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These 4 top green screen apps are for your smartphone

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It’s difficult to scroll through social media without seeing a post that has greenscreen editing.

This page is for you to see how others green screen edit on their phones.

What’s Green Screen Editing?

Most people are familiar with the term “greenscreen”. This is what you’ll see.

Make a greenscreen by removing the background from an image or video and placing something green in its place.

The green screen videos, or images that you have created over other images and videos, can be used. Next, editors “key” the background.

Getting Started

You can make a greenscreen from an image or video but it must be of good quality.


You don’t need to use green all the time. If the subject is wearing green sweaters, you can choose another color such as bright pink or royal.

If you’re not confident or wish to learn more, you can make your own green screen. Send your final results to the creator

Let’s get straight to the best apps for editing green screens on our smartphones.

1. CapCut: The Best Green Screen Editing App

CapCut is the most popular mobile video editing app. It offers advanced editing tools for free.

Take a look at these tutorials on making a greenscreen and using CapCut’s Green Screens.

To create a green screen, you only need to use the remove background tool.

2. The Most Powerful App for Green Screen Editing

This app is only for iPhone users. Video Star is also known for “After Effects for Smartphones”. It features advanced green screen features, as you can see.

Many tutorials are available that will show you how to make greenscreens and use them.

Create an image using the Masking Function within the Multi-Layer Window. Next you can make edits to the subject.

You can create a green screen using Video Star with the Colour Masking function in Multi-Layer Windows.

You will need to buy one or more packs in order to access the green screen options in Video Star. The Pro subscription gives you full access and allows you to use all the features.

3. picsArt: The Best App To Create Green Screen Images

These apps can edit greenscreen video and images. We have the perfect app to help you make greenscreen edits.

PicsArt is our favorite mobile image editing app. It offers many powerful and diverse editing tools.

PicsArt can create green screens

  1. Start the application and choose a solid colour from the templates.
  2. Click on Edit to open the editing window. Select the image you wish to use to create a greenscreen from your library.
  3. To remove background from a page or to isolate the subject manually, click on the Remov button. Or locate the Cut Tool at the bottom of the page and let it do all the work.
  4. Hit When done, apply

Now the subject will be added to the top layer. It is the green background that we imported in step 1. You can export it to other programs.

PicsArt has no function to remove the green background from greenscreen photos. PicsArt allows you to import greenscreen pictures.

4. Chromavid: Best Real-Time Green Screen App

This app can be used by those who already have greenscreen settings. A flat material can be used to create a greenscreen sheet in a solid-colored color.

Chromavid is a hybrid of traditional green screen filming and green screen editing. You can also upload images from your own collection.

To film Chromavid on a green screen

  1. To choose a colour, open the app by tapping the colored dot at the top-left corner.
  2. Click on the picture icon at bottom left to select an image.
  3. When you press the Record icon, your subject will be placed in front of the colored sheet. This is how we captured a Lego friend.
  4. After you have stopped recording, you will be directed to a window where you can view the results and then save them to your device.

The only problem with Chromavid is its price. For $2.99 anum, you will get the watermark removed. There will be more choices for your default images.

iOS (Free, subscription available)

Green Screen Editing Made Easy

Green screen editing has become so widespread that it is considered a standard method for editing. More apps now offer green screen capabilities.

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