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The OnePlus Nord 3 is on the way, with a host of other Nord gadgets

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Although it’s been a while since we last heard anything about the OnePlus Nord 3 handset, we may not have to wait much longer for the official unveiling of the next affordable OnePlus handset.

Mukul Sharma, a reliable tipter, has confirmed that the OnePlus Nord 3 is real. He will be leading a host of new Nord devices, including a Nord Watch and Nord Band, new Nord Buds and a Nord smart scale.

This is a significant expansion of Nord’s ecosystem. There are already some OnePlus Nord Buds so that product will be updated, but the other product is brand new. This assumes that the Nord watch will not be as expensive and distinct from the OnePlus Watch.

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Nord 3Nord WatchNord WatchNord BandNew Nord BudsNord smart meter (not sure what the name is) and more Nord-branded AIoT products are coming up. Aug 19, 2022

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You need more Nord

While we assume that the Nord Band will be a fitness tracker device, we don’t know much more about them beyond their names and existence. However, it is evident that OnePlus wants to expand the Nord brand quickly.

It can be hard to keep track of all the new devices launched by this tech giant, with Oppo and OnePlus joining forces.

We don’t yet have any information on launch dates. However, it’s been over a year since the OnePlus Nord 2 was revealed. Previous rumors suggested that announcements might be made in August or September.

Analysis: picking apart the OnePlus Nord strategy

It was easy from the start, with the original OnePlus Nord clearly being a mid-range, value-for-money alternative to the flagship smartphones offered by OnePlus. This is the same strategy Google uses with handsets like the Google Pixel 6a.

We’ve seen many products from OnePlus in the two years since the Nord was launched. Some with the Nord branding, some without it. Sometimes, there have been confusing numbering schemes and naming schemes that made it difficult to track.

For example, the OnePlus Nord 2T is a minor update to the OnePlus Nord 2 and one we call “strangely redundant” with regard to the rest of OnePlus’ range – even though it is a very impressive mid-range smartphone.

Let’s all hope that the new wave OnePlus products will have clear indications as to where they fit in relation to other products (here, also includes TV sets).


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