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The iPhone 13 Pro Max replaced the iPhone 13 Pro for me 

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I had assumed that I knew I would choose the iPhone 13 PRO model before the iPhone 13 arrived. A week ago, the iPhone13 Pro Max I had been waiting for arrived in my hands. What happened?

Before the iPhone 13 series was launched, I had written that Apple would not separate the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13, Pro Max, on the basis of camera quality. This proved to be true. My life and the world changed significantly between that writing and placing my order.

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It all started with my old phone. My iPhone 12 Pro was purchased during the lockdown in the U.K. This meant that I used it most of the time at home via Wi-Fi. The phone lasted a full day even with heavy streaming of music and video on the 12 Pro. Although I was jealous of the iPhone 12 Pro max‘s bigger screen and better rear cameras, I wasn’t disappointed and I felt content with my phone choice.

As everything started to open up again and I began to commute back to work, I discovered that my iPhone 12 Pro’s battery wasn’t quite last a day without using Low Power mode. After a year of usage, battery health was only 89%.

We commented on the iPhone 12 series in general, and that the battery life of all phones except the iPhone 12 Pro Max was not as good as their Android counterparts. This was something I knew, but I didn’t really appreciate it until I started listening to podcasts and watching videos on my commute using 4G and 5G data. Tech journalist that I am, I have a lot of cables and chargers I can use to charge my iPhone, but I don’t want to be tied to it while I’m at work or home at night. I wondered if maybe the new iPhone was time to go, Max when it arrived.

Although I have a habit of using Android phones larger than the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 13 Pro Max, the flat edges of Apple’s latest phones don’t allow them to fit in my hands as well. This is why I chose the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 13 Pro Max Max was expected to have a larger battery, so I waited until our reviews were in to place my order. Before making a decision, battery life is more important to me than comfort. I wanted to know how long-lasting the Pro iPhones could last before making any purchase.

Our iPhone 13 battery live tests revealed that the iPhone 13 Pro had a significant improvement in battery life over the iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 13 Pro Max lasted for half an hour more. The iPhone 13 Pro Max Max’s performance placed it in the top 10 phones with the longest battery life. As of writing, the iPhone 13 Pro is ranked 13th. This convinced me that, despite the less comfortable design on the iPhone 13 Pro Max Max, this was the model that I wanted.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has exceeded my expectations. It has only been a week since I got it. Despite having the best display of any smartphone this year, the battery life is amazing. I have used the phone for seven days and watched a lot of YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify. Although it’s been difficult to learn how to use the phone with two hands, I have learned to be able to type messages and shift the phone in my hand to reach the buttons.

There are always compromises when buying a phone, regardless of whether they relate to features or budget. It was so easy to use my phone with one hand and just slip it into my pocket without thinking. But, every day that my iPhone 13 Pro Max’s battery is still at half-full, I know I made the right decision.

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