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These are the 10 best apps to animated photos on Android and iPhone

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What if you wanted to add movement to a still photo? There’s an app that can do this!

GIFs, videos and other multimedia are the mainstay of social media. It’s becoming rare to find a still image online. The ease with which you can add motion and filter effects to your photos online has led to a rise in animated images.

What if you want animated still photos? There’s an app that can do this. There are many apps that can do this. These are the top apps that you can use to animated photos on Android or iPhone.

1. Motion Leap

Motion Leap is our first choice, and it’s a good one. This app is a top-rated one, with more than 250,000 stars in the Play Store. The average rating is over four stars.

Motion Leap can be used for free, but you can also subscribe to the Pro or Subscription versions. Motion Leap doesn’t add a watermark to your image, unlike many other photo animators.

This app is designed to create animated still photos and looping videos from them. This is done by moving your thumb across the screen to program directional cues in your image.

To create an atmosphere in your photo, you can freeze certain parts of it and add filters to them.

Motion Leap does not save your animated still photos in video format, unless you have a Pro account. Here’s how you can convert animated photos to GIFs.

2. Werble

Werble works in the same manner as Motion Leap. The primary purpose of Werble is to animate your photos. While the basic account is completely free, you can also purchase in-app items. Werble’s animations rely on the filters that you can apply to your photos.

Werble has a positive side. It automatically saves these images as GIFs so that they are available online. The downside? You will need to pay to remove the watermark they placed on your image. This watermark is annoying enough.


GIPHY is the giant search engine for everything related to GIFs.

GIPHY is the best place to upload and search reaction memes for any topic under the sun. GIPHY also has a mobile application that allows you to create GIFs and animate images. These can be uploaded using the built-in animation tool.

GIPHY is a great tool for its intuitive interface and ease of use. You can use the sticker maker for iPhone X or later, and also add captions and short videos to animated photos. GIPHY is well worth the effort.

4. ImgPlay

ImgPlay is another tool that you can use for animating photos. It’s like a combination of Motionleap & Werbel. It can create ready-to-use animated photos for the internet and offers simple, intuitive controls. It also places a watermark on the image that you cannot remove unless your account is upgraded to full.

There are many ways to make animated photos or GIFs in ImgPlay. You can place still photos side-by-side or use burst images, videos, and both.

5. Move Pic

Move Pic is similar in Motionleap’s ability to animate photos. However, a lot of this animation can also be achieved using its built-in overlays or filters.

The downside is that the watermark cannot be removed without upgrading to VIP. Movepic automatically saves your photos as a movie file, instead of as a GIF. It’s worth looking at, despite this.

6. StoryZ

StoryZ, despite its dull interface, is one of our favorite apps. It can be used with still photos to create animated effects. The program uses color filters and overlays, as well as programmed paths of movement and color filters. Many of these are completely free and truly amazing. You can also save your files as GIFs automatically.

StoryZ’s best feature is the ability to remove the watermark from any image. This can be done by simply watching a short ad before saving the file. If you’re looking for animated photos, this one is a great choice.

7. Photo by Bender

Photo Bender, an Android app, allows you to digitally manipulate images to create animated photos. This can be done by coloring, stretching, twisting, or using brushes. Your photos can be exported as MP4s or GIFs.

Although this app does not have as many ratings, it is still highly rated so it’s worth a look.

Download: Foto Bender for Google (Free).

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