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Everyone was affected by something terrible on Monday, October 4, 2021. It was terrible. Social media shut down!

Unexpectedly, apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram shut down. Everyone ran in a mad dash to TikTok or Twitter.

All apps were down at noon Eastern Daylight Time. They were back up by 5:46 p.m. The worst Facebook shutdown since 2019 when the entire platform was down for 24 hours.

The question that remains is “Why?”

Facebook claimed that its apps were shut down because of a configuration problem. Later, Facebook engineers explained to Richard Lawler at TheVerge.com, that the company’s backbone connection between its data centers was lost during routine maintenance. This caused DNS servers to go offline. These two factors made the problem even more complicated and help to explain why services were unavailable for so long.

It was traffic in their systems that made it difficult for those who don’t understand technology.

The unexpected shutdown did not upset everyone. The shutdown was generally welcomed by most people. Social media has had a significant impact on the world. It’s entertaining, but also distracting. Social media has its pros and cons.

People were able to focus and were able to get work done. Most people could focus on their own thoughts, even for six hours.

Although the October 4th social media shutdown was beneficial in some ways, it wasn’t for everyone.

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