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The best soundbar in 2022: Boost your TV sound with these top buys

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Choosing the best soundbars will solve many audio problems. Are you unable to hear the dialogue? Soundbars can be helpful. Are blockbuster movies with big budgets sounding weak and thin? Soundbars can change this.

Problem is that TVs are becoming thinner and more compact, so the speakers have to shrink in order to fit into the tightest spaces. The result is a sound that lacks the impact of big-screen displays. Even though there is a lot of advanced digital signal processing (DSP), tech available to get the best TV sound output, even the most expensive TVs can still sound thin and weedy.


Are you curious about spatial audio, but not sure if it is right for you? Watch a Netflix TV series in spatial audio.

Students’ best soundbars back to school

It’s almost summer, so now is the time to think about back-to-school sales. In the lead up to school returning, soundbars that are best for students are in high demand so it is worth starting to shop as soon as you can. You’ll need the best soundbar for your TV and music streaming, whether you’re going to college or returning to school. Many of our top picks are on sale right now, making this the perfect time to purchase one of the best soundbars. For all your shopping needs this season, be sure to check out our back-to-school guide.

The top 3 soundbars of 2022

Best overall: Devialet Dione

Dolby Atmos soundbar with Dolby Surround Sound that is dynamic, wide-ranging and nuanced. The soundstage is large and immersive with lots of bass punch. If you are in search of the most elegant and best-sounding soundbar, then the Devialet is for you.

Best smart soundbar: Sonos Arc

Because of its Trueplay auto-tuning capabilities, the Sonos Arc optimizes the sound in your room like no other. This means that you are always in the best place for movie sound. You can also control the device via voice using Alexa or Google Assistant. Although the price is high, this soundbar is among the most advanced available right now.

Best value: Yamaha YAS-209

This soundbar has a long history and is still a great value. The soundbar comes with Bluetooth, a wireless subwoofer and Alexa voice control. It also has HDMI out/out ports and optical digital audio. The sound quality is excellent. Dialog is rich in depth and gravitas. The 3D Surround mode has a remarkablely large range. It works well with music.

Which soundbars are best to buy now?

1. Devialet Dione

You have the power to bring big movie thrills home with gusto.


Dimensions: 3.5 x 47.2×6.5 inches

Inputs/outputs : 1x HDMI in, 1x HDMI out (eARC/ARC); Digital optic; Ethernet

Audio channels: 5.1.2

Wireless: AirPlay 2, Bluetooth 5.0, Spotify Connect; UPnP

Subwoofer: Built-in

Power output of 950W

Mountable on a wall

+Extensive, assertive and informative full-range sound+Intriguing design with high-quality finish+Flexible regarding placement

Avoidable reasons

Eye-wateringly high–No HDMI passthrough–No remote control

Devialet’s Dione soundbar is not a subtle design statement. It brings a bit of high-end brand’s usual design drama to the world that sells add-on TV speakers. The Dione, as with most of its high-end output, is expensive and strikingly elegant. It’s a 5.1.2 Dolby-Atmos-compliant affair that delivers surround-sound sound from one unit.

The Dione has a Dolby Atmos soundtrack that is full of action and energy. It’s a dynamic, spacious, and very nuanced listening experience. It’s quite impressive to hear a soundbar without the help of a subwoofer or low-frequency reinforcement. Both ‘punch’ and “rumble” are available and have an order of magnitude that is beyond the reach of any of the Devialets’ rivals. If you have the means to purchase a Dolby Atmos soundbar solution, the width and height soundstage elements will be of great value.


2. Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 3

This is the best soundbar for music and movies.


Size: 2.6 x 47.6x 5.5 inches

Outputs/inputs: HDMI, Digital optical; Ethernet; USB C (service only).

Audio channels: 3.1.2

Wireless: AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth aptX adaptive; Spotify Connect

Subwoofer: Integrated

Power output: 400W

Mountable on a wall

+Lively, muscular, and expansive movie sound+Properly achieved with music+Useful touch control and app

Avoidable reasons

The -Dolby atmos effect is not as strong as some-Close competitors.

The Panorama 3 is Bowers & Wilkins’ most affordable soundbar, despite being the most expensive model in the buying guide. Although it is more expensive than the Sonos Arc, the Panorama 3’s sound quality is well worth the extra money. The 3.1.2 speaker configuration features forward-firing left-right and center channels. There are also two subwoofer drivers built in for cinematic punch and rumble.

The Panorama 3 is powered by 400 watts of Class-D amplification. This means it can handle those huge dynamic shifts that cinemas all over the world love without getting hot. It is also expressive and articulate when it comes to music. The soundstage is extremely coherent and well-judged with all types of music and movie content. Dolby Atmos content projects far beyond the speaker cabinet and in all directions. Bowers & Wilkins has created a soundstage that is truly wide. There is a real sense of movement when effects move from one side to the other. The soundtracks are presented with confidence and style.

3. Sonos Arc

The smartest soundbar


Dimensions: 45 x 4 x 3 inches

Inputs/outputs : Ethernet; HDMI ARC

Audio channels: Not specified

Wireless: Wi Fi and AirPlay 2 compatible

Subwoofer No


Mountable on a wall

+Clear vocals, focused sound+Strong bass+Alexa and Google Assistant integrated

Avoidable reasons

-Limits the space available on a TV stand.

If you have the budget to spend, the Sonos Arc soundbar is one of the best. The stunning curved design of this premium speaker makes it stand out. It is designed to be the centerpiece of your living space as well as enhancing your TV’s sound quality. It delivers clear bass and treble to your favorite TV shows and movies, and even includes Dolby Atmos support.

The Arc can automatically tune to the room in which it is placed thanks to Sonos’ TruePlay technology. This allows for the best audio quality and clarity. The soundbar supports voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant. It is one of the most intelligent soundbars available. The Sonos Arc premium soundbar is the best choice for those with a large entertainment area and a big budget.

4. Yamaha YAS-209

Best soundbar speaker with subwoofer and Alexa


Dimensions: 36.6×4.3×2.5 inches (soundbar); 36.6×4.3×2.5 inches (subwoofer); 36.6×4.3×2.5 inches (soundbar); 36.6×4.3×2.5 inches (subwoofer).

Inputs/outputs are 1x HDMI in, 1x HDMI out, 1x Optical IN.

Audio channels: Not specified

Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2

Subwoofer: Yes (wireless)

Wattage: 200W (soundbar) 100W (subwoofer)

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There are many reasons to buy

+Clear, understandable dialog+Excellent music control +Alexa voice control

Avoidable reasons

Subwoofer is lacking punch when combining movie effects with it. Only 1 HDMI input

The YAS-209 soundbars were launched in 2019 and are still strong. This package includes a wireless subwoofer that boosts low-end frequencies. It also has Alexa integration. This versatile combo is capable of bringing movie soundtracks to life. It has a rich, powerful sound and a large soundstage when 3D Surround mode enabled. The Yamaha doubles up as a great-sounding music system and makes movie dialog easy to understand.

Although we wish the YAS-209 had more than one HDMI port, there are still many things to love about the YAS-209.


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