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These are 8 Best Ways to Open PSD Files without Photoshop

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Photoshop did the same thing again with the PSD file type.

PSD cannot be opened by other programs than those who are familiar with it. Subscribe to Adobe Photoshop CC.

These apps can’t edit PSDs, so you might not be able to spend the money or have the means. If flattened PSD viewing is what your requirements are, these apps can’t be used.


GIMP is the best tool for editing and opening PSD files free of charge. It can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other platforms.

PSD support is available in the app. No need to install third party plugins.

  1. Click File > Delete.
  2. Choose the PSD file that you wish to open.
  3. Click To Open.

GIMP can process individual layers within a PSD file. This is a wonderful feature. GIMP can process individual layers in a PSD file.


GIMP allows you to see the source code of any program at any time.

2. Paint.NET

Paint.NET knows what it wants to be: A great Microsoft Paint alternative but not as complex or intimidating as Adobe Photoshop and GIMP.

Third-party plugins can be made to enhance your website’s power.

  1. Download the PSD plug.
  2. Extract all contents from the ZIP file.
  3. Copy the file.
  4. Navigate To Paint.NET’s Installation Folder (Default Location is ).
  5. Copy the PhotoShop.dll files into the folders.
  6. Launch Paint.NET.

Once installed, the plugin should be able to open PSD files without any problems. Paint.NET can handle PSD layers well but may encounter occasional issues because Paint.NET doesn’t support all features in Photoshop.

Download: Paint.NET (Free)

3. Photopea Online editor

Photopea, a brand new web app, is very exciting. It’s not as powerful as desktop applications but it’s still very usable.

The layout is the same as This will make you feel at ease.

  1. Click File > Delete.
  2. Choose the PSD file that you wish to open.
  3. Click To Open.

Photopea can even scan individual layers! Photopea can even read individual layers!

4. XnView

XnView is a freeware tool that organizes your images. These images can be processed using basic image editing tools like color palettes, filters, effects and rotations.

This less-known app can export to more than 70 formats and read over 500 files. This app is not only useful for viewing images, but it can also be used to convert them.

  1. Click File > Delete.
  2. Choose the PSD file that you wish to open.
  3. Click To Open.

When downloading PSD files, you have three options: Standard, Minimal or Extended. No plugins or add-ons are required.

Download Free XnView

5. IrfanView

IrfanView’s primary function is the same as XnView. It’s a converter and an image viewer.

IrfanView is capable of rendering flattened PSD files, but cannot save or edit them unless they have been first exported to another format.

  1. Click File > Delete.
  2. Choose the PSD file that you wish to open.
  3. Click To Open.

Keep this app on your computer. You can also improve IrfanView with some clever plugins.

6. Google Drive

It may seem odd to use Google Drive to view files, but it is possible.

  1. Go to the Google Drive Page.
  2. To select Upload, click My Drive.
  3. Choose the PSD file that you wish to open.
  4. Click To Open.
  5. Double-click on the file to view it.

Google Drive can be a great way to organize your files. This can also be used to manage shared Google Drive folders.

7. Convertio

You cannot view, modify, or open PSD files using this option. If that is your main reason for opening PSDs, you might skip this step.

  1. Click Select Files.
  2. Navigate your PSD file to the “Next” tab.
  3. Choose a new file format.
  4. Click Convert.
  5. Once the conversion is completed, click Download

It is simple and straightforward.


8. macOS Preview

If you’re a Mac user, there is no need to install any additional software. The Preview app can open PSD files.

  1. Right-click on the PDF file that you’ve selected.
  2. Select View with > Preview

This is it. You can save to other formats and make minor edits. Preview will flatten any PSDs you open, so any layer information in the file will be lost.

Adobe Photoshop: Why?

These solutions work. These solutions work.

This is especially important if you are a photographer. There are so many ways to edit images that you can’t do with free apps.

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