

4. Synonym Finder

Synonym Finder provides hyperlinked words with definitions, usage and visual presentations. Synonym Finder offers synonyms grouped by context.

Although it isn’t as robust or as Synonym.com or Thesaurus.com, it has a simple user interface that’s easy for anyone to use. The top menu box can be used to access the definitions and antonyms for a word.

5. Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

Merriam-Webster, an online dictionary, also offers synonyms. The website can be accessed via the web or downloaded the app for iOS and Android.

This website provides a complete dictionary app, which includes synonyms, definitions, close antonyms, and much more. You can also find related phrases and a citation aid.

6. Huge Thesaurus

The Big Huge Thesaurus is based on Princeton University’s WordNet database, Carnegie Mellon Pronouncing Dictionary and other sources.

You can also explore the hyperlinked lists that the word tool generates. BHT does not provide word definitions so be sure to pay attention to the synonyms you choose.

It also provides antonyms, just like other websites. If you want to start a rap career, you will find words that “sound kinda like” and words that rhyme with the word in question.

7. The Free Thesaurus

The Free Dictionary’s Free Thesaurus can be used to find synonyms. The Free Thesaurus lets you explore a word across many domains such as medicine, finance and law. It also gives you synonyms. It also includes a related word and a visual presentation.

If the actual word is not in your memory , you can use the “Starts With” and “Ends With” options to get complete lists.

You can find synonyms, idioms and the meaning of words on The Free Dictionary.

8. Collins Dictionary

Collins Dictionary is an online dictionary which does more than your average online dictionary. It includes a translator and thesaurus.

Learn how to pronounce synonyms. Collins Dictionary includes a video at each word’s bottom to help you pronounce it correctly.

9. Word Hippo

WordHippo is another useful website to find synonyms. You’ll instantly feel at home with its simple user interface.

The website will give you a wide range of options if you type in a word. It not only provides synonyms, but also indicates which part of speech the word is used in a given context. WordHippo provides synonyms for your keyword in various contexts.

WordHippo also provides related words and phrases. WordHippo also offers antonyms and rhymes as well as translations. You can even learn how to pronounce the words. WordHippo can be accessed via the internet, but you can also download the iOS and Android apps.

10. Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus is another online synonym search website. Power Thesaurus is one of the most popular synonym finders online. It provides hundreds, if not thousands of synonyms. You can also access a dictionary to view the definitions of every synonym from a drop-down menu.

It also provides antonyms, sentences, examples, and phrases. Power Thesaurus offers an extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge that lets you check synonyms across the internet in just one click. The web extension means you no longer have to visit the site.

You Can Find Dozens Of Synonyms with Ease

With the internet, the age of carrying around a large thesaurus is over. It’s no longer necessary to carry it around. You can search for synonyms online in a flash. You can find similar words online using any one of these ten websites. You can try each one and decide what is most convenient.

A dictionary extension is one of best ways to quickly find synonyms. You can, for example, install Add-Ons in Google Docs that are solely focused on finding synonyms.

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