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The Best Smart TVs of 2021 For Any Budget

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Nearly every TV these days has smart features. Smart TVs are just like other TVs, but they offer access to thousands of paid and free movies, TV shows, and many more. Smart TVs can even be controlled by voice commands. You can pause the movie, change the show or control other smart home devices. This is our top-rated list of 4K smart TVs. It includes budget and high-end models that can be used for gaming, movies, and other purposes.

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All smart TVs on this list are 65 inch models to help you compare prices. You can find the following models in other sizes to meet your needs.

TCL 5 Series S535: The Best Smart TV for Budget

TCL’s new Class 5 Series smart TV is a budget-friendly option. It comes with an easy-to-use ROKU interface. Although it works with Google and Alexa, you will need to manually connect your smart assistant to the TV to be able to use voice commands.

This smart TV is a budget-friendly option that offers great picture quality at a reasonable price. The screen can be divided into 80 zones using the “full-array, local dimming” feature. Each zone can be dimmed individually to make dark areas appear darker. This QLED TV also supports Dolby Vision HDR (high-dynamic range), which analyses each frame and enhances details in shadows and highlights.

Hisense U8G: The Best Gaming TV on a Budget

Hisense’s 2021 smart TV line was first revealed in January. The company called the U8G the “TV that’s great to use for all things.” It displays vibrant colors and is bright enough to be used in any room.

The 4K TV supports all HDR formats, so no matter what you are watching, you will always enjoy the best picture quality. It’s brighter than TVs twice the price, even if you aren’t watching HDR content.

The U8G supports 4K gaming at 120 frames per seconds. This allows you to get the most from the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The U8G has a low input lag and a fast response time. This technology uses a variable refresh rate (VRR) to make motion smoother. It adjusts the refresh rate of the display to match your game’s frame rate.

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One of the main complaints about this smart television is its inability to handle motion from older TV shows and movies as well as higher-end models. This smart TV comes with an updated Android TV interface. It is quicker, more responsive, and smarter than its predecessor. The Hisense is a cheaper option that includes all the gaming features.

TCL R648 – Best 8K TV at a Budget for Early Adopters

The TCL R648 TV is a great choice for those who like to be first to adopt new technologies. This TV has 33 million pixels and can display four times the detail of a 4K TV. It also offers better picture quality.

The TCL R648 smart TV is equipped with decent-sounding speakers and even a large subwoofer at the back. This is a departure from other smart TVs. This TV doesn’t require a soundbar, so you won’t have to.

This smart TV supports VRR and has a THX-certified game mode. It also comes with two HDMI 2.1 ports, which are separate from the eARC. The Roku interface is also available on the R648, which, just like the TCL TV before it, works with Alexa and Google as well as Apple HomeKit smart home.

Samsung QN90A: Best Smart LED TV

The Samsung QN90A is expensive but it uses mini-LED technology with 576 local dimming areas to display blacks almost indistinguishable from OLED TVs. It’s one of the most bright TVs available. The screen also has excellent anti-reflection technology.

Samsung claims the QN90A displays “100% Color Volume.” However, the colors are vibrant and completely accurate right out of the box.

Gaming is easy with the QN90A’s extremely low input lag (around 5 milliseconds). This means that you won’t experience any delays even when gaming at high settings. It supports FreeSync and, although it’s not advertised, is compatible with G-SYNC.

The Tizen interface by Samsung is used in this smart TV. It also works with Alexa and Google. This smart TV’s only problem is its inability to support Dolby Vision HDR 120Hz. This means that you won’t get the best picture quality from some content.

LG C1: The Best Smart OLED TV

The LG C1 OLED TV is the perfect TV for building a home theater. The 4K TV features more than 8,000,000 self-lighting organic light-emitting dimming diodes (OLED) pixels. OLED TVs are able to turn each pixel individually on and off, unlike LED TVs that use backlights to shine through lenses. This allows for the darkest and most vivid blacks, as well as a perfect contrast ratio.

LG’s Motion Pro reduces stuttering while playing or watching sports on the C1. The response time of the LG C1 is as fast as one millisecond when it comes to gaming. This means that you won’t miss any beat playing online with your friends. Officially compatible with G-Sync and FreeSync, the LG C1 will reduce screen tearing on next-gen consoles.

The latest version of LG’s interface is used in this smart TV. It also works with Alexa and Google HomeKit. Dolby VisionIQ adjusts the quality of the image to your viewing conditions by detecting how dark or bright the room is.

The LG C1 will “burn” images if the TV is left on too long, just like other OLED TVs. If you leave the TV on for too long, you may see ghostly backgrounds of images if you stop it or go to sleep with one image displayed. This TV is not as bright as the other models and does not provide the best color accuracy.


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