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The best Tesco Mobile phone deals for August 2022

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Tesco Mobile has been offering phone deals for over a decade. Tesco Mobile is the place to go if you are looking for a new telecommunications friend. Tesco Mobile can provide top-notch deals on the latest smartphones, including the Apple iPhone13 and Samsung Galaxy S21. You can also find SIM-only deals.

It’s actually easier than searching for and sorting on the Tesco Mobile Website (opens new tab), by compiling every tariff in our comparison table below. You can find all the deals you need right here. If you don’t see what you are looking for, click ‘load more deals” at the bottom.

We’ve also gone into sufficient detail about Tesco’s mobile phones to make it clear what they are all about.

It’s even better if you are a Tesco Clubcard holder. Tesco Clubcard points can be used to get a discount on a new phone. You can double the amount of Clubcard points you earn to get a Tesco phone deal. Your Tesco mobile phone deal is an example of this savings: PS5 on your Clubcard = PS10 per month


Tesco Mobile offers the best deals on top phones

Tesco Mobile: Who are they?

Tesco Mobile is a well-established company that has been in business since 2003. It is powered by the O2 network, which gives it a solid 99% coverage. This also means high-speed 4G connections can be accessed.

There are many handset options available, including the Apple iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. However, there are also cheaper handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 6.

Can my Tesco Clubcard be used to purchase a phone plan?

If you sign up for the Tesco Clubcard plus scheme (opens in a new tab), you will get additional benefits on both SIM plans and phone contracts. It costs PS7.99 per month. While you get 10% off your first two purchases, the most interesting benefit is on your phone.

Tesco will double the data on its pay monthly contracts, so you can score more data if your clubcard needs to be upgraded.

The PS7.99 per month may seem a little too expensive, but the base phone plans and SIM offers offered by Tesco are very strong. The doubled data is just an added bonus.

Only the Best Tesco Mobile SIM Deals

A contract can seem daunting, so you might consider purchasing the smartphone you desire SIM-free and inserting a separate SIM. This is also a good option if your current plan has ended and you want to keep your old smartphone for a while.

There are many Tesco Mobile SIM-only deals. These range from monthly rolling contracts to longer term commitments. There are many options that can save you money, but they don’t require commitment. See for the best SIM-only deals on Tesco Mobile. If you’re looking for more information and comparing Tesco Mobile to other retailers, then take a look at our best sim-only deals guide.

Tesco Mobile upgrades

This is a great option for customers who are already Tesco Mobile phone customers and wish to upgrade to the most recent phone. However, you will need to pay a fee. This can vary depending on your contract.

You will only need to pay the balance of your credit agreement if you have an Anytime upgrade or Anytime Upgrading Flex account. This handy guide can help you to work out other types of contracts (opens in a new tab).

Can Tesco Mobile allow me to keep my number?

The short answer is “yes”. It’s possible to keep your current mobile number while you switch to Tesco Mobile. You will need to call your existing network provider and request your PAC code. This should be done within two hours. You will need to provide this information to Tesco Mobile to get your new contract. Your number will then port over. Simple.

Trade-in and trade up at Tesco Mobile

You might want to get some cash back when you upgrade your phone. Instead of searching the internet for deals and then trading it with another platform, Tesco Mobile can arrange this for you. You can use Tesco Trade-In and trade-up to either get cash for your phone, or save money on your new contract. You get paid on the day your phone is traded in.

Tesco Mobile capped contracts

Tesco Mobile offers a cap on your monthly bill if you are concerned about your limit. You can choose a safe amount you will allow to spend above the monthly bill. This ranges from PS2.50 up to PS40. You won’t be able to spend more than this amount so that you know your monthly bill will never exceed a certain amount.

Tesco Mobile mobile phones pay-as-you go

It’s not unusual to pay as you go. This is a great way to track exactly what you spend while being free from any contract, which means no bills. The Tesco Mobile app allows you to add credit to your account and keep track of your spending.

How do I contact Tesco Mobile customer support

There are several ways to contact Tesco Mobile for additional information. You can call customer care at 0345-301-4455 and 4455 from your Tesco Mobile or you can send an email using this link. (opens in a new tab). If you prefer to use Twitter, @tescomobilecare is also available. You can also browse all Tesco Mobile contact options here. (opens in a new tab).

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