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These 7 Best Gaming News Sites are

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Every year, there are hundreds of new videogames. There are many video games that are released each year.

These are some of the most popular online video game news and reviews. Click per second You can use them to learn more about the game, or simply to check the quality of the game before buying it.

A word on Mainstream Gaming Sites

Video Game journalism has faced many difficulties over the past decade. It is important to mention several prominent video game websites that have fallen prey to major ethical violations such as collusion and undisclosed monetary ties, as well as cronyism.

Many gaming websites are no longer focusing solely on the quality and gameplay of their games. Others treat some articles like personal blogs.


You need to study these topics and make your own decisions about whether or not you want to follow the mainstream gaming sites. Quality varies among sites.

1. Destructoid

Destructoid is the best. Destructoid posts many reviews, news posts and features every week. News updates, previews and opinion pieces.

The site doesn’t just focus on gaming. Destructoid offers reviews of console and PC games and mobile titles. Destructoid’s score system lets you see how it rates each game.

To make a gaming website, you can add video content or community forum coverage.

2. GamesRadar+

GamesRadar+ gives you news, reviews, and hands-on experience with new games.

GamesRadar+ isn’t reviewing the same amount as other sites. This indicates that the staff takes time to review games and doesn’t rush to post reviews.

Simply by looking at the pros and cons lists, you can quickly skim the reviews. You can also easily scan the summary of each verdict by looking at the pros/cons lists.

3. Game Informer

Game Informer is a well-known video game magazine with a website. It will only be about games.

It is a classic take on a modern website for gaming. This is something not every gaming website does.

Game Informer was started by gamers and is not a comprehensive site. It’s comprehensive, however, and it doesn’t contain any political nonsense.

4. Metacritic

Metacritic provides a quick and easy way for gamers to evaluate games from multiple websites ( in the same manner that Rotten Tomatoes reviews movies ).

Search for a game and you will see a weighted score system that ranges between 1-100. Click on the link to see individual reviews. To find out what the critics thought of the game, you can also view user reviews.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to sum up the quality of a game in one number. Remember that a numerical score does not always indicate the best.

5. Nintendo Life

This site is for Nintendo Switch gamers. Find news, reviews and original videos.

These guides can help you identify fake artwork in Animal Crossing and type weaknesses in Pokemon. There will be more information here than in mainstream titles.

A must-visit for Nintendo fans with a friendly community in the forums.


GameSpot has a lot to offer and is worth a look.

The site reviews both popular and smaller games across every platform. Get in touch with gamers by visiting the forums.

There are some quirks to the reviews. The reviews can be criticized for not playing the whole game.

7. Christ-Centered Gamer

A site that displays obvious biases may not be the right choice, given the above discussion on biases in gaming. Christ Centered Gamer was highly praised by people who care about ethical standards for major game sites.

This site differentiates between two scores. Another evaluates the morality of the game and uses factors such language and sexual content.

This is useful for people who are religious, or need to know more about video games.

While it isn’t as popular and well-known as other gaming review sites, It might be refreshing.

Games reviews

All the sites above provide professional gaming news, reviews and information. Because opinions about games can vary greatly from one person to another, it is possible to find more reviews by everyday gamers than professional articles.


Video reviews can be made by anyone who has an opinion or a YouTube channel.

GameFAQs is not only a great resource for game walks, but also offers a forum for players to review the game. You will be able to see what other people have to say about it.

The reviews are not structured in a certain way. The reviews can be organized according to the needs of each individual.

Steam makes it easy to see the opinions of other players about the game. You also have the option to filter the results by how long they played the game, what type of review they wrote and so on.

Steam can help you filter “funny” or unhelpful reviews.

Top Video Game Sites Worth Your While

There are many websites that you don’t hear about. Some websites can be biased or have poor reviews.

Another thing to consider is to look for Twitch streamers. This will allow you to see the game live in real-time.

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