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The Lowest AirPods Sales and Deals in March 2022

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This is our best AirPods deals roundup. It’s here to help you find the best Apple AirPods Sales online. This article has all the information you need to find the best prices for standard AirPods, powerful AirPods Pro, and the all-new AirPods Max.

AirPods were once hard to find in the US or UK. However, because of their popularity and seasonal sales, it is now easier to find AirPods at discounted prices. They do sell quickly so we recommend that you grab an AirPods deal as soon as possible.

We’ve been able to find a variety of discounts recently, including savings up to $80/PS80. However, these sales have gone very quickly. These AirPods deals are quite impressive considering the premium Apple tech.

The Apple AirPods are the perfect earphones for pairing with an iPhone. They can be paired with many other phones, including laptops because they are Bluetooth.

How much are AirPods? And how do you find the best AirPods deals? The price comparison tool automatically shows you the best prices from your favorite retailers, so you can get the most recent prices as soon as they become available.

AirPods deals and sales


The Apple AirPods Pro was released in October last year at a price starting at $249 / PS249/ AU$399. You’ll find many deals on the AirPods Pro thanks to the recent release of AirPods Max.

This is a significant price increase compared to regular AirPods. However, the AirPods Pro was the first AirPods with active noise-canceling technology. This allows outside distractions to be kept away from your music. It’s great for noisy commutes and keeping your focus on work. Additionally, there is a mode that lets some outside noise in, which may be useful if you wish to hear the traffic when running/cycling/walking or someone calling your name in the office.

AirPods pros are water and sweat-resistant, making them more suitable for gym use than the standard AirPods. They also come with multiple tips to help you find the right fit. Water-resistance is IPX4 which means they can withstand light rain and splashes.

Apple AirPods Pro comes standard with a wireless charging bag. The AirPods Pro is not available in a cheaper version that comes with a standard charging bag, but the AirPods Pro offers buyers the option to have both.


AirPods 2019 comes with a wireless charging case. There are many AirPods deals available. Although the Apple Airpods are more expensive at $199/PS199/AU$319, wireless charging is an extremely useful feature. AirPods are identical to the ones mentioned above. The only difference is that the case.

Simply place your AirPods in the case and close the lid. Then, use a Qi-certified wireless charger pad (sold separately). Apple has canceled the release of its Apple AirPower wireless charging pad. This would have allowed simultaneous charging of your iPhone and Apple Watch. However, third-party chargers are much cheaper than the Apple AirPower.

How much are the 2019 AirPods? And how can you get them at the lowest price? Below are the AirPods deals on the 2nd generation earbuds. They were released in March 2019. The Apple AirPods with Charging Case started at $159/PS159/AU$249 but we have seen the wireless headphones drop to $99/PS99/AU$99.

The visual design is the same as the older model. The inside features include a 50% faster H1 processor chip and hands-free Siri interaction. The new 2019 AirPods, even though they are more expensive than the Pro’s, are still the best option. These features are highlighted in the description so you know that you’re purchasing the latest version. The standard charging case comes with this model, which provides up to 20 hours of battery life and three hours of Talktime on a single charge.


Apple quietly releases the AirPods Max They will be available for purchase in December and are currently available to buy If They are usually in stock. The AirPods Max headphones are not cheap. They start at $549.99/PS549.

The AirPods Max is not only unique because of their high price but also feature an exclusive over-ear design that is first in the AirPods series. Apple claims that the AirPods Max brings all the benefits of AirPods to over-the-ear. This means you get Active Noise Cancellation and powerful H1 Chips as well as an enhanced audio experience.

AirPods Max has a unique design, featuring a knit mesh headband and a stainless-steel frame with memory foam cups for maximum comfort. Apple headphones are available in a variety of sleek colors, including space gray, silver, and sky blue. They also have 20-hour battery life.

We haven’t yet seen AirPods Max sales, but we expect to see the first price reductions during the Amazon Prime Day event.

How about the Apple AirPods original 2016?

These models are no longer available and have been phased out in most shops. In rare cases, we may find unused stock units. These units are priced the same as the updated 2019 models.

The short version is that you can get the 2019 models by using one of the deals shown in the comparison table above. If the title does not include the words ‘2019’ or the ‘latest/newest’, be sure to check for the H1 chip and hands-free Siri functionality.

What is the cost of AirPods?

AirPods are $159 in the US, PS159 in the UK, and $249 in Australia. You shouldn’t have to pay more. However, some shops will push up the price when stocks run out. The price of the wireless charging case version will rise to approximately $199 in the US and PS199 for the UK.

The MSRP will be charged at the usual outlets, but they may charge less during peak seasons. We are hopeful that Apple AirPod sales will not be delayed.

Alternative options include our Beats headphone deals page. Other brands are also covered on our wireless headphones deals page.

Do I have to wait for a better deal on AirPods?

It’s possible to wait a while before you get huge discounts. We saw $20 discounts go out in seconds last year on Black Friday. This was one of the most popular deals in our comprehensive roundups of the best offers. Similar discounts were also seen in the UK – better than last year’s $7 discount, but still no flash sale.

Overall, things have been much better this year with better deals in different regions. There are often discounts of $15/PS20, even when there are peak seasons discounts. This means that you should be able to beat the suggested asking price.


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