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The best Pokémon in Pokémon Go

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The best Pokemon Go Trainers require the best Pokemon

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The best pokemon in Pokemon Go

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PokemonGo: A complete guide

It can be difficult to find the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go. There are many powerful and rare creatures available. Keep reading to find out which species you should be looking for.

There are many Pokemon available in PokemonGo. It can be difficult to know which Pokemon are best for Team Rocket, Gyms, and battling your friends.

CP is the measure of a Pokemon’s combat power. There are many factors that can affect this number. Every Pokemon has a unique CP. This means that not all Pikachus will be the same strength. Higher-level trainers will often encounter Pokemon with higher CP. To make your Pokemon more effective in battle, you can power up their CP.

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Another important stat to take into consideration is HP (or Hit Points). Hit Points are a measure of the health of your Pokemon. Pokemon with higher HP will be able to last longer in battles.


Although CP, HP and other factors can vary among individual Pokemon, some Pokemon have higher CPs and HPs than others. These are the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

It is also important to consider the type of pokemon that you are training. To determine the strengths and weaknesses, you can use our Pokémon Go type chart.

Some rare Pokemon can only be captured in certain situations. This guide will tell you which Pokemon are the strongest, rarest and best in Pokemon Go.

We also offer guides to help you change your Pokemon Go team, get Remote Raid Passes, and trade pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Let’s move on to the highly-collectible Pokemon.

The top Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Slaking is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Slaking is the Pokemon with the highest combined maximum CP/HP.

Slaking is the third evolution in Slakoth’s lineage, following Vigoroth. To evolve from Vigoroth, it needs 100 Candy. You can hatch Slakoth from 10km eggs, or in grassy areas. This is because legendaries are the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go, so Slakoth can be hatched from 10km eggs or found in grassy areas.

Slaking is a Normal type. It has very few weaknesses. It takes no additional damage from Fighting types.

It is not resistant to the best Ghost type Pokemo attacks, but it has so much HP that it should still be capable of enduring them for some time.

Mewtwo is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go


Mewtwo, a strong all-round Pokemon, is available in Pokemon Go. It is a strong all-round Pokemon with good CP stats and high HP stats.

Mewtwo can only be obtained through 5-star Raids. Legendary Pokemon cycles in and out of Raid pool. It will be returning to Raid pool in June 2022, as of the time of writing.

Mewtwo is one the most psychic types of Pokemon. It is immune to damage from Fighting or other Psychic types. It will still take damage from Bug, Ghost and Dark types. Be aware of possible matchups before you enter a battle.

Blissey is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Blissey, like Slaking, has a high HP and a moderate maximum CP. It has lots of stamina. Blissey is a great choice to defend Gyms.

You can find Chansey’s previous evolution by exploring the wild. Happiny, which is the baby version, of the Pokemon can sometimes be found in eggs. Blissey can be evolved by giving 100 Candy a Chansey.

Blissey, a Normal Pokemon, takes no extra damage from fighting-type attacks. It is also resistant to the best Ghost type Pokemon attacks.

Groudon is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Groudon is another Legendary Pokemon found in Pokemon Go.

Groudon can only be obtained through 5-star Raids and Legendary Pokemon cycles in and out the Raid pool. It will be returning to Raid pool in June 2022, as of the writing of this article.

Groudon is a ground-type Pokemon. It is immune to poison and other rock-type attacks. This makes it a great matchup for Groudon. It is sensitive to water and grass and can be affected by moves from the best Ice type Pokemon.

The Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go:

There are some Pokemon that are truly impossible to find in Pokemon Go. This could be because they have not been released yet, or because they were cycled out during special events such as the 5-star Raids.

Others are, however, rare.

These are some of the most rare Pokemon Go items.


When exploring the wild, it is very rare to find unown. It is very difficult to find all the variants that are themed around the alphabet.

Sometimes they appear more often during special events like the annual Pokemon Go Fest. They may also be found in Eggs at times like this, so make sure you grab as many eggs as you can to complete your collection.

All Unown are psychic types. They are immune to damage from other psychic types and fighting. They are susceptible to attacks by the best Dark Type Pokemon, including bug and ghost.


Salazzle is an evolution of Salandit. Salandit is rarely found in nature. You will need to hatch it using a 12km egg. You can get 12km eggs by beating Team Rocket in Pokemon Go. You might have to hatch several Eggs before you get Salandit, which is rare even in the 12km Egg Pool.

Worse, only female Salandit can evolve and only 12.5% are female. To have any chance of a Salazzle, you’ll need to breed multiple Salandit. You’ll still have candy!

Salazzle is both a dark and poison type Pokemon. It is therefore resistant to poison, ghost, grass, and other dark-type attacks.

It is however weak to the best gound Pokemon as well as their attacks.



Melmetal is an evolution of Meltan. These two Pokemon first appeared in Pokemon Go on the 2018 Community Day. They are difficult to find.

By completing the associated Research tasks, you can obtain one Meltan. To evolve into Melmetal, you will need 400 Candy.

There are many ways to get candies. You can feed it berries or walk with it. But the fastest way is to get more Meltan.

You can get more Meltan and more candies by purchasing a Mystery Box. This is done by transferring a Pokemon to Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, or Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu.

Meltan will spawn in a very short amount of time if you open the Mystery Box. Once you have collected 400 Candies, you will be able to obtain a Melmetal.

Melmetal, Meltan and other best-steel type Pokemon are the two. They have a lot to resist – normal, ice and flying will do less damage than Poison attacks.

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