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The company says Google, Gmail, and YouTube are down

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Google, Gmail, and YouTube are all down. This rare event has caused three of the most popular websites and most downloaded apps on the internet to go down, both Android and iOS.

Google Services Down

According to Independent.co.uk, the outages affected Google’s service. Users reported problems with all of its products. YouTube, Gmail, and Google Meet were all affected by the same problem. This was based on both users’ and Google’s status pages.

YouTube, which was purchased by Google for $1.6 billion, is now a separate entity. TheRinger says. According to reports, the website was purchased in 2005.

YouTube is worth $500 billion in June

According to the story by ContextIsKing. YouTube’s June value was $500 billion. This is more than 300 times the initial price at which Google purchased the company. YouTube was down as well during Google’s downtime.

Google noted then on its status dashboard, that they were investigating a problem affecting users across multiple services. This outage could affect several users in Europe, it was stated.

Google, Gmail, and YouTube Down

However, the issues did not affect all users. Some users were not affected by the outage, and could still access Google, Gmail, and YouTube.

Google has said that the problem is being called “disruption” rather than an outage. According to Google, this suggests that they believed the problem would have a limited impact. It is not known how many users were affected by the outage at this time.

Google Services in High Demand

Gmail and other Google services were integral to my personal use as well as for professional purposes. This is the hard part about this outage. Google services have been an integral part of the business function due to their hybrid, word-from-home setup.

There is no way to know how far the problem has spread, as users are reporting different problems. The DailyMail.co.uk reported that DownDetector detected the problems around 8:44 BST.

Percentage of Reports

According to the publication, although the cause of this outage is not yet known, 49% of those who reported it said that they had problems with their server connection. It was reported that 30% of those affected had issues sending emails.

These were not the only problems reported. 21% of users also had issues with the website. Many users reported getting the 502 error message when trying to access their email accounts.

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